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Mathematics constants, variables and stuff

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Old 05-14-2016, 12:41 PM   #2649970  /  #1
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Default Work This Out?

I start with $5 and then spend $20 but the guy with baseball bat comes round asking me for $30. How many $ do I borrow from you and why?
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two fiddy
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teh r3t4rd
teh pplz champi0n
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$0 coz ima get my baseballbat if u ask again

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im the guy with the baseball bat
Originally Posted by Dondrei
Did you just advise him to buy a Compaq? You're a cruel man.
The views and opinions expressed by Dondrei are not necessarily those of DonCorp or its owners or subsidiaries.
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Mike PSS
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Mike PSS

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Jet Black
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