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who the fuck calls the cops over this sort of petty shit anyway?* I've called the cops exactly one time, and that was when I saw a dude wailing on his gf's (?) car with a shovel as she was slowly driving next to him because I thought things had an actual chance to turn deadly

*I know that this is how white supremacy actually works, even if these people aren't out-and-out "white supremacists"

Too many unfortunately...

The bitch who called on the Yale student is a real piece of work:
Millennials killed Toys R Us by not having enough babies and not paying more for the same toys they could get at Walmart or Target:

Great PR strategy, though. Run a massive company into the ground with shady financial shit, fail to adapt to the changing market, and then blame an entire generation for not buying enough of your shit.


The CEO of MGA Entertainment Issac Larian (Toy company that makes the LOL Surprise babies, Bratz, also owns the Little Tikes brand etc. ) put in an almost billion dollar bid for some of the stores and they rejected it.  But ya know he wanted to actually keep the stores open, albeit, only about 274 of them.  If they really gave a shit they would have accepted the bid.

But what do I know, I am one of those weirdo toy collectors...
Isao Takahata

The Oscar-nominated Japanese anime director Isao Takahata, who co-founded Studio Ghibli and was best known for his masterpiece, Grave of the Fireflies has died aged 82.


The website is a catalog of a woman's passion for animal rights and her anger at YouTube.
She complains of "close-minded" YouTube employees suppressing her page views and stifling her content. She gripes about a lack of revenue.
"Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!" she wrote on the site, which includes videos promoting veganism and photos of a woman in an array of outfits, including long gowns and a camouflage unitard. She speaks in Persian and Turkish.
"There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!!"

Holy shit...

It really was someone pissed about loss of ad revenue.
Reuters livestream just showed a yellow tarp, being held down by chairs, covering what I assume is a dead person...  In the back of the building next to the outdoor eating area. 

Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread

Sigh, most of the "HURR DURR CHOPSTICKS" built pick-ups are made here dumbass...

In fuckin' Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi. 

This is their "Militia"?

Sports / Re: NFL 2017

My neighborhood is as quiet as it is on any night so I'm looking forward to the rubbernecking omg AMERICAN CARNAGE urban blood lust think pieces about those inherently violent city dwellers tomorrow morning because some of the trashed and high as fuck college kids went out to Broad St to start a fire.

Also someone ate horseshit, like for real...

I don't even...

A recap here:
I dunno...

The young man had a non-lethal head injury, a girl was hit in the wrist and the others were grazed.  So like did it ricochet all over?

A shooting at a Los Angeles middle school classroom Thursday that left one boy in critical condition, injured four others and had panicked parents in tears was an accident, police said.

"She was like, 'I didn't mean to. I had the gun in my backpack and I didn't know it was loaded and my backpack fell and the gun went off,'" he said.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Brownbeck Resigns
Pretty much, yeah.  they had to do things like reduce school to 3 days a week because Kansas was hemmoraging so badly after cutting taxes so deeply.

For those of you following the Nazi furry stuff, have some random hilarity.


Nazi furries, wtf.

My co-workers have a friend that goes to that con...
Batman's "no kill" policy is the problem here.

should call in deadpool.

I guess you haven't seen the new movies...

A former refugee who came to Montana more than 20 years ago was elected to lead its capital city, Helena, becoming the first black person to become mayor in the state's history.

Wilmot Collins ousted four-term Jim Smith in Tuesday night's mayoral race, capping off a night of historic firsts throughout the country.


Democratic Socialists?  Heh, learn a new thing everyday.  I didn't know these guys existed.
Shooting was an ongoing "Domestic situtation."
SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tex. -- Investigators said Sunday's church massacre in Texas occurred amid an ongoing "domestic situation" involving the gunman and his relatives, at least one of whom had attended the church.

While authorities have not publicly identified a motive for the attack, they emphasized Monday that the shooting did not appear to be fueled by racial or religious issues. They said the gunman's mother-in-law had attended the church but was not there Sunday, and that the shooter had sent "threatening texts" as part of the family dispute.

"This was not racially motivated, it wasn't over religious beliefs," Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety said at a news briefing. "There was a domestic situation going on within the family and the in-laws."

He was also randomly friending people on Facebook who live in that area and harassing them.  I guess when you are a nutbag you have to harass the entire community where your in-laws live. 

Fucking shitstain...

Six people were reported killed when a man drove a pickup truck down a lengthy stretch of a bike path next to the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon before he jumped out with two fake guns and was shot by police officers, the authorities said.

The attacker, in a Home Depot truck, hit numerous people as he drove south on the bike path, officials said. At least 11 people were reported injured.

Fake guns?  Ok...