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97 Questions seems like the name of a shitty 2000s emo band's sophomore album.
Guys does the Golden Stake Killer arrest fit here?
Guys, I'm gonna shit on your parade here. None of us are attractive, but that doesn't really matter because most people care about personality, not looks.
Speak for yourself buddy.

You're right. I'll get along ok on personality, but I can't speak for the rest of you degenerates.
I don't think Pandora would buy anyone a rink unless she was planning on drugging it or something. Never, ever, ever trust a Randian.
Guys, I'm gonna shit on your parade here. None of us are attractive, but that doesn't really matter because most people care about personality, not looks.
maybe a "Chad Thunderdick" could have fucked the hate out of him
Your average neurotypical lonely teenage boy or even adult man is no less susceptible to this garbage, and the ironic-not-ironic-just-kidding-not-really technique is extremely effective on lots of people.

And not all of it is overt and intentional. Go on youtube and let shit autoplay, and it'll show you increasingly more radical content. You can convince a teenager that the world is fucking flat by letting Google do all the work.

Sure. No doubt there's a ton of extremist material out there and no one's consulting the DSM-V to decide whether to recruit someone into the alt-right. But there still is an effort to recruit from the autism comnunity and that needs to be addressed.
Actually it's about ethics in video game journalism, meep
the punchline is "originally posted by Testy Calibrate"
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
but you can definitely see the look of horror on her face there
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
tbh they both are
sweet crosspost, no regrets
I wish millenials would kill consumerism in general
So there can be a range of things that make people susceptible to pathological mental health communities and recruitment by right-wing radical groups. I assume how proactive family and friends are in getting the person into therapy and providing a social safety net is a huge part of it. I also assume there are other aspects, such as how successful that therapy is, whether or not the person is exposed to media glorifying their condition, and whether they are able to build a social infrastructure around normal things.

Again, I'm not actually advocating demonizing people with mental illnesses. What I'm saying is that there is a specific recruitment strategy at play here and that this needs to be targeted and disrupted. Given how much people on the spectrum lionize their illness while also blaming 'normal' people for their social ills, the online autism community is placing itself at huge risk for this sort of recruitment, which is why we see dickwads like Elliot Rodgers and now this most recent piece of shit becoming domestic terrorists.
to be fair, Trump would likely have fired him outright if he hadn't recused.
So I had a friend in high school who got sucked into the pro-anorexia internet morass that was around at the time, and saw a little bit of what sort of shit was going on in those communities, and it wasn't substantially different. You'd have a lot of people, women mostly, putting peer pressure on each other to really fully give in to their disease, glorifying suicide, and spitting a lot of rage at "normal" women, with the rape apologia you're talking turning up there as well. There is, of course, the autism master race mindset that is not just limited to "incels" but has a broader following outside of alt-right, with overlap into New Atheists and other shitlords, and that's still part of these mentally-ill echo chambers that are cropping up.

I am not saying that ideology is not contributing to this, because it obviously is a part of the problem, but one of the big problems with the internet is it allows people who have severe mental illnesses to form communities that are defined by those illnesses and the social problems those illnesses create. I've seen a lot of serious discussion about how these communities defined by mental illness are themselves both uniquely vulnerable to political radicalization AND are being explicitly targeted by the alt-right as easy targets for radicalization. There's probably a case to be made that anonymous boards like 4chan, and networks of semi-private discussion like dischord and reddit, are actually facilitating this process by both making it easier for these pathological mental health communities to sequester themselves off from the rest of society AND for members of those communities to cross over into alt-right recruitment communities.
I'll put it this way: on 4chan, nearly all self-identification is either sarcasm or self-depreciation.

DFW has some useful things to say about irony.
I think a disproportionate percentage of incel/4channer degenerates are on the spectrum and end up as MRAs because they are frustrated with their inability to establish normal interpersonal relationships and don't have the basic self-control and self-awareness necessary to handle that frustration in a healthy, constructive manner. I think there's serious room to discuss how mental health feeds back into some of these radicalized communities and both makes people susceptible to radicalization and increases the appeal of the explanations these radical communities offer in the first place. It's obviously not just autism that is exploited in these communities; schizophrenia, bipolar depression, drug addiction, etc are all seemingly gateways into more radicalized communities which advocate extreme action to "fix" perceived wrongs that are actually products of the underlying mental illness.
On one hand, the recent revelation that Hans Asperger was involved in euthanasia of kids with autism was horrifying, but...

Also was learning disabled (autism), took special ed classes beginning in elementary school, was known for walking around in school rubbing his hands and meowing.

Armenian family, they are Christians mostly, not Muslim.
5 bucks says he was radicalized on 4chan, and I'm not being sarcastic or exaggerating when I fucking say radicalized because that's what 4chan fucking does.

We already know he was, dude.
Being afraid that POCs are exploiting social welfare to survive while ignoring the fact that their leadership is corrupt as fuck and making billions off that corruption is not "economic anxiety." It is racism.
Correct. However,  generalizations here fail.

The point here is that the social attitudes that lead to Trumpist expression of "economic anxiety" have nothing to do with economic circumstances and everything to do with racism.
when it's used to argue against immigration, "economic anxiety" is a bullshit cover for racism.  when it's used to argue against trade, it's an honest and legitimate grievance.

Nah. Disagree.
are you being serious?

Yes, I'm serious. Trade protectionism makes huge distinctions between countries which can acceptably contribute elite culturally-significant final products (e.g. Europe) versus cheap consumer products (Asia) versus cheap, high-risk extraction of natural resources (the global south).  In part this is because of biases in the tastes of the consumer population, but it's also due to the types of tariffs created, which largely serve to maintain colonial-style stratification and differentiate the protected working class of the developed world from the working class of the developing world. I increasingly doubt the existence of global labor solidarity in the IWW sense because a lot of the policies pushed for by labor in the developed world exist primarily to continue exploiting labor in the developing world.
So far, what we know is that he was a big fan of Elliott Rogers and a men's rights activist.
Looks like itcs about time to start talking about the Toronto van attack
I think everything about this plan is terrible. You can essentially implement labor below minimum wage, then eliminate labor protections because this universal employment system is a fallback. Then corporations turn around and exploit it in order to eliminate unionized labor pools. This also allows for some other unpleasantries, such as giving veterans preference in employment equivalent to some current preference in government employment and therefore creating additional incentives for people to join the military.

Fuck everything about this.