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The goats will eat all the plants the deer want, and the deer will be like wtf dudes?! And then an herbivore war will break out leaving dozens dead and wounded on both sides. But then the goats and deer will realize that they're basically the same animal, and put coexist stickers on their station wagons.

This is a hypothetical. I don't even know what deer actually drive.
But goats and deer are pretty much the same animal.
I like that Gilbert's potoroo is called a rat-kangaroo.
Shooting swimming caribou is super sporting.
Why the AP, though? That seems pretty random. They're basically the plain yogurt of news.
A corporate executive has more than 100,000 calories in total. Assuming a 2,000 calorie diet, that means a corporate executive could provide 50 days worth of sustenance if eaten.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
We're in year 107 on the Juche calendar.
Honestly, I find it shocking to discover that all the guys I know, and interact with, who happen to be in relationships, are high-status men. It almost defies credulity.
Can you make a wind powered balloon that goes faster than the wind?
not really sure where this belongs but

That kind of sucks for his kids. What do you do if you happen to marry a white person? However that's defined. I imagine you'd have to donate the "reward" to the NAACP, or Southern Poverty Law Center.
Looks like pardoning Scooter was foreshadowing.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel

If I were making pro-IDF propaganda, I might shy away from drawing attention to the radical socioeconomic differences between Israelis and Palestinians, but I suppose you have to consider your market.

We all have those moments where we forget common words, but still. He could have used "increased" or even "go up," in that sentence. I'm going to forgive "uppen," because it's a creative substitute for various common terms which might have slipped memory. I'm not forgiving of a position of: let's chop down the rainforest, because I think a particular subsistence ranching lifestyle I haven't myself completely adopted, should be adopted universally.
Donald Trump's decision to "recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel" right now is a mistake. The possibility of recognizing part of Jerusalem as Israel's capital was a major point of leverage that the United States could have used to help prod Israelis and Palestinians toward a final resolution of the conflict. Instead, with little understanding of negotiations, President Trump traded that bargaining chip for nothing in return.

Moreover, Trump made no distinction between the eastern and western parts of Jerusalem. He offered no recognition of the reality that Jerusalem is home to two peoples and that someday it may need to serve as the capital for two states, Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem today is a divided city, with Palestinians in east Jerusalem living under Israeli occupation and experiencing cultural, economic and political inequality. The president seems to have put U.S. weight behind Israeli settlements, land expropriation and occupation.
Is "uppen" a reference to something?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
The Trump administration has eliminated the White House's top cyber policy role, jettisoning a key position created during the Obama presidency to harmonize the government's overall approach to cybersecurity policy and digital warfare.

The cyber coordinator led a team of directors and senior directors who worked with agencies to develop a unified strategy for issues like election security and digital deterrence.

For real, though, I honestly don't know if Glanzman hasn't adequately worked out the mechanism behind his hypothesis, or if my lack of knowledge concerning epigenetics, and the like, just makes it so I don't understand it. The evidence is the evidence, either way, but if Glanzman can't explain how things are supposed to work, according to his proposal, then I'm still prone to skepticism.
Chopping down rainforest to create grassland for grazing, seems to go against the whole point of HMG. Whether or not it really works as advertised. Savory's TED talk was called "How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change." If you chop down the rainforest, you're promoting desertification and climate change, given that rainforests create rain, and capture carbon. Now, the idea that the Wai Wai people have to choose between HMG or slash-and-burn, seems clearly false, given:

As managers of a Community Owned Conservation Area (COCA), the 204 Wai Wai of Konashen District are building a "conservation economy" based on the sustainable use of their natural resources. The plan will create jobs from conservation activities, such as newly trained para-biologists working with researchers to assess the territory's flora and fauna, and local rangers patrolling the area. Other economic activities include ecotourism and expanding the traditional Wai Wai craft business.
Ryan, Tonegawa and Glanzman all think that LTP, with its bulked-up synapses, is important for retrieving memories, but not the thing that actually stores them. It's quite possible to have stored memories that aren't readily accessible, what Glanzman calls "occult memories" [emphasis mine] and Tonegawa refers to as "silent engrams." Both think the concept applies more broadly than in just the sea slugs and mice they study.

How, though?
I think if you're going to try to use humans as a reductio against the idea of an invasive species, you're going to have a bad time. As others have said. See the Holocene extinction.

Edit: this is @ Dave
Invasive species are a serious problem in Michigan:

Their fears turned out to be prophetic. As the water cleared up, the fish cleared out. Since the introduction of the mussels, there's been a sharp decline in nearly all fish species in Lake Michigan, including king salmon, scientists say.
Michigan has had to deal with zebra mussels, and is now trying to fend off Asian carp. I don't know how you construe a foreign species that takes over a local ecosystem, to the determent of local species, if you won't acknowledge the existence of invasive species.