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I'm actually very nice to people who don't act like total jerks.
So you claim. I really doubt it
Problem is quite a few of you have been acting like total jerks for so long that I think it's just a habit.
Can you name a single TR member you've interacted with that you haven't been a total jerk with?
It's always the same story.
There is no dishonesty.
It's just a Raging Narcissist inferring that X posting Y
"makes it look like Z" 
where Z = whatever conflicts with Raging Narcissist's self-righteous, self-congragulatory, self-stroking beliefs.
It would be a good exercise FOR YOU to figure why every single participant in this thread considers YOU to be the dishonest one.

Also "subtle dishonesty" usually turns out to be Dave interpolating stuff that nobody actually said, but he thinks were "implied" by the post.".
But obvious and unavoidable inferences from what he writes, such as his stock market moronicity, are strictly verboten and dishonest
These accusations of dishonesty are brilliant examples of the phenomenon you are so well known for:
Narcissistic Asymmetry.

Not one of the accusations has any merit, and you certainly make no effort to hold yourself to the standards you so self-righteously preach.
I'm actually very nice to people who don't act like total jerks. Problem is quite a few of you have been acting like total jerks for so long that I think it's just a habit.
Bullshit. I never quote mine people.
Want me to find an example for you, you dishonest shit?
all property is theft therefore property "rights" are irrelevant  :smug:
Likewise if you had wanted to be 100% honest about the goats climbing trees thing you could have said something like this ...

"Hey Dave why don't you let your goats wander around in the woods to get some browse in their diet? I know you tried that at one point. What's the deal? Was it too hard to navigate around the trees? Or what?"

And I would have responded like "yeah it's too hard moving them around on the forest floor and besides my trees need pruning anyway so it's a lot easier to just manage the goats in the pasture and cut and carry limbs to give them browse. Plus they don't need browse in their diet to be healthy anyway, so it's just a bonus."
You guys already know about the record setting Dow Jones, the low unemployment numbers for blacks and hispanics, the bonuses being given to tons and tons of employees due to the tax cut and the record setting holiday sales numbers ...

What you may NOT know is which companies are in fact moving (back) to USA production ... and the official reasons given by the companies themselves (not by Trump) for moving back ...

This article lists those ...
A more honest - non quote miney - response to this post would have been something like this...

" oh yeah Dave that's interesting to see companies that are bringing jobs back to the USA and see what they say for themselves about why they are doing it.  One thing though... Are you of the opinion that the record setting stock market is all because of Donald Trump?"

THAT would be a 100% honest response.
There was nothing dishonest about Pingu's post.
And you are avoiding the obvious question.
Are you actually trying to claim that you were NOT ascribing the stock market records to Trump?
If so, what WAS your point?

You are making it sound like I said ... Look at the record stock market. It's all because of Donald Trump!

But of course that's not what I said at all. So it's dishonest to characterize me that way.
That's what you strongly implied, any native English speaker would read it that way.

You just don't have the stones to admit you made an incredibly stupid remark.

As usual.

Bullshit. I never quote mine people.
Well that's a lie.