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  • TR: A harassment hub that is about to be kicked off the Internet for violating laws in Michigan, Arizona, and New York

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(it is a thread, but look at this shit)

Pity there's video of people shouting "SHAME" as she beats her retreat.
Not sure what the question mark is for
PMed you about dropboxing the file.
github took the archive down but this still works for now:

download your own copy today!!!

Downloading times out.  Did you get a download?
technology is amazing:

I clicked on a bunch of links randomly.  It looks like the links are bad, or an awful lot of these people deleted their linkedin profiles.

If you don't like this style, skip to 2:45 and give a quick listen.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
wrong thread oops!
Could that be intentional irony?
Ah yeah.  the joys of an ancient message board app.

I've turned off recaptcha, so there are some lame questions you'll have to answer instead if you're not logged in to zombie tr.  You can log in, though, since you had an account on that version of TR.
Maybe children in dog kennels. Just a guess.
just saying your analogy sucks
It wasn't an analogy.  I think he'd perform in the election like jeb did in the primary if he made that far. And he probably would given how little of a new leaf the dcc and dnc turned after 2016
It's more likely to mean 4 more years of Trump.
neighborhood-based social media in my area cause me to side-eye strangers in stores, at local public events, etc. 

At least in this case, as well as in others, members of the community actually tried to make things right for the victim.  It's not much of a social safety net.

The Clinton-esque wing of the party is pressuring moderate Democrat Mark Warner to run in 2020.

He sounds kinda like a Democratic Jeb!

That worked out so well. :/
I listened to The Dollop podcast last night on feinstine, specifically her repeatedly flying the Confederate flag over SF City Hall in the 80's. I knew she was bad but I didn't realize she's been this awful for this long.

How on Earth can California do no better than her?

There were a lot of scare tactics about the Jungle primary from the news and from the party over the last few weeks. I expected the gov race would be an all-democrat runoff, but I think a lot of people were afraid of getting shut out if the democratic vote was too spread out.

Feinstein also benefited from that.

This style of primary was supposed to open up races more.  Instead, it's just another reason to get behind entrenched incumbents for fear of your party not having a name on the November ballot.
This is a sad day in our house.  we like his books, we like his tv, we like his recipes. I like the way he shared his techniques.  I didn't just follow his recipes.  I transferred the learnings to every dish I cooked. It's not what he was known for, but he imparted some extremely solid home-cooking advice.

And that's a small corner of what he means to us.  He was a good and decent to the bone human being.

I'm going to make a big pot of Portuguese black bean soup today.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Was going to put this in comic relief, but it's not a joke.

Something school shootings and bubonic plague have in common.  :stare:
...the fuck?
Technical Issues and Questions / Re: Malware?
Yeah, the problem is happening with the malwarebytes antivirus app.