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Science / Re: NH winter cooling
A scientific view of reality recognizes the association with temps and snow amounts.  It snows more when it's colder, not warmer.

The alarmists will try and say the precip amounts are what causes more snow.  But for most locations that is just bullshit.

When faced with such factual scientific data, the believer will do anything, except change their mind.

Science / Re: The future looks cool

First high speed camera footage of red sprites

It doesn't work if you are the lunatic though

Actually, it would work even better if you have no limits on your imagination.
Idiots like that have been predicting the end of days (while enjoying fossil fuels) for decades, even in the 1950s (except then it was a coming ice age), the same myth of the end of mankind was around.
Jesus Christ.  You are using Richard Wiles?

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about climate change liars. Those people who make a living deliberately deceiving the public about the scientific consensus on climate disruption. These people are awful, they know who they are. They have to live with their lies.
If someone told all the parents of the world that there was a 98 percent chance that radical environmental changes in the next 10 - 50 years will wipe out half of all known life forms on earth, and that famine, plagues, floods and droughts on a scale not seen in thousands of years would become routine for billions of people, you would think they would tell their kids.

Well most climate scientists in the world have been telling us that, but we don't do anything about it.

Wiles is a supreme fuckhead when it comes to climate.
Nobody can actually model a single thunderstorm either.  Hard as it is to believe, we don't actually know exactly what happens in a thunderstorm. 

And there are around 760 of them each hour.  Every hour, every day.  Just recently there is some quality video evidence of some of the activity above the storms,  But no model comes close to modeling how it is happening.

Since thunderstorms are a constant and major factor for weather, they matter for climate models. (along with larger scale storms)

Not being able to model storms, as well as clouds, is why no climate model actually represents the real world. 


In general, because the true climate system is highly complex, it remains fundamentally impossible to describe all its processes in a climate model, no matter how complex the model itself is.
Politics and Current Events / Re: RIP Toys R Us
Other times it allows Starman to exist
Politics and Current Events / Re: RIP Toys R Us
Sometimes rampant capitalism just sucks. 
pity reply
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
Before the certain denial starts, nobody is claiming the entire NH shows a cooling trend, not is it about annual trends, nor is it about the oceans.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
With the data for winter 2017-18 available, we can now see a thirty year trend for climate stations.  Want to take a guess what the data shows?  (Cohen used 1988 as the start point for his 2012 and 2014 papers on large scale NH winter cooling trends, along with increasing snow cover)

I pretty much gave up hope for honesty from climate alarmists back in 2010
Here we see a cameo of everything that has gone so horribly wrong with climate science.  Now we codify a model in a deeply non-linear system with ill-understood or unknown feedbacks, don't demonstrate any predictive skill yet claim it has some relevance. 

The model used in this paper was not created to make predictions or forecasts,


Despite the reduced horizontal resolution, the model has a stable and realistic control climatology and has demonstrated utility for simulating the past, present and future evolution of the climate system

and the paper does not offer any predictions or forecasts.

The whole fucking paper is a modeled prediction starting from the last glacial melt water pulse you halfwit.  Now I understand Lamian's old sig.  You are a truly implacable waste of groceries.
Do you actually think, for just a moment, that an alarmists will be honest about this?  Or anything else?
You two should take up anti-vax campaigning. It'd be right up your alley. Perhaps creationism too, while you're at it.
Why would we do that? 
It wasn't until I expressed skepticism (2009) about some of the more egregious claims I found, as well as the obvious problems of extreme cold and snow for the theory, that I realized a lot of the skeptics I hung out with online were sort of mentally deficient when it came to the matter of climate and weather.

10 years later, it is even more obvious.  It's the level of non argument that really makes it seem like I am surrounded by idiot trolls at times.
Because Blue Hill is quality data (even with the noted UHI influencing it), it can be used to compare the other stations.  Much like Dale Enterprise, and other quality sites. (no location changes, same instruments, (or using both AWOS and the old instruments), same TOBs, almost no missing data, careful record keeping, etc
As an example, after I post some actual data, the true alarmists will post something idiotic, and not even discuss the data.  That is a prediction, based on my model of fuckhead behavior.
It's all quite interesting.
Interesting? That's a bit of an understatement.
Yes, I tend to use "interesting" for things like three reactors melting down and threatening the entire world.  Most people just don't actually care that much, but I find it interesting.
General Discussion / Re: Love your washing machine?
On the plus side, it doesn't make the hideous racket the old machine made.
General Discussion / Re: Love your washing machine?
We got a top of the line made in the east eco machine.  Can't say what the lifetime of it will be.  Slow and methodical.  Does a great job, uses very little eco friendly detergent.

I doubt it will last anywhere close to the life of our old washer