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Games / Re: Image Association
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
Looking over the threads about moving us to Arvixe in 2014, I have a bad feeling ksen is wrong about when the annual rental runs out. It could be something like July 13 or 14 instead of sometime in August.

I'll check with him tomorrow.

If it does end sometime next week, then he and I'll either need to get into high gear moving webhosts, or pay for one more month on Arvixe and take our time.
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
We didn't sign up for VPS, and we certainly weren't paying for it. there.  Toward the end, I really couldn't tell what plan they had us on.

ETA actually I'm wrong.  It was a VPS.  Or was supposed to be one.
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
$10.99 month at the current exchange rate ($1=€.91).

This is insanely low.

I think we'll be able to tell after 2-4 months if it's working ok for us performance-wise.

We'll also be able to tell quite a bit simply by how smoothly (or not) the site transfers go.

By comparison, we were paying over $400 a year at Arvixe.
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
Some info on dedicated IPs.

It sounds like we may do fine without it, and I suspect we didn't have one while on the Arvixe server.

I go through periods of intensive use of FTP when I'm installing stuff or moving a lot of data around, but can go months at a time without using FTP at all.  If for performance reasons we need to switch to a dedicated IP, it's available with Gray webhost at an extra charge.
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
Depends if they actually enforce them, or if they don't give a rat's as long as nobody complains. I suspect they may be there so they can cover the arses if necessary, but am not sure.

Would also trust these guys:

I've known the bloke who runs that company for years. He's part of the server team for the SMF project and he's sane. Haven't ever used his hosting, but have no reason to think there would be anything wrong with it. Can easily get straight answers to any questions if necessary. I'll just PM him and see what he says.

The ultimate plan would work for us.  The Premium plan disk space is a little scant given the huge database we'll want to keep forever and ever.  I like that we can add more space for a small fee.

One thing I'm not sure about is the dedicated IP address.  We've always had a static IP address in the past. I don't know if we actually need it, or what not having it would mean or if we'd even notice.

I'm unpinning this thread, since we're not going to need to scrape the wayback machine barrel for TR salvage after all.

This is the last post that was successfully made on TR before the crash:

Quote from: Pingu;2653178
Quote from: osmanthus;2653130
Oh hey, we've known that for years. He's only witnessing, and always has been. He sees himself as a valiant Christian in the Colosseum, standing up to the lions and the mob.

(where octohatters are the lions, and the mob is any layperson even tenuously acquainted with reality)

I don't think it's that.

I don't think he's particularly religious.  I think what Dave believes in is Dave's Brilliance.  Playing Simultaneous Chess with dozens of Octohatters on a Science Forum is the impression he's after creating.  But that's no use to him if he can't link to it, and it be a Science Forum.  He wasn't best pleased to find himself in HASH, but ASS would be beyond the pale and you can't link to TIH.

It's not for the pews, it's for the Potential Investors.  And possibly for the Ladies.

(I used the send-email icon on the post to quote it)
The Soap Opera / Re: Choosing a New Web Host
Bumping this because the next big thing on the to-do list is to pick a new webhost and get both forums moved to the new digs.

We'll also need to do some fundraising.  How much we'll need depends on webhost and plan.

I think it would be a good idea to initially pay for a quarter or maybe a half year and make sure we're happy with the service, uptime, etc. before committing to a year.  This is regardless of what host we choose.

I'll catch up on earlier research, do some additional research as needed, and report back.

One nice thing is that the donate page on the old forum still works.  I don't think a similar donation add-on exists for Elkarte, but it's not strictly necessary.  People can donate via paypal directly to ksen's paypal email address.

I'll figure all that out in a bit, too.
The original forum is back online.  You can browse and read it here at the original url:

For now, I've left the little send-email icon active.  If you want to copy the text of a post, you can click that icon.  It will open a PM edit page where you can copy the post with all its original formatting, and then paste it in a thread on this forum.  Some of the bbcodes probably won't translate, but it will give you a good start on transferring a post from the old forum to this one.

Let me know in this thread if you run into any unexpected problems on the old TR forum.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Strange Art (a series)
The database has been snatched from the gates of hell and we have a working post table again.

Right now, I've put the whole forum in maintenance mode, which means no one but admins can really access it (and they better be very, very careful :stare: )

Over the next couple days, I'm going to make the entire forum read-only.  After that, you'll be able to see the forum and all the threads again.

I can't tell you guys how relieved I am tonight!

 :happydance:  :happydance:  :happydance:

Huge thanks to osmanthus and the crew of database ninjas he was able to procure for us.  Without their help, the database was crashed beyond recovery.

Also, thanks to all of you for being patient and supportive while I alternated between :hair: and  :stopper:
Science / Re: Acetaminophen may decrease empathy
I avoid it too.  I've always been paranoid about the liver effects.  This is yet another reason to stay away from it.
Science / Acetaminophen may decrease empathy

Simulation theories of empathy hypothesize that empathizing with others' pain shares some common psychological computations with the processing of one's own pain. Support for this perspective has largely relied on functional neuroimaging evidence of an overlap between activations during the experience of physical pain and empathy for other people's pain. Here, we extend the functional overlap perspective to the neurochemical level and test whether a common physical painkiller, acetaminophen (paracetamol), can reduce empathy for another's pain. In two double-blind placebo-controlled experiments, participants rated perceived pain, personal distress and empathic concern in response to reading scenarios about another's physical or social pain, witnessing ostracism in the lab, or visualizing another study participant receiving painful noise blasts. As hypothesized, acetaminophen reduced empathy in response to others' pain. Acetaminophen also reduced the unpleasantness of noise blasts delivered to the participant, which mediated acetaminophen's effects on empathy. Together, these findings suggest that the physical painkiller acetaminophen reduces empathy for pain and provide a new perspective on the neurochemical bases of empathy. Because empathy regulates prosocial and antisocial behavior, these drug-induced reductions in empathy raise concerns about the broader social side effects of acetaminophen, which is taken by almost a quarter of adults in the United States each week.

The full study is behind a paywall.

The Freethought Project has a few quotes from the study along with some sensationalism.
General Discussion / Re: Life on Earth in 100 Years
Yeah, Glory Season's culture and history are complex and covoluted, especially given how those convolutions were meant to create a society so stable it might better be termed "static.".

Brin describes himself as a scientist, futurist and author.
General Discussion / Re: Life on Earth in 100 Years
Have you ever read David Brin's novel Earth?

It was written in 1990.  His near-future speculation is already on the mark in a lot of ways, and the direction continues to look pretty accurate.
General Discussion / Re: Life on Earth in 100 Years
Hm. It loads for me but it's slower than before. Maybe it's getting too much traffic right now.

Freaks me right out to think of several nations coming under this sort of governance at once in the not too distant future.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Strange Art (a series)
Yeah, I was trying to think what appliance it would be.  People put all sorts of stuff on timers and automation around the house, but what is as universal as an old landline telephone was back in the day?

An encounter with a roomba would be hilarious, though.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Strange Art (a series)
Wondering what a 21st century remake of this would look like.