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The Trump admin is considering changing the rules of engagement for first use of US nuclear weapons.  The so called 'bloody nose' strategy calls for the first use of tactical nuclear weapons on the assumption that a nuclear armed enemy will be deterred from responding after such a show of force.

Of course this would break a fundamental understanding of warfare, which is that a first strike changes the status quo ante and it is highly uncertain how events will unfold from that point on.

Can we reasonably deliberate on the effect of this change in policy until it is put into practice in real


Philosophy / A belief about death


Do you have a belief about death?

After decades of reading philosophy and theology books I've had a stab at clearing my mind on the subject. This is it:

'There are no words, written or spoken, that can enlighten us to the passage from this world'.

I can't justify this belief, but it is genuinely what I believe on the subject.

What's yours?


General Discussion / Electric bike anyone?


Does anyone have some experience with electric bikes? I had a long ride on one today, resulting in mixed feelings about the product. The advantages and disadvantages seemed to cancel out somehow, but maybe that is just me.

Knowledgeable opinions?


Philosophy / Is there a perfect moment?


A friend used to ask me this question, "Is there a perfect moment?" For a long time I thought I had an answer and then it changed recently.

Do you have an answer, if there is one?

Introductions / Hi from the UK

Just saying hello, and looking forward to some interesting discussions on any topic. My main interests are philosophy, psychology, politics but I'll enjoy anything that follows as long as its not Trump.  :stareicide:

Well, even Trump.  :yes: