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  • I think the biggest problem with TR is that a lot of you dont know how to surrender graciously when youre beat.

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president trump is at least defending america which is more than I can say for obama!


Some people have been saying (not me, but I've heard it) that starting a nuclear war may not be 'defending America'.

It was not my impression that any of this "bloody nose" talk involved the US using any kind of nuclear weapons.
(Ignoring, of course, the possibility of its provoking Kim to use HIS nuclear weapons, which in turn... )


There are some connections that we might (or might not) make.



The Trump admin is considering changing the rules of engagement for first use of US nuclear weapons.  The so called 'bloody nose' strategy calls for the first use of tactical nuclear weapons on the assumption that a nuclear armed enemy will be deterred from responding after such a show of force.

Of course this would break a fundamental understanding of warfare, which is that a first strike changes the status quo ante and it is highly uncertain how events will unfold from that point on.

Can we reasonably deliberate on the effect of this change in policy until it is put into practice in real



"... a rat to catch a rat."

That's lovely.  :clap:


I'm hoping that Trump won't get a third term, but wouldn't bet on it.

Arts and Entertainment / Re: Harvey Weinstein
It is possible to condemn a sexual predator in the harshest terms without feeding into a "perverted jews just looking to rape white women any way they can" stereotype. The weinstein coverage has definitely crossed that line IMO and in the current political climate that is very worrying.


True, pussy grabbers come from all kinds of backgrounds.

Philosophy / Re: A belief about death
This is what happens when you die:


Good grief, that was terrible!!! :stareicide:  :eek:  :no:  :sadyes:
It would be a good link to pass on though.  :devil3:

Philosophy / A belief about death


Do you have a belief about death?

After decades of reading philosophy and theology books I've had a stab at clearing my mind on the subject. This is it:

'There are no words, written or spoken, that can enlighten us to the passage from this world'.

I can't justify this belief, but it is genuinely what I believe on the subject.

What's yours?



Did a little research yesterday. Iran has their larger missiles in factories and bunkers 500metres below mountain rock. They are saying that the design came from the North Koreans. It is very likely that NK have their nukes in extensive deep bunkers. Both countries are mountainous.

I don't know of tactical nukes that can get through 500metres of rock. If the Yankees use their biggest H bombs then China and Russia are in the war. If the Yankees go for a first nuclear strike on another country (they have done this before) it is hard to see what 'allies' they will have remaining in the world. Probably they don't give a f*** about 'allies'.

Kim's best option is to sit tight and wait for the Yankees to play whackamole. Then hit back on South Korea.

The Iranians don't have nukes, but they have many larger missiles with conventional, biological and chemical warheads. Israel is a small place. 

Actually, they need us as much as we need them. Without us, they haven't anyone to sell their shit to and their economy falls to pieces.


I agree that creditors and debtors have a close relationship, until the debt is called in.

Regarding markets, The USA is not the only trading entity on the planet. Of course it has suited the Chinese for the US to get into deep hock, but there is plenty of trade around the globe. The failure of US economic warfare to destroy small countries such as Iran and North Korea is a case in point, although I would concede that they have had more success with Venezuela.


China won't allow the US to start a war with NK.  All China has to do is threaten use of the dollar bomb and the kids will play nice.  :yes:

Introductions / Re: Hi from the UK
Brexiter or Bremainer?

This is important.

Hi, nostrum and ksen,

Bremainer and Labour voter, although those positions are not joined at the hip.   :hmm:


Introductions / Re: Hi from the UK
Just saying hello, and looking forward to some interesting discussions on any topic. My main interests are philosophy, psychology, politics but I'll enjoy anything that follows as long as its not Trump.
Hullos Dworkin. I'm glad you are here. I have a question for you...

I happen to know someone (not me, of course) who is dying of cancer of the soul.
Is this a philosophical or psychological issue?
Or perhaps a repercussion of Trump's infestation of American democracy?


That's a good one. I would say philosophy trumps psychology in that class of question. Oops, the word 'trump'. Dang!!  :staregonk:


Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Its taken a while but I've finally kicked Trump news. It was a strange fascination, and I know people who are still hooked. For a while I liked looking at Maher, Oliver, Noah, Colbert milking the situation but then even that got boring.

I was on/off Trump news for a while and then thought 'How long would I stand around listening to a bore at a party?' and the penny dropped. I just don't like the guy and have no need of bad drugs.

Done deal.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?
Philosophy / Re: Is there a perfect moment?
Is there a perfect moment?

Yes, when you guys hit the "logout" button.


Aaaah, humour. The death knell of every forum thread. (smiley here) :stareicide:

General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?
That electric mountain bike is an interesting idea. It looks like it's intended for actual trail riding, and I assume one would really only use the motor for assist on hills?

I know some people with electric bicycles they use for commuting, but these guys are all pretty hardcore, with some serious money in their recumbents, and even a couple full on velo-mobiles. I had been looking into acquring a velo when I lived in the PNW for winter commuting, but once I moved back to AZ, that seemed extraneous. :) 

Should I start a derail on motorcycles? :) I could talk about those all day too. (I have 3 at the moment.)

Please do! I want to know all about your bikes and experiences on the same. Anyone else up for a biker's thread?

General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?

It is all about pedalling. I took my little alloy MB out today and surely I could have left that electric bike far behind. The same amount of pedalling energy was just faster and easier than the electric. Maybe a more powerful motor and no speed restriction would have loosened the leash but I will never know, due to UK law.

Philosophy / Re: Is there a perfect moment?
Perfect moments are like quantum phenomena - as soon as you become aware of them they collapse


Maybe I've been lucky, or just not too choosy.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?
I've seen a few electric bicycles, but they're usually trikes.

I love my CBR(600), but if I was going to get a litre bike, it would be an R1.


The cbr 600 is a good bike.

Agreed about the R1. I was lucky enough to own a Kwak zx10r and my R1 at the same time. The Kwak was faster on paper, but in the real world there was nothing in it, and the R1 is a precision instrument, beautiful handling. The Kwak was a bit of a bruiser IMHO.

Philosophy / Re: Is there a perfect moment?

My best shot used to be, "When pain stops" but I now have another one, courtesy of Keats.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?

Oops, I was talking about an electric pushbike, but I am a biker and own a Yamaha R1 and a Yamaha Thunderace.

This was the subject of the OP:

D.  :o
General Discussion / Electric bike anyone?


Does anyone have some experience with electric bikes? I had a long ride on one today, resulting in mixed feelings about the product. The advantages and disadvantages seemed to cancel out somehow, but maybe that is just me.

Knowledgeable opinions?


Philosophy / Is there a perfect moment?


A friend used to ask me this question, "Is there a perfect moment?" For a long time I thought I had an answer and then it changed recently.

Do you have an answer, if there is one?