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As in the Middle East, the collapse of American society is tightly associated with the rise of angry armed young white male terrorists who are both upset at governments that no longer cater to their needs as well as uppity women and minorities.

We're like 5 years out from Taliban Afghanistan.

Yeah the same Trump america with the lowest unemployed rate since ever and the highest ROI for the stockholders in the world is a collapsing society.  You leftists are really really tard
SmartLibertarian I agree with you that Libertarians are racist scums but that would be true regardless of the size and scope of government.

Lol ifgf you go on youtube you see all libertarians video have like 58475578958795 upvotes while the only communist youtubers is that faggot ContraPoints and just because mentally ills idiots with sexual disorders wank at HIM
Funny how liberals always complained against State Rights  because only big government can protect minorities and so Libertarians and Classic Liberal are the racist scums!1.... and now they want State Rights back just because Trump 

Fun how it works, five layers of big galaxy brain
CHAPOTRAPHOUSE: a trio of Western Communist making 100000$ whining about capitalism though patreon

BERNIE SANDERS: a "socialist" who recently bough a mansion for 600k$

Hi, Nice to meet you. The names David Icardo, Jr. I'm a professional Economist and like many (if not most) of my colleagues, I oppose Net Neutrality. I am one of the real people who submitted a comment to the FCC opposing Net Neutrality.

At least five current or former Chief Economists of the FCC have publically opposed the Open Internet Order. I don't know any who have supported it. That includes:

Michael Katz (Served under Clinton, author of half of the Economics papers cited in the 2015 Open Internet Order).
Gerald Faulhaber (Served under Bush)
Michelle Connolly (Served twice, once under Bush and once overlapping under Bush and Obama)
Tim Brennan (served under Obama, including when the OIO was passed)
Jerry Ellig (The current FCC Chief Economist).
In a survey of leading Economists, only 11% supported Net Neutrality. 44% were opposed to it, and 36% were uncertain. This isn't a partisan thing either, Economists at leading Universities are much more likely to be Democrats than Republicans, by over a 4:1 ratio.

I don't mean to say that all Economists oppose Net Neutrality or the OIO specifically. There are certainly some who support it. Nicholas Economides would probably be the most well known. Still, I think it is fair to say that most oppose it, particularrly those working on related topics.

Neither the world nor the internet as we know it is going to end with the repeal of Net Neutrality. It wouldn't have had it reamined in place either. But I think there are good reasons to think things are likely to be at least somewhat better without it they with it. Markets generally work well. Proactive regulation is likely to stifle innovation. There is at least the potential for there to be benefits from prioritizing some types of data over others (telemedicine, video conferencing, etc.). The peer-reviewed literature indicates that NN regulations will likely lead to a worsening in the digital divide.. There are legitimate concerns about ISP behavior, but it's probably best handled through anti-trust not Title II restrictions - reclassifying ISPs as common carriers took that away from the FTC who does it well and put it in the hands of the FCC whose ability to do so is uncertain.

ISPs will also be constrained by their desire to maximize profits. "Workable Competition" is the operative concept here. Contestable markets matter. DSL matters. Mobile ISPs matter. They aren't perfect substitutes, but you don't need textbook perfect competition for competitive pressures to constrain firm behavior. The real world is full of imperfect competition. Becker et al. (2010) showed that: "there is significant and growing competition among broadband access providers and that few significant competitive problems have been observed." They also conclude that "antitrust enforcement and/or more limited regulatory mechanisms provide a better framework for addressing competitive concerns raised by proponents of net neutrality."

Say what you want about Chairman Pai, but he has actually listened to Economists and Chairman Wheeler did not..
If you want the democrats having any chance you must kick all crazy extremists like Sanders, Warren, Killary Klinton and all the neomarxist poststraussian radical cultural marxist postmodernists from the party
I'm glad you communists exist in america, more you push the Democrats more on the insane extreme left-wing of the political spectrum and more we sane people win every fucking elections

You are a tiny minority more and more easily smashed day by day
>At DSA meetings, Sunkara said, organizers used to ask: "Is anyone here under 60?" The question now is: "Is anyone here over 30?"

