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Sports / Re: Tennis Thread
that's the on-court temperature
Sports / Re: Tennis Thread
official top temp today was 39oC (102oF), but that's in the shade, not full sun

why they didn't close Rod Laver Arena's retractable roof is beyond me. especially when it was Djokovic (Serb) playing Monfils (a Frenchman)

eta for the mathematically challenged Americans, 69oC = 156oF
there's a very fine distinction I may be missing here
Games / Re: Image Association
Kites aren't falcons you dummy. Also I posted this on MindRomp 2 years ago
As shit anecdotes go, that's a good one
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Arguably, the most important of all the political developments of 2017 was in China. Here Xi Jinping has apparently established supremacy over the Communist party and reinforced the supremacy of party over state, and state over the Chinese people. Of the world's strongmen, he has emerged the strongest -- the leader of a rising superpower.
Oh well, never mind, another patriot has been putting the last needed rubber stamp on your year
Fairly sure most Australians would have voted Alexander Downer Least Likely to Impersonate A Bit Part Character from A John Le Carre Novel, but he's proved us all wrong

NYT claims Mr Downer had a night of heavy drinking with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos in May 2016
Mr Papadopoulos reportedly revealed Russia was shopping dirt on Hillary Clinton
It is alleged Australian officials passed that information to US counterparts when those emails began appearing in public

a superficial work full of incendiary jokes with no coherent or sophisticated analysis political issues of free speech... the "Why Establishment Gays Hate Me" chapter "needs a better central thesis than the notion that gay people should go back in the closet" and the feminist chapter needed "a stronger argument against feminism than saying they are ugly and sexless and have cats."


The great irony of this whole affair is that Impostor Buster was doing Twitter's job for it. The platform has been notoriously prone to abuse since its inception and has struggled to curb it. Rather than asking Twitter to provide a top-down solution, however, we created a bottom-up one. We used Twitter's tools to police itself -- until Twitter fired the sheriff. If the platform is going to rescue itself from the trolls, it will need to foster these efforts, not fight them.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Jesus, that speech she gave was ...
Games / Re: Image Association
Games / Re: Image Association
The original recording would  probably have been in mono