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A bit early to be running political ads for 2020!

Ok this is just stupid.

Stupid and typical dumb rich man gesture: "Haha I'm so cool."

It's not about "cool".  The motivation was what was the craziest thing they could put on the rocket.  The car is little more than .1% of the cost of the launch.

How is a car 'the craziest thing' etc? It's a car. It's not, for example, an outrageously 'crazy' work of art, or a device that allows the sound of a thousand elephants conversing to be played in a vacuum, or a virtual flea circus. A. Car.

The cost is irrelevant, really, other than 'rich man can do what he wants.

A car is so totally out of place in space.
Ok this is just stupid.

Stupid and typical dumb rich man gesture: "Haha I'm so cool."

It's not about "cool".  The motivation was what was the craziest thing they could put on the rocket.  The car is little more than .1% of the cost of the launch.
It's just it's the only game in town against a tumor that has spread. 
No.that isn't true

Ok, what other game is there?
Chemo is very dangerous--that's news??

It's just it's the only game in town against a tumor that has spread.  If a tumor bounces back stronger than before the patient is still better off than if the cancer hadn't been knocked down in the first place.
Computers and Technology / Re: Digital camera?
Yep, good glass is not cheap. My bank balance is glad I didn't get the image stabilised macro, and went for one half the price. I'm still kinda wishing I had. Although it does leave me with money to buy a new ringlight though...

Image stabilization is the cat's meow.

ETA If Nikon do a battery grip (they should IIRC) I'd recommend getting it if you're going to use large lenses with it, that light camera will be very front heavy otherwise, and it should make it more comfortable to use. (Plus the two batteries will last longer)

But it's heavier when you're carrying it around.  I'm not sure if it's worth it.
Would it flag" I'm going to moon Kim Jung-un"?
This has nothing to do with colonialism.  This is simply the age-old Sunni/Shia conflict.  They've been fighting a low-grade proxy war for quite some time, the war just got a bit hotter.  Blaming it on how the nations there were formed makes no sense as this is a fight between nations, not a case of warring factions within a nation.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Newtonian gravity makes predictions about what the orbit of Mercury should look like. It does not match the observations. Newtonian gravitation is therefore falsified. Einsteinian gravity accounts for it, and makes further predictions which Newtonian gravity does not. These again can be observered. However Einsteinian gravity breaks down at certain points, so is clearly incomplete, but it is sufficient for all the situations we've needed to use it in for practical purposes. (Just as Newton will get you to the moon just fine).

You just have to think ahead about the realm in which you are going to be operating.

The Huygens mission as originally scheduled would have been a complete face-full-of-egg failure.  The problem was the Doppler shift.  The frequencies involved were precise and neither the transmitter nor the receiver had much flexibility.  Fortunately, someone realized the problem before they arrived at Saturn.  Cassini had to be rerouted so it wasn't going so fast compared to Huygens when it hit Titan.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Testable predictions that could be the result of something else.
That's why you can't prove a theory true in science. But the Big Bang would still be falsified if those predictions were wrong.
So, you are telling me that huge swaths of Newtonian mathematics that correspond over and over and over again with observable phenomena  are not considered proven? Surely, you jest..

We know Newtonian math is wrong.  I don't believe there's any situation in which it gives the right answer.

The thing is that for the realms we normally deal with the error of Newtonian math is tiny compared to the measurement errors involved and thus irrelevant.  Thus we continue to use it since it's much easier than the Einsteinian answers.  Einsteinian math is for the physicists.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
[No, Loren, just because it has passed many tests does not mean it is true. The Big Bang or the Big Crunch could be true. Falsifiability (at least on with our current technology) will not help us here, but for some reason the Big Bang is the number one theory!

Let me put it another way, Loren: Newtonian math is not accepted as true just because mathematicians agree to its validity. It is accepted because we can see that it is true in the real world, as you pointed out. That is evidence. Absolute proof. Now, I have no idea if there is a possibility that we could find evidence that would falsify the Big Bang or falsify the Big Crunch, but it does seem rather unlikely to me. It would seem to me that we would have to exist near the end of the universe (if there is an end) to falsify one of these theories.

The falsifiability test is about rejecting "theories" that can't be tested.  For example, religion.  How can you prove God doesn't exist?  It is a minimum requirement, not a proof.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Some of you still don't get it.

Falsifiable means there's a test where a certain result produces an outcome that the theory is false.  That does not mean that passing the test shows it's true.  In general, theories can never be proven true.  It's just a theory that has passed many attempts to falsify it is accepted as true.

Note, also, that theories that have stood up well for some time before being dethroned often still are useful.  For example, Newton--while Einstein showed that Newton's answers are only an approximation, for the realm we live in it's almost always good enough.  You only encounter cases where it matters in the scientific realm or if you go off Earth.  Note, however, the one common example of where it does show up for the average person:  GPS.  While we are sitting here on Earth the satellites your receiver is listening to are not on Earth.  GPS requires tremendous precision, the tiny effects due to the height and speed of the GPS satellites cause errors larger than the normal civilian GPS accuracy if you don't use the Einsteinian math.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
ha ha Loren believes in relativity what a idiot lol

1)  I was simply giving a demonstration of what falsifiable meant.

2)  You ever hear of the GPS system?  You don't get the right answers if you use Newtonian math.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
That's because it's unfalse

You don't understand what falsifiable means in a scientific context.

A theory makes predictions.  If data is found that doesn't fit those predictions it has been falsified.

For a theory to be falsifiable there needs to be some test and a hypothetical result to that test that would say the theory is false.

For example, put an atomic clock on a jet plane.  Did time slow?  If not, you falsified special relativity.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Fuck all white people
What's with some folks extreme defensiveness over historical and current racial injustices? You don't actually have to self-flaggelate if you acknowledge that bigotry is a thing. Just don't perpetuate it. Simple.

Extremely defensive?  I'm simply pointing out he's basically a mirror of what he hates--thus just as bad.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Fuck all white people
Some might complain "white person" is racist, but it's not, because white people are evil.

You are making it blindingly clear that you're the racist.
Computers and Technology / Re: Why Should We Own Our Data?
All that shows is that people don't ask the question.  Google search guesses aren't about right or wrong.
The more powerful that nutcase is the more likely he will make unacceptable demands for danegeld.
I thought they couldn't survive the loss of the oceans.  That will happen long before the sun dies.
The captain of the Crystal is trying to avoid the truth that they weren't paying attention.
So which of yall are suckers fer shitty and possibly dangerous back massages?
I'll plead guilty.  I used to go fairly often (because it felt good).

I stopped because of those studies linking chiropractic treatments (especially around the neck) to strokes.  Don't want a stroke.

I've never been to one but some of us feel better when a joint is cracked.  I suspect that's what's actually behind people believing in it.
General Discussion / Re: One space or two?
Two, typing in high school.  These days I don't think it matters one way or the other, there's no reason to unlearn the old habit.
This again?

What it is really showing is that it's easier to learn a pattern than to replace a learned pattern.

It's also been shown to have no connection to actual shoot/don't shoot decisions.
Sounds like he jumped the gun, this should have been released Saturday.
Computers and Technology / Re: Callout: computer nerds
Nope, not color blind.
one of my friends didn't realize he was colorblind until he was in his twenties.  he had always wondered why the DC metro had two brown lines.

My former employer gave color vision tests to all new hires because there were two jobs on the factory floor that weren't hard but required proper color vision.  20% of them (admittedly, 90% male) failed.  Nobody knew their color vision was flawed.

I've known since childhood but only because my parents suspected my troubles with learning colors might be vision related--they were.  School only tested for colorblind, a test I pass easily.