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Theology, Hagiography and Creeds for discussion of religion(s), secularism and related issues

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Old 02-27-2016, 04:42 PM   #2620638  /  #1
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Default Virginia Court Official Tells Atheist Couple They Have No Right To Get Married Because They Donít Believe In God
Marriage is a right that belongs to any consenting adults. But an over-religious court official in Virginia has a message for atheists and any other non-Christian: you have no right to get married if you donít believe in God.

Bud Roth is a court appointed officiant in Franklin County, Virginia. He performs wedding ceremonies for couples who go to the courthouse to get married. Atheists, however, have no right to get married as far as heís concerned.

When Morgan Strong and Tamar Courtney contacted the county courthouse to seal their love for each other after six years together, they were directed to Roth. Roth refused to perform the ceremony at the courthouse and only agreed to marry the couple if they tied the knot at his church. A deal was struck and the cost and date were set. Strong and Courtney would go through the legal part of the ceremony at Rothís church. Thatís when the whole situation turned ugly.

Roth asked the couple about their religious beliefs and upon hearing that he would be performing a ceremony for an atheist and an agnostic, turned the couple away. Why? Because they ďdidnít know where God was.Ē Thatís right, Roth refused to marry the couple out of sheer religious bigotry. Disappointed, Morgan and Courtney decided to discuss the situation with Roth and they kindly recorded the conversation.

Upon asking why Roth denied them their right to wed, he replied:

ďBecause sheís agnostic and youíre an atheist. I will not marry you. You donít believe in GodÖ I just donít marry anyone who does not believe in God [or] believes that there is a God someplace. So Iím not going to talk the issue over with you and Iím not going to argue about it, okay? Iím just not going to marry you. Correct?Ē

The couple contacted the county clerk, who was floored by their story. She suggested they contact the judge who appointed Roth in the first place. So they wrote a letter to Judge William Alexander who didnít see any problem at all with a court officiant refusing to marry a couple simply because they donít share his religious beliefs. The judge referred the couple to the other court appointed officiant who agreed to perform the civil ceremony this coming Monday.
Maybe adding info is a satire site or maybe this is a seriously backward part of virginia.
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AddictingInfo is the Fox News of the left, son.
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Is Raw Story any better? How about Christian Post dot com?

Meh, it was two years ago and a different court appointed clerk married them. I'm not gonna be too about it.
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I definitely don't think they should procreate.
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