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  • MikeS
Re: Omelas: Day 3
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Lol. Damn. Get nostrum LD and Mike's tomorrow
No U.

I'm enjoying my citizenship of Omelas too much for you to ruin it.

Re: Omelas: Day 3
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 that statements  gonna be hard to live down tomorrow Mike.
St I'll, LD first
Love is like a magic penny
 if you hold it tight you won't have any
if you give it away you'll have so many
they'll be rolling all over the floor

Re: Omelas: Day 3
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bor's reads

ksen, nos, yb, teeth, nos mike s are town

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Re: Omelas: Day 3
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Re: Omelas: Day 3
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Vote Count

Testy Calibrate - 3.5 (borealis, Nostrum, MikeS)
laughing dog - 3 (ksen, Y.B, Testy Calibrate)
MikeS - 2 (divagreen, nesb)
Nostrum - 1  (laughing dog)
divagreen - 1 (teeming brown mass)

If you disagree with this vote count, please let me know in the Peanut gallery within 5 minutes.

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Re: Omelas: Day 3
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Testy waved a handful of bright streaming ribbons in one hand as he cantered his horse around the perimeter of the Green. They had won many races together during the day, But, as the day progressed, he'd grown uneasy.  Were the other riders resentful?  Were the crowds tired of seeing the same horse and rider showered with a rain of flowers and ribbons race after race?

Or were they resentful of something else?  It was so strange to feel unwelcome, but he eventually faced up to it.  Unwelcome.  Had he ever felt otherwise?

He must have.

Reluctantly, he dismounted and led his horse to a spindly child who had watched the riders avidly all day long.  Testy handed the halter rope to the little boy.

"Take good care of him, and he will take good care of you."

The child's eyes bulged with astonishment, and his face broke into a wide grin.


Testy turned away and walked off the green, through the cobbled streets, and eventually to the edge of the city.  The evening wind was cold and the hills loomed forbidding.  He squared his shoulders and began the long uphill hike.

Testy Calibrate was a

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