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Science / Re: Tesla's heat engine (split from DDWFTTW)
Been lurking here for some time.....

Maybe this is of interest
Once  there was a famous Swedish inventor:    Basically he was the father of Electrolux

Around 1975 he created quite a stir by claiming that he could break 2:nd law of thermodynamics

If you want to find out more about this; Google  "baltzar von platen thermodynamics"

As usual it ended up into nothing.......
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
The essential problem for the non existent twin ocean bulges, is that they simply do not exist.
In the animation: Check the Polar ocean encircling the Antatatica. You can follow the "bulges" around the Antatatic continent.
They are distorted by the continents, but clearly visible.