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But is it 100% grass fed mob grazed horseshit?
Well then why are you on such a manly men women haters club streak today?
Aside from the usual inability to deal with having your wrongness pointed out by a woman?
I'm not on a manly men women haters club streak. I'm just sick and tired of Borealis' diahrrea mouth.  If she was a man I'd say the same thing.  I view RAFH the same way. Total diarrhea mouth. But he's worse so he's on ignore. She's not. Yet.
So the second reason. You can't stand that she (and Pingu) are more educated, experienced and knowledgeable than you.
It's nauseatingly obvious how much it bothers you.  And no one is fooled By your clumsy, immature insults.
 You remind me of an autistic middle schooler I worked with that had the nastiest attitude.
He spewed resentment and insults all day.
Well then why are you on such a manly men women haters club streak today?
Aside from the usual inability to deal with having your wrongness pointed out by a woman?
Ignore what Borealis says.  She likes to run her mouth and it's almost all completely irrelevant.

You talk to your mother like that?

You hate what I say because a tiny corner of your brain is telling you a good deal of what I say is relevant and correct. You just don't like it.

Oh, and you're a dyed in the wool misogynist, there's that, too.
No. It's complete bullshit.  You are just like Pingu ... waxing eloquent with pure bullshit. So glad she's gone.  She is the most anti knowledge person I've ever met.  You are a close second.
Methinks Dave tried and failed to get laid.
Dave, the thesis of my post was in this sentence:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

But to show you that it's clear: anyone else, which sentence would you consider my thesis (before opening the spoiler)?
Hoody votes
''The fact that you continue preaching in this way is a continual demonstration that not only do you not understand what we are saying, you don't want to understand it''
Of course it's not just the number of words, you've got to get them in the right order.
Personally I think that the United States is for the most part ruined already so I'm going to switch gears and talk about the conservation area in southern Guyana owned by the Wai Wai people. You can Google it if you like. It's called Konashen ... named after the village that my father started, and it's a bit over 1 million acres and the Guyanese government in partnership with Conservation International has set it up to try to create a sustainable future for the Wai Wai people of Guyana. It's apparently the first project of its type in the country and the government wants to have more of these in the future so it's pretty interesting actually. I visited the community in 2011 and I am now good friends with the chief of the village and with many others there.

Anyway, let's imagine for a minute that I were to get permission from the government to set up an animal husbandry operation there in the village area, which has already been asked for by several of the village leaders.  And let's say I've been able to successfully set up a 50 million calorie per year animal food system and it's working well and only takes about an hour per day per 5 million food calories to manage with some solar powered automatic systems.

The Village would definitely grow as Wai Wais from other Villages would want to come.  So the question becomes then ... How to manage this growth sustainably and equitably?  You've got a bit over 1 million Acres. What is the maximum population that this can support in a sustainable manner?

If you have something positive to contribute, please do so. If not, please go somewhere else.
You're not the boss of me.
Your grand speeches are not a positive contribution.

By your own measure, and assuming you've calculated it correctly (I doubt it), your system is at most as efficient as hunting-gathering.

And 100 times less efficient than whaling.

Why would that be a useful measure of efficiency for what we're talking about?
Alright, let's do a real comparison.  As best we can with what we know.  What I know something about is how many food output calories you can expect from an animal food production system like mine and I have a pretty good feel for the labor required.  What I don't know much about firsthand is gardening, but I have some data from Walter Haugen and it seems to be honest data.  No selling.   And of course I've never been a wheat / soybeans / corn farmer but we have some data for that as well.

Also, we can compare whatever food products you like, but obviously I like comparing milk because I think it's the nearest thing you can get in a single food item that provides nearly complete nutrition.  You could actually live a long time on nothing but raw milk. 

I have some very good data on goat's milk over the past two years and I'm telling you ... it's easy.  I think cow's milk is going to be too, but I haven't been doing that long enough to say it's a proven system yet.  But goats?  Yeah, my system is proven.  The sheep thing is going well too, by the way.  That should end up being a good meat / money supply.

So I like comparing goat's milk with commercial milk.  My system requires about 30 minutes twice daily on most days and produces about 400,000 food calories per year with two goats.  There is no commercial feed involved so no infrastructure or energy required for that.  There is no distribution system so no infrastructure or energy required for that either.  All my system requires is a simple pen and some glass jars.  A winch system and an electric milker and a refrigerator are niceties but not required.
You asked me to let you know when you were preaching not teaching.
Spinning your fantasy is not teaching, its preaching.

Eta- more baby pics!
So all kids should learn Food Production and Gourmet Cooking. 

