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  • Talk Rational: 'Having read this thread in its entirety makes me depressed. I think you're forcing each other into situations in which at least one participant will always lose face.'  'welcome to TR!'

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How did the self-control part evolve?

You must have missed the self control genes, what with the prostitutes and all.
No explanation for diversity of species?

"The Origin of Species".

You don't like the explanation.

Too bad.

Reality is not affected by your ignorant preferences.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Last post by teeming brown mass -
"please don't leave me alone on a lunch date with this information. it's getting me all hot and bothered"
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Last post by linus -
lol, i hope someone leaks Pence's true feelings about that
Maybe you should turn over a new leaf and start sparring with others for the countless examples of misrepresentation, Spin, and outright lies instead of always sparring with me.

Maybe you should stop lying.
Yes I liked it better second time around and am looking forwards to seeing it again when it's out on BluRay
How did the self-control part evolve?
Like vox said, not a simple explanation, and one you have failed to honestly engage in in the past.
If you really wanted to learn, there are folks here far more qualified than I to explain it and, gosh, they've tried.
I would like to see your side become honest and admit that you don't have any explanation. Just as you don't have any explanation for how life got started on Earth. Just as you don't have any explanation for the origin of diversity of species.
That depends on what you mean by an "answer" here. If you mean "self-control was evolved by this creature on June the 21st, 183528 years before present", then no, we don't have an answer.

But we can observe the creatures we see now, and we can see the extent to which they have self-control. And that will be another trait that can be studied in comparative biology, and checked against the giant tree of life that we've worked out.

Now Dave: what do you mean, precisely, by self-control? Suppression of instincts? Denial for delayed payoff? Or something more?
Valor was first you dodo.....