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I will grant you that I don't understand the asteroid orbit thing. But I'd like to take another look.
I can promise you, my explanation will be a hell of a lot shorter whenever you choose to badger back to this.
Unicorn Riot found/received a (decade out of date) handbook for undercover operations for ICE.

This is currently the fifth ICE handbook they're openly distributing in their "Icebreaker" series.
Dave, what will you do if you can neither confirm nor disconfirm the map?
Dave, from now on, before posting a "whoo boy" link, please check the following checklist.

1: Is there verifiable information that is of interest? If so, please specifically point out the verifiable information, and why it should be of interest (if not obvious).
2: Is there any reason to think the author has special information? If so, please specifically point out that reason.
3: Is there any reason to think the author is trustworthy? If so, please specifically point out that reason.
4: Is the answer to all of the above "no"? If so, please strongly consider not posting it.

I'll apply the checklist to the Ronald Klain tweet.
1: There is clear verifiable information: that every wife in the picture tweeted was white, and was hosted at the White House today. It turns out this information is verifiably false. Note the difference between verifiable and true.
2: There is no reason to think the author has special information.
3: The author is a named person, with connections that are liable to suffer if he gets this wrong. That is a very weak reason to think it accurate, but it is a reason. On the other hand, as I pointed out, he is a part of "Resistance LLC", which generally (at least, to me) tends to detract from credibility.

And yes: I do mentally go over a similar checklist for things I post here. Most of my quotes are the verifiable parts of articles; I usually have some discussion of who the author is as well.

So now you do it. For your article, what are your answers to the checklist?
He might, as he'd be a completely different person.
el jefe, argument I'm don't think I agree with but which definitely appeals:

Why should elected officials think they are safe in their homes?

We (anyone who accepts police) already accept that there are acts that can allow us to make people not feel safe in their homes - not just that, but to actually make them unsafe in their homes. We accept that this is allowed in cases where the person made to feel unsafe has committed acts we consider it necessary to act against.

Why should evil political acts be any different? Why should Nielsen's decisions that deliberately led to (and continue to lead to) separation of families, deaths, and (ironically) making immigrants feel unsafe in their homes not be considered evil enough to make it acceptable to do this to her?
Quite clearly, fredbear, the answer is no.
As I pointed out: it is galling that someone who calls themself socrates would reject arguing as a method of analysis.
Politics and Current Events / Re: in a 5-4 decision
The usual liberal wing plus Roberts (thread)
You guys are starting to ask some great questions.

But the first question needs to be "is there a very large very flat very thin sandstone layer sitting atop the pre-cambrian basement pretty much all over the world? Or are there just a bunch of little individual sandstones all over the place with all these funky names?
No, Dave.

The first question in any such analysis would need to be "What is there, geologically?"

The question you are trying to ask is interpretation. Data first, then interpretation.
Philosophy / Re: Math question:
Multiple true equations should not be able to produce inconsistent results. Can you provide an example of what you are talking about?
The random checkpoint, which was in place for 11 hours, stopped traffic in the southbound lanes between the Penobscot County towns of Howland and Lincoln. Several agents set up cones blocking the highway, and then asked vehicle occupants questions about their citizenship before letting them proceed. Southbound drivers could not avoid the roadblock.

"If you want to continue down the road, then yes ma'am. We need to know what citizen -- what country you're a citizen of," an agent said Wednesday evening to two BDN reporters who went through the checkpoint. When questioned about what would happen if a driver declined to answer, he said the car would only be able to keep going if, after further questioning and upon the agent's judgment, "the agent is pretty sure that you're U.S. citizens."
While travelers have the right to remain silent, Sapp said, those who refuse to cooperate during an inspection may be asked to pull away from the flow of traffic, so CBP agents can ask more questions to determine whether those inside a vehicle are legal citizens. Anyone who refuses could face charges, he said.
Among other things: what do you think is meant by "the same formation"?
Excellent question. This man may end up earning his PhD from AF Dave University.
It's interesting how, even after making assertions that depend directly on the answer to this question, and being asked directly, you still don't answer it.
Among other things: what do you think is meant by "the same formation"?
... submitting to groupthink
Do you think you are not submitting to groupthink when you uncritically swallow ICR's bullshit articles?
I'm not uncritically swallowing them. That's why we are having this discussion. We are taking a look at the geological provincialism article to see if it holds water.
In the spirit of cross-cultural English linguistics:
Pull the other one, it's got bells on.
My first thought was that 400 sounded small, but the Charlottesville rally permit application had the same expected number.
Now we've been talking about how all these various provincial sandstones have all these different names and Godfrey is telling his tall tale about "basins" lol ...

But tell me ... if what you see in that third picture lasted 10 million years or more ...


Are all these sandstones NOT a single enormous unit.


The whole friggin area is under friggin water for frigging 10 million years!!!
Hey Dave, how is this supposed to follow?
hellenizers gtfo
"...So I can make up anything I want about it!"
It was about Jason Kessler (of Charlottesville fame) going to DC for a march.

Apparently the tweet needed a correction:

Holy shit, the :ironicat: :ironicat:

They're breeding! :ironicat: