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I had to look it up too

So looks like there's this online community of people who:

Share a clinical condition that (to varying degrees) can cause problems with:
- Impulse control
- Emotional regulation
- Empathy
- Recognising appropriate boundaries
- Black and white thinking
- Separating reality from fantasy
- Taking responsibility for themselves
- Communication skills

who also share hatred towards women and other groups
and who share a lot of anger due to having been bullied and marginalised themselves

who are egging each other on to make increasingly outrageous rants about those groups and how they will hurt them, some of which are now being acted out

and who are also being egged on and cynically manipulated by elements of the far right who have their own agendas (leaving aside the fact that those same elements are likely to have them all exterminated as genetic 'degenerates' if they get in power, and would be themselves responsible for the sort of hatred and bullying they have experienced in their own lives)

What could possibly go wrong?
Jeez what a cesspool of mass fucked-up-ness
Also wtf is an 'incel, chad and stacy'? Is this some sort of secret language?
Interesting contrasts - Toronto cop vs US cop

Also - Michael Lyman is an imbecile
For her programme on religion, the broadcaster altered it to make it more focused on Christianity, she said.
They never get your hands dry enough - prefer paper towels
I did - nothing that sheds light on the question (just lots of porn)
I've got to know - how exactly is Stormy Daniels 'revolutionising the porn industry'? Is this about the spank tape?

Justice League - I think DC seem incapable of making a good film, same flaw as Suicide Squad, they spend half the film just introducing the characters, go for an overcooked climax and then rush it. + too much testosterone. I can't believe they left out Darkseid after the build up - wonder if they felt there was too much overlap with Thanos? (tbh Marvel copied Thanos off Darkseid but they still make better films/comics)
Science / Re: Status of disease eradication programs
I know about attenuated vaccines, that just seems to be rather a lot of cases (over 4x the wild version). Surely they should not be as severe?
Science / Re: Status of disease eradication programs
96 vaccine derived cases?
Looks like the people going crazy about their guns being taken off them are the ones that should have their guns taken off them - seems like a good way to identify who that should be - if you posted a rape/violence threat on line - no guns for you
It's called capitalism

was interesting - seems to have very little actually in common with the original book - reminded me much more of Ballard's 'The Crystal World' - which is not a bad thing, I think it went further than the book in some ways.

Great soundtrack
NRA finally make a valid point

The NRA filed its lawsuit on Friday just an hour after the bill was signed by the governor.

One of its arguments is that the legislation violates the rights of young women as they are unlikely to commit violent crime.

So just ban men from having guns

Reading the comments is amusing, the absurd contortions the fascist sympathisers and apologists go through to try and justify/defuse Bannon's coming out as an outright Nazi are hilarious.
A very exotic secret dance; if you see it, the penguins have to kill you.  :sadyes:
Penguins do "exotic dancing"? Ok, so what do they take off then?

It's a pole dance
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Thor: Ragnarok
It's a weird storyline because they are trying to give Hela a backstory that in the comics really belongs more to Cul (she's actually Loki's daughter in the comics and was never locked away)

I did like the Valkyrie