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Hey Rick, I've got another question.

Remember the Voyager 1 and 2 deep space probes? Both were launched in 1977 and have traveled well into the outer reaches of the solar system. V1 now holds the record for farthest distance from earth by a man-made object, currently almost 18,000,000,000 km from Earth. V2 is over 14,000,000,000 km away.

Their trajectories were calculated to a gnat's ass before launch, designed to use gravity boosting to help speed them on their way. To date they have shown no significant deviations.

When viewed from ground they also appear to be orbiting a stationary Earth once a day. IF the Earth was not rotating that would mean that V1 is now traveling at a speed of over 1.3 x10e6 km/sec. as it circled the planet, discounting its outward velocity.

Here's the kicker. Both spacecraft are equipped with three gyroscopes containing sensitive accelerometers. All are still functioning and have been returning solid data since launch. But neither of the data sets shows any acceleration anywhere near that required to achieve your required orbital velocity. In fact, both data sets show the completely expected acceleration from their launch through their gravity slingshots by heliocentric planets to their location today.

As a matter of fact, no deep space probe at all has detected the kind of motion your dumbass geocentric claims require.

Why is that Rick? Your bullshit about them being 'stuck in the aether' won't fly because the on-board accelerometers wouldn't be affected.

Why does all the space probe data support heliocentrism while none supports geocentrism?
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