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remember that Donald Trump once said that transgender people could use whatever bathroom they want in his hotel so let's not be too judgy about him!
Science / Re: Heh!
Happy birthday
If only Bart were still here. He could rectify this situation.

I am sorry your friend Bart is no longer here. I wish I could have met him.
Reason doesn't have any Leftist on its staff because if you are able to use Reason and Logic you would understand economics and would not be a Leftist #notallmen
you ever heard of that show Dexter
shut the fuck up
People don't like an up-close-and-personal glimpse of successful people who are walking The Road Less Traveled because it makes them feel threatened.

Just a reminder that this forum is open for public viewing. So your rather unique & unconventional pov on numerous topics, along with your full posting history, would be open to scrutiny in the local community where you live and your place of employment. Should they become aware of it. 

Don't be that guy, ttp. Please.

Would it seriously break your heart if word got out that Dave Hawkins is a Nazi and a rape apologist?
yeah I am pretty threatened by that Sears money you're pulling down
shut up, you are human garbage. kys dave.
I feel bad for all those internet atheists who used to scream, "ISLAM IS NOT A RACE," now that their Lord and Saviour has laid all his cards on the table

I'm not surprised and suspected as much and should've known better, but fuck those assholes.

eta google's just as bad but I literally can't get rid of all of the google apps on my phone because it will not let me uninstall, and every time i try to delete all of the data on the youtube or maps app, it just resets and pulls everything from my google account anyway, so it's literally pointless

time to install LineageOS

I want to get rid of Google but it's hard. My email is still Google and I need to do a lot of work to get done with it.
I havent had Facebook on my phone in a while, I use an app called Metal which is basically the mobile site but it makes it all nice.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Austin bombings
Women can have sex with anyone they want for any reason they want and it does not devalue them as people. Sex workers are workers.
"You believe in the moon?!  Jesus man, you are so delusional.  There is no moon."

*That's no moon.
I have never been to Oklahoma. I wonder what it is like.
It's thread titles like this that really illustrate the ignorance of Nazis.