Lol Baby Boomers perfectly know that if you are willing to work hard and better yourself capitalism is the Dream, the highest increase in wealth in human history was provided by the free market and free trade while communism just killed and enslaved people

Only stupid lazy millennial brainwashed by left-wing professors that they don't need to try, that they are snowflake

Look at those millenials: all with ADHD and "oooh i'm so smart i just don't try enough i swear you, and I'm oppressed because I'm 1/16 africans and I once touched the butt of someone of my same sex, I need special attention by big fucking government"
Politics and Current Events / Re: taxageddon is GO
I love liberal logic "we can't no longer stole from the rich to give to the poor, that is robbery!"

Really, enjoy your safe spaces while you can because the reality with become ugly more we win and more you will take kick in the ass by life
Politics and Current Events / Re: taxageddon is GO
NOW you leftists will call me names etc and I'm going to remind you all fucking tards that I'm the real silent majority not only of this country but of the fucking entire world, like the vast majority of people agrees with me only you five wackos living in a echo-chamber, idiot idealist college student without real world experience brainwashed by their cultural marxist professors still believe in the lie of liberalism.

Communism has always been a failure everything has been tried but ehy just another time, with Comrade Hillary instead of Comrade Lenin this time prosperity will arise!! OPS NOBODY VOTED FOR goldman sharks killary

Politics and Current Events / Re: taxageddon is GO
buddy, if you think "libturds" are the only ones getting fucked in the ass by this... :sad:

The only people fucked are the failure and the cracks who can't do nothing except relying on government handouts, fucking sob with all their poor story "oh noes I can't afford obamacare" but they have always the last Ipods and cable internet, are top 10% by world standards like if you are poor in the US you probably are living better that king of the past who didn't have access to 4k porn, videogame, hot shower and airplane.

You should be grateful that capitalism created everything you see instead of blaming the free market for being lazy sob who worked at MC while people were studying for being doctors or quartz.

I believe that most of these poor people don't even know what an ARIMA model is or what is a stochastic equation

The people in the US didn't vote Donald Trump, they vote Ayn Rand because she was the only one who said the truth about leftism while Bernie Sanders was meeting with Che Guevara at Havana
Politics and Current Events / Re: taxageddon is GO


next step : free-market internet and healthcare. Nothing will stop freedom from ringing again after 8 eight years of Oblackma "Revolution" that just plummeled wealth and power from the tax payers hard-working decent american to the crony capitalists who smashed american economics, Hillary Clinton fake corporate feminism like 200 FUCKING K DOLLATS for speaking at GS meeting and claiming that real feminism is working less and being paid the same as man
What's funny is that what these "progressives" are afraid of is that Trump will do to them what they wanted Hillary to do to right-wingers
lol it seems all the SJWs here have been finally cucked so hard by president Trump election
I think you leftist should just shut up about sexual predation and shit because your friend muslims and indians (from India not from Indiana) are the first when it come to gangrape
My dad and I were laughing so hard at that "grab them by the pussy" because this isn't much different from how any other guy talks about a girl he wants to fuck
Politics and Current Events / Flee Floated Urban-Youth
Where is He?
Whenever you hear "Gotta vote for 'D' so 'R' doesn't win" or vice versa, the person telling you this is either paid by the politicians, by the campaigns, or by the political parties to convince you of the futility of choices. Or it may be someone on "Team D" or "Team R" that is unpaid but has been drinking their Team's propaganda Kool-aid for years. Don't listen to them either.

They WANT you to vote against the "greater of two evils" candidate by holding your nose and voting for the "lesser of two evils" candidate. (Notice, this candidate is still evil, just a little bit less.) Or, if you can't vote for any amount of evil, to at least feel the futility and stay home.

You may think that the worst thing you could do would be to vote for the supposed "greater evil" candidate. Not in the eyes of the political parties. In their eyes, the worst thing you can do is vote for a 3rd party candidate.


Because it weakens the power of their political duopoly (a monopoly made up of 2 parties having control instead of only 1).

Voting for Gary Johnson weaken both duopoly parties and sends a message that they have failed you in providing acceptable candidates. And that's without knowing Gary Johnson, his experience, or his values.

This is reason #1 to vote for Gary Johnson: to send that message that the duopoly has to earn your vote by offering better quality candidates. You won't be sucked into their "vote against one by voting for the other" tactic. This is not a 2 horse race like the media likes to promote. Nor is it a mere coin flip decision. D or R? No, thanks. I'll take L (for Libertarian and Liberty).

2) Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states, like the D&R's candidates will be. No one other candidate is on the ballot in even 20 states.

