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Has anyone besides Josh Marshall reported that Stormy Daniels said that? It would be funny if it is confirmed.
The dossier claim was that he wanted prostitutes to defile a bed Obama had slept in. That he likes being humiliated himself doesn't really fit his persona.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Trump reportedly had to be talked out of killing the Iran deal each time he had to rubberstamp its renewal, so that's probably a consistent belief. But Pompeo will have to publicly adress lots of other issues as Sec. State, only to be contradicted by improvised Trump tweets.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Even more power to use for his pro-war Christian dominionist views.

Iran nuclear deal will be torn up, which will mean NK has zero reason to have any sort of negotiations with the US around denuclearization.
I guess Trump will listen to a Sec. State that says things Trump already agrees with.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Can't imagine why Pompeo would want to head a atrophied department the Trump admin ignores. Why not stay at CIA?
The propaganda is working...
Mueller's unfavorable rating among Republicans is at 41 percent in the latest Morning Consult/POLITICO survey, up from 27 percent in mid-summer. His favorability has remained fairly constant among Republicans -- at 23 percent in the new poll versus 22 percent last summer.
He just wanted attention.
As we spoke, Nunberg alternated between this unalloyed bravado and a kind of meta amusement at the media frenzy his performance had commanded. He seemed to take special pleasure in speculating about how Mueller might be reacting to the spectacle. "You know what the funny thing is?" he boasted. "He's thinking I'm, like, playing eight-dimensional chess with Donald Trump."

Well, I asked, are you?

He guffawed. "No!"
I'm starting to wonder if there's some actual strategy behind nunberg and page being huge dumb jackasses like this, right in the press ' s face.
Nunberg might have been trying to send a message to Trump, to extort some kind of concession.
Over under on Republican legislators arrested is posted at 15
I'll take zero.
Nunberg refuses to cooperate with Mueller's subpoena and gives crazy MSNBC interview. Did he go to the Carter Page school of foolish self-promotion?
Is that GWB as the Hulk in his twitter banner??
Nunes leaked them to Wikileaks who leaked them to Fox News
lol, nothing matters
Politics and Current Events / Re: Scaramucci >> Spicer
Well Hicks was a disappointment.

Scaramucci >> Spicer >> Hicks
Yeah, sure, maybe he can do without it. But he can't win the specific battle over Trump needing to testify, if forcing him takes years.
If he's charged with a crime, he can be forced to testify. No?
No idea how this works for POTUS. My general impression was that POTUS would at most be impeached and judged by congress, based on whatever criteria (e.g. how well Trump sycophancy is polling) congress finds reasonable.
Yeah, sure, maybe he can do without it. But he can't win the specific battle over Trump needing to testify, if forcing him takes years.
It's David Brooks + retired/retiring GOP politicians.
Some of his lawyers have reportedly begun studying the legal groundwork that could either limit the scope of his testimony or spare him from it altogether, a move that experts say could lead to a years-long court showdown with Mueller.

Stalling for years would be a pretty big victory for team Trump.
Trump drags his feet on Russia sanctions, undermines confidence in NATO, and just generally fucks up USA, so...
Hahaha fuck you, you lying asshole.

Who the hell does she think she's fooling?
lol, I believe people should be judged not by their actions and the crap they fund, but by their words in the occasional op-ed in a newspaper.