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And all 4 amendments were shot down.  None received the necessary 60 votes for cloture.
I was thinking a shit-thread prefix would be appropriate for TR.
Introductions / Re: Now what?

I don't understand the question.
I haven't experienced that.  I have experienced getting the message and the post having gone through, though.

There's a "save draft" button at the bottom of the post box, and your post gets autosaved every couple minutes.   You can click that instead of copy/paste.  And if you forget to, you can at least get back a chunk of your original post.

You can find your saved drafts on your main profile page.  look for the "show drafts" link.  There's an edit draft button on each post in your list of drafts.  When you click that, your draft gets loaded into an edit box on the thread where you originally wrote it.  From there you can finish your post and post it.

I think this issue is due to being on my tiny personal server space right now.  Once we figure out what we need in the way of a server going forward, I'll get us moved to a more powerful shared server.
Try refreshing.
There's a discussion going on with the guy who developed this add-on about if it's possible to rename tabs, and if so how.  I'm following the discussion very closely!
Okay!  So I have organized the smilies into a ton of tabs.

Base is what I think are our most often used smaller smilies.  On my devices (except phone) this is two rows of smilies.

If this is too many for the base group, then I'll need some input on which ones should be moved into another tab.

If you move out of the base tab into one of the other tabs, don't bitch at me about how huge the list is.  It's a compromise between the add-on and our huge and silly list of smilies large and small.

Tab 1 is a ton of our traditional smiles.  I'll consider splitting it into two tabs...reluctantly.

Tab 2 is chronologically the first major list of medium-sized smilies that were added in 2009, I think.  They were lovingly created/chosen years ago by someone who had specific members in mind for each one of them.  Neither the creator nor I have never divulged which smilies were inspired by which members and the secrets are going with us to our graves.  There are also some other smilies of roughly the same size and temperament that I threw in just to confound the folks who may try to match smilies to members.  Some of the members have moved on to tamer pastures and will be difficult to guess because they are relatively unknown. Have fun!

Tab 3 is our large-ish vanity smilies and "_____ say" smilies.

Tab 4 is our huge baby face smilies.  One of them is actually a TR baby.  In real life he/she is in elementary school!

Tab 5 is our wild kingdom

Tab 6 is our holiday/birthday smilies

Tab 7 is a collection of our large emotes

Tab 8 is a huge smilie that is kind of an emote and kind of a vanity and it's just too damn big.  If we add any other too damn big smilies in the future they'll go into this tab.

There *may* be a way to give these tabs meaningful names someday, but not at the moment.

/battens hatches and awaits the storm.
Oh, I knew there is a vein.  I grew up in the South.  I thought it was much shrunken, and that our legacy and continuing battle in the 21st century was more about institutional racism than about a continuing and even growing bald personal and individual race hatred.  I thought the problems of urban blight, white flight and the accompanying flight of tax base to fund schools and other community programs, lead water pipes, imprisonment of a huge chunk of urban black youth, militarized police, etc., were the messy and difficult issues we most desperately needed to solve.  And, ironically gentrification driving housing costs so high that long-time residents in many cities experiencing a resurgence are pushed out.

The idea that a presidential candidate would stand on a podium and incite immediate violence, and that people would have no compunction about attacking people because of the color of their skin and their sartorial choices in front of press, cameras, and the onlooking world was not something I would have fathomed, much less have expected in 2016.

I thought the bald and personal individual race hatred was a problem that time would literally help solve as a generation continues to age and die.  I didn't believe the virulence was being passed down so easily to newer generations.

A year ago today I posted this link on facebook.

Trump-Nugent 2016 - Combing Over to a Better America!

Donald Trump Enters the 2016 Presidential Race

I had no idea he would tap such a deep vein of racism and nativism.
Paul Ryan's careful dance around Trump is sickeningly hilarious.  He's doing it to further his own presidential run plans in 2020, but it's hard to picture it being helpful. 

Paul Ryan Threatens To Sue Donald Trump As The GOP Ship Continues To Sink - threatens to sue Trump if he wins and oversteps the executive branch's authority.

Will The GOP Support Donald Trump? Paul Ryan Says Republicans Should Vote With 'Their Conscience' - "ya'll don't have to support him, but I must."

And he still endorses Trump.  He's under the impression that a Republican congress could ride the tiger,
Technical Issues and Questions / Re: TR Fund Drive?
Not sure exactly how much TR should cost next year, yet.  It depends on if we can get the database back, which is *likely* but still up in the air.  It will involve moving to a new web host, though.  I'm leaning toward TR committing to a few months lease to start, rather than a year, so we can bail if we're not happy.

But, we do need to raise some funds.  ksen says we have a little over $100 in the kitty atm.  $500-$600 will probably cover the high end of the possible range of costs for Aug 2016 - Aug 2017.

I think Rext was offering to pay for storing the old IIDB forum database if it was still available. 
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Strange Art (a series)

In the hands of Benjamin Shine, a piece of tulle isn't just for making fancy dresses and curtains. Using nothing but an iron, the British artist turns the fabric into amazingly realistic "paintings".

Shine sculpts, presses and pleats the huge single piece of tulle, whose transparent qualities give the portrait more texture and depth. By layering in this way, the artist obtains different tones and shadows that enable him to realistically depict everything from objects to portraits.
My tiny server doesn't have what it takes for Elkarte to enable spellcheck.

I use a grammarly add-on to do browser-level spellcheck on everything I type on the internet, though.
The Republicans agreed to also have a vote on universal background checks.

Pavlov's Dog suggested on facebook that the NRA chose to bend on restricting gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list precisely because it either won't go through or will get shot down after going through because of the lack of due process.

Audrey Zee Whitesides was banned from facebook for posting this.

Don't Fall For It
I suggest using the basic text box instead of the wysiwyg formatter.  On another site I was using the wysiwyg editor and had a lot of similar issues until I switched.

The checkbox is on the look and layout page of your profile, near the bottom.  "Show wysiwyg editor on post page by default."
Kansas is the birthpace of Pastafarianism..  The state school board ruled that ID could be taught in place of evolution in science classes in 2005, I think.
I've seen all of them referred to as dominionists.  I'm not sure, but I think Catholic dominionism may be a different flavor of dominionism.  It's a different sort of eschatology from most dominionist Protestantism End Times strains/narratives.

He wrote an open letter to Gov. Brownback in his blog, explaining why he's moving the company to Missouri.

"I can't, in good conscience, continue to give our tax money to a government that actively works against the needs of its citizens; a state that is systematically targeting the citizens in most need, denying them critical care and reducing their cost of life as if they're simply a tax burden that should be ignored." - Jeff Blackwood, CEO of Pathfinder Health Innovations
motherjoines posts what's purported to be the hacked DNC research on Trump:

Someone on another site was having trouble accessing that, but this link works:
and universal background checks

I am cynical.  I thought a sea change on gun control was taking place after Sandy Hook, but it came up far too short.