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Originally Posted by Himantolophus View Post
I haven't bothered to go to his blog, but what is Mr. Rick's background? Lemme guess, an engineer?
Rick is a declared autodidact with some college level classes. I think he said he stopped schooling before age 16 (he took college level classes at age 15 or something).

But I'd really like an answer to Occam's question about the Voyager probes, because we know the probe's forward velocity and we aim at a particular part of the sky to pick up the signal. If that part of the sky is really zipping around us at incredible velocity, but Voyager was launched not circling us at all, it would seem like there is some incredible force acting on the Voyager to get it to circle us once every 24 hours, that wasn't there when it was launched. And the spacecraft must increase this "circling-Earth velocity" with each mile it gets further from Earth (to compensate for distance from Earth). Now would this be an aether or something else? And why is this significant force never mentioned by NASA, and why does it never impact the forward speed of the Voyagers?

I'd also be interested if Rick believes we went to the Moon, because the geocentrist on CARM is a NASA conspiracy nut (as in all space missions are fake).
Rick's counterpoint was to claim that the anomolous velocities of the Pioneer probes somehow answered OA's questions about the Voyager probes.

Rick really didn't answer anything and pooh-poohed the scientific findings of differential heat thrust that was applied to the Pioneer anomoly.

Rick seems to live on anomolies but never reads the following addendum where the anomolies are explained.

Finally, I'd also like to know how earthquakes on Earth affect the rotation of the entire Universe. Did he answer that yet?
I've asked Rick numerous times where his universe rotation begins in Rickworld. No answer yet whether it's the surface, the center, or some arbitrary altitude above/below.
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