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  • nesb
Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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I take teeth's post to mean the day is over :shrug:

It should be.

  • nesb
Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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Okay. I actually looked the old game up, and I was lynched d3, not d2.

  • nesb
Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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lol. Looking back on that game, I claimed doc on d2, and was lynched on d3. Memory is fickle thing.

  • nesb
Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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Also, I told Teeth I was protecting Diva, assuming I couldn't protect myself. From reading the old thread, I think I might have protected myself? I don't know the rules here, exactly.

Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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Fell asleep. Looks like we caught the Cellulitis early. Electrolytes are normal, so will probably be released today sometime, unless the culture comes back with something unusual.  Kim has made it clear except for one client with a small project, I am on vacation for a week. I can play games, read, watch the chickens and cows, and deal with agencies to transfer to IL, but no work. Many of my biz friends are working together to get me the resources I need to make the move to Buffalo later so I can have a big enough city for public transit. I am so grateful.

Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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Good news Rach. Glad to hear it.
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Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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Very good news Rach.

nesb: claiming over two hours after nightfall, not sure I believe it, and there is little time for a counter claim since most stopped paying attention and its what, nightfall in ten minutes? An hour?

Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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nightfall you guys

jeez lemme count votes

Re: Trump Mafia Day 2
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After a day of foul moods all around, you decide to throw nesb to the wolves. He's been so stable all this time, so he must, must be the leaker, right?

But of course, he's not. It's just the military background. Nesb was James Mattis, and probably the only thing protecting this administration from outright scandal, the town doc.

Day 3 begins tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM MT. Night moves please.