3) Gary Johnson is the only one of the three top candidates (assuming Hillary and Trump are the other two) that has executive government experience as the governor of New Mexico for 8 years. Hillary has tons of government experience, none of it executive. Trump, lots of executive experience, none in a governmental capacity.

4) Because of his experience, only Gary Johnson has worked successfully with both Democrats and Republicans to enact legislation. This experience could be useful in working with Congress.

5) Gary Johnson may be the best Libertarian candidate to run in this contest of the "most-dislikeds." There are plenty of Libertarians that consider him less of a "pure" Libertarian, making him more of a "crossover" candidate. A moderate Libertarian, if you will.

6) People will "advise" you to not waste your vote on a candidate outside the duopoly. They say your single vote won't make a difference. Then, they will immediately turn around and say your single vote IS important...but ONLY in breaking "a tie" between the Democrat and Republican. Your vote is important, in the aggregate. But your single vote will not change the course of a national election, one way or the other.

7) Your vote is important in another way...besides determining the officeholder. Ballot access. Because of the way the Democratic/Republican duopoly have structured access to the ballots, just BEING on the ballot with a different party name is a struggle. This is designed to prevent or at least reduce competition to the duopoly. It's much easier to run against one opponent than two or more.

The ballot access requirements vary by state. But many states look at the number of votes cast for Libertarians as the indicator that the Libertarian Party is "worthy" to be on the ballot. In Michigan, for example, if the votes exceed an arbitrary 1% of the total cast for the highest office on the ballot, President in this November's election, then the Libertarian Party's candidates will be on the next ballot in 2018. If not, then the Libertarian Party will have to spend money to petition for the privilege to be on the ballot in 2018. This is an extra cost that puts the Libertarian Party and other non-duopoly parties at a disadvantage.

Ballot access is difficult and expensive. This is why the Libertarian Party is the party on the ballot in all 50 states. No other party is included on even 20 states. Keeping ballot access by voting for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, is planting the seed that having the next election will offer better candidates. The LP will be able to focus its money on getting closer to winning elections for governors, senators, representatives, and state and local offices. Better than having to spend extra money just to appear on the ballot!

Even if you don't know about Gary Johnson yet, but do know you don't like Hillary or Trump, maintaining ballot access for the Libertarians in your state by voting for Gary Johnson is valid. It's like encouraging political competition for better ideas and better candidates in the future.

8) Here's some peace of mind you will gain by voting for Gary Johnson. "Everyone" knows he won't win. Just like "everyone" knew in high school that the pretty girl already had a date to the prom while she sat at home crying. "Everyone" was wrong then and hasn't gotten any smarter. So...don't listen to "everyone."

9) Voting for Gary Johnson will give you the satisfaction of being able to say "I told you so" to your family and friends for 4 years! Hillary starts another war, "Hey, I didn't vote for her!" Your friend complains when Trump says something wacky, shake your head sadly and remind them for the 500th time, "You should have voted for President Johnson!" They will get sick of complaining to you because you are immune to their whining. No one will ever bother you about politics again until 2019. Then, you can tell them, no one has ever had to apologize or make excuses for their candidate when they voted Libertarian!

10) Finally, if you want to see how your values match up with the candidates and the Parties this time around, find out. You may be a Libertarian and not even know it due to the duopoly's control of the media and the media's favoritism of the duopoly's establishment elite.

Go to i Side With dot com at this link How Republican vs Democrat are you? and fill out the 60 or so multiple choice questions. I would suggest for each question you click on "Other Stances" before clicking "Yes" or "No" to see the reasons behind the choices.

If, while you think about reasons, you notice how the current government policies all mean well for one group, but usually result in unintended consequences for another group, you will be ready to weigh the multiple choices for each question.

Government is like the grandparent that gives ice cream to a child so that the child feels good. But the grandparent forgets that the child is lactose-intolerant, while leaving the diaper for the parents to clean up. Consider the inevitable results of the government's policies that end up in that diaper or worse while you go through the multiple choices on i Side With.

Answering the i Side With questions may take 30 or even 45 minutes. But look at it this way, it is a tool that will save you hours of pursuing this trivial points in the day-to-day horse race the media calls political news. It will also save you from going to vote and not knowing if you have picked the right candidate for you. This relatively tiny time investment will serve you well over the next 4 years! Highly recommended!