In addition to How to Tie Your Own Shoes and The Three R's.

Can you imagine if every kid in my entire county by the time they graduated high school ... (a) knew how to produce Real Food sustainably (b) had free access to land in my county to do so, and (c) was as enthusiastic as me about doing it AND consuming it as a main part of their diet?  Hell ... we could feed the entire county hyper-locally and would be far less dependent on Walmart and other local grocers. 

My dream - in case you're wondering - is Truly Independent Counties.

Which need ZERO outside help from the state or federal government except for services which make sense for the feds and state to provide such as state and interstate highways, defense against people like Kim Jong Un shooting ICBM's at us (actual defense, not offense to help oil companies get established in a country), etc.

Why.  The Hell.  Should my county take money from the feds or the state for freaking education?  For crying out loud.  Are we in my home county so freaking stupid that we cannot educate our children ourselves without federal or state money? 

Why. The Hell.  Should we in my home county buy milk, meat and eggs from outside our home county when we have everything we need right in our home county to produce all that ourselves locally.  I'll tell you why.  It's because we're stupid.  We've been sold.  Gullible Rubidity at it's Finest.  We've been told by the Monsantos and Cargills of the world how to think and - like the proverbial frog in the kettle - we've gotten used to having the "professionals" think for us.

THIS, Ladies and Gents ... is what leads to tyranny.

I believe that the only reason tyrants can be tyrants is because of a critical mass of stupid lazy people who gradually give up their independence over a long period of time.
 I Will see if I can resize It. You might find the book interesting if not useful.  Its The Family Cow by  Dirk van Loon, published by Storey Books.
Lol my phone is doing the capitalizing thing - I did do the title. And the nose.
Eta couldn't figure it out on my phone :(
Hmm ... so I'm probably producing at least 3 gallons a day ...
She's not a red holstein is she? Vox's chart is for a holstein calf which might drink a bit more than a Jersey or whatever baby boop is drinks.

Also, post new pics of the baby as she grows! The first two weeks of a calf's life are amazing in terms of development.
My chart which didn't attach to my previous post  shows about a third less for a Guernsey than a Holstein:)
Hmm ... so I'm probably producing at least 3 gallons a day ...
Or Natalie is, anyway.
Natalie the Cow is doing very well in the milk department. I'm getting more than a gallon per day  on nothing but grass and the calf is drinking all it wants. I really don't know how much it drinks everyday at this age but my guess would be about a gallon. Anybody know?
My handbook measures milk production in pounds, not gallons. Here are a chart of production and how much to feed a calf, assuming bottle or bucket feeding. Also, a note about keeping records.
All the gardeners I know are mainly growing tomatoes and squash and lettuce and carrots and some of them grow sweet corn, but that's about it.
If by squash you mean zucchini, keep in mind there are starchy winter squash that store for months and are high in carbs. Dry beans store for years and provide protein and fiber.

I have known quite a few gardeners who grow a substantial portion of their food calories. A well managed garden, some chickens or ducks, perhaps a dairy animal is not uncommon on small acreages.  Borealis has mentioned many examples, Here in western Oregon we can garden year round with good planning and minimal protection.

Again, it seems you see only what supports your already established view.
But my point remains that in Missouri in my area if you leave a piece of ground fallow, it will quickly become a polyculture of perennial grasses, forbs, and legumes. And if you leave it long enough, it will become a forest polyculture.

Therefore if we want to be closer to Nature in our food production models in my area, then we will utilize a food production model which takes into account this fact.

And it's obvious to anyone except the willfully ignorant that monocultures of corn and soybean forced to produce by petrochemicals and heavy iron are quite far removed from this natural template.

Ignore Raffy. He's an idiot.
Who are you talking to? Is there someone here you think is unable to judge who is and who isn't an idiot? Is there someone who thinks your opinion or judgement is credible?
Here's a related question ... why do most people in "developed" countries buy land?  Why is there a price on land? Why do they sign up for 30 year mortgages on their houses?

In other words... Most people are doing something dumb ... why? Well because they are lemmings.

Do you scientists are somehow not also lemmings?
Related as in it's just another dodge/badger move.
Rape of women in any way shape or form is a terrible thing, no question about that.

But this thread is about land rape and about good alternatives to land rape.

Do you have anything to contribute on that topic?
Dave, your deliberate, continued use of the term  is seriously offensive. If you truly want to have an honest, respectful conversation, quit inciting ire and address the issue honestly.
It's really transparent how you deflect or ignore any idea you don't like, but getting nasty is not the solution.