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I wonder if the Play Pretend Professor understands that different mutation rates apply to nuclear vs. mitochondrial DNA.
maybe I'm misinformed about how that exact phrase is getting used, but I hope you don't disagree that there is a lot of honest and legitimate grievance about job losses due to trade, which is independent of any racist feelings, and which fits the description "economic anxiety".
per bloomberg, white house reportedly "deterring" republican lawmakers and conservatives from defending pruitt; or "cautioning" them to "temper their defense".

if true, an obvious possibility is that trump's laying the groundwork to can him.
We return therefore to the question of what mutation rate
to use in analyses of human demographic evolution.
Figure 1 provides a weak indication that methods sensitive
to older mutation eventstend to yield higher estimates, but
thisissomewhat confounded with potential downward bias
in whole-genome estimates from family sequencing.
Branch length comparisons within the apes provide no
support for a substantial human-specific slowdown [41
It may be that future developments will reveal recent
modest changes in mutation rate, perhaps differing between
modern human populations [78,31], driven by evolution
in one or more of the factors discussed here, and
possibly more substantial differences in other hominins if
data become available. Pending such refinements however,
a reasonable (and conservative) approach is to apply a
yearly mutation rate of 0.5 x 10-9 bp-1 year-1 uniformly
to analyses of demographic events within or between
human populations, including between modern and archaic
I would understand that this does not apply to the dating of sites, volcanic rock etc.

Wow nothing gets by you Professor!
Being afraid that POCs are exploiting social welfare to survive while ignoring the fact that their leadership is corrupt as fuck and making billions off that corruption is not "economic anxiety." It is racism.
Correct. However,  generalizations here fail.

The point here is that the social attitudes that lead to Trumpist expression of "economic anxiety" have nothing to do with economic circumstances and everything to do with racism.
when it's used to argue against immigration, "economic anxiety" is a bullshit cover for racism.  when it's used to argue against trade, it's an honest and legitimate grievance.

Nah. Disagree.
are you being serious?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Guaranteed Jobs Program
Last post by Fenrir -
At first glance to me it has the look of a partisan clusterfuck in the making. Takes the UBI idea, that people should be provided the means to support a basic standard of living without caveats, and adds a heap of holes various vested interests can drive trucks through and beat on people with.

But what would I know.
I think everything about this plan is terrible. You can essentially implement labor below minimum wage, then eliminate labor protections because this universal employment system is a fallback. Then corporations turn around and exploit it in order to eliminate unionized labor pools. This also allows for some other unpleasantries, such as giving veterans preference in employment equivalent to some current preference in government employment and therefore creating additional incentives for people to join the military.

Fuck everything about this.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Guaranteed Jobs Program
Last post by Fenrir -
Got a little more detail? Coz, like, i don't know what you are talking about.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Guaranteed Jobs Program
Last post by nesb -
Now, the tiny conspiracy theorist who lives in my head, has suggested that political elites are just floating this idea as a way to take the steam out of what seems like growing support for the implementation of a ubi. I usually don't give him too much credence, but you never know.