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Re: A blue halo
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If Nature had made bees so that they would not need blue halos to find flowers, would that be more intelligent or less intelligent? :hmm:

Re: A blue halo
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...Amazing Stuff From Nature...
The interesting question is: What is the source of that intelligence? Science has been documenting HOW the intelligence functions.
The source of the "intelligence" is the minds of unsophisicated people. Primitive thinkers are prone to attribute agency to everything complex. It is an instance of the "Fundamental Attribution Error" and Attributing Intentional Agency to Inanimate Objects.

This is logical. Humans have been social animals for a long time, they have well developed and mostly effective mental machinery for dealing with persons, intelligent agents.
This mental machinery is used to deal with all impactful and/or complex things, and so, for example, lighting, floods, bad weather, failing crops, disease, blue halos, etc, become purposeful actions of powerful agents; spirits, angels, demons, gods etc.

Primitive minds like yourself cannot see that model and reality, map and territory are distinct.
You are still stuck in the cave looking at the shadows.
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