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Nova Scotia is enacting a law to make it illegal to declaw cats in the province.  :clap:

Very few vets here will do it, but this means they don't have to argue with owners who want it done.

Roy Moore's campaign chairman, Bill Armistead to the stage before Moore saying that Alabama law requires a recount if the vote is within 0.5 percent.
"At this point, we do not have a final decision on the outcome tonight," he said. "We know God is still in control and we're going to give him the credit for how this turns out."
Moore then took the stage to say that when the vote is this close, "It's not over, and we still have got to go by the rules of this recount provision."

Just wondering exactly which god...
Looks like dave doesn't understand what is meant by data either. Especially 'insufficient data'.
Mike, I'm not convinced Dave knows what 'antiseptic' even means.
It's also damn close to "shawty" which is african-american slang for hoe.

Is it? I've now checked four different sites for the definition of the slang term 'shawty' and not one of them says it is slang for a prostitute. Here's an example that covers most of what I've found:

shawty  rate 
(Noun) a girl who is honest and true, beautiful and caring. has alot of friends, and gets along with both sexes (male or female), but no commitment, no relationship, just friends.
Usage: (that's shawty, she down with the homies!)

Shawty  rate 
(Noun) A female who is appealing to the other sex.
Usage: She was a shawty.

Shawty  rate 
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) A down ass bitch with confidence (not cockiness) who knows she da shit but don't have a fake ass agenda or hoe around, all the boys want her and all the bitches wanna be her!
Usage: Look at that hot shawty doin her thing on the dance floor!

Shawty  rate 
(Noun) a southern name for "baby"

shawty  rate 
(Noun) A nickname for a young, hot girl in a hip hop music video.

shawty  rate 
(Adult / Slang)
attractive or beautiful woman or girl

Shawty  rate 
(Noun) (slang) From "shorty"; 1. A young woman of upstanding character; a reliable friend; 2. A young woman possessing ample charm, intelligence, and beauty; an ideal romantic partner; 3. A young woman with whom the speaker desires nothing more than a casual fling

Shawty  rate 
(Noun) (slang) From 'shorty', describes a woman that a man would have casual intercourse with for a short while (a friend with benefits).

Also, it's 'ho' you dork. Short for 'whore'.
Price says "primitive man" is the control.  p. 871

Evidence that nutrition is the best means of preventing dental caries? As opposed to things like good dental hygiene ... or fluoride treatments etc?

Price gives abundant evidence. One that sticks out in particular is LV vs. St Moritz. I covered that one already. Did you miss that?

Did you miss that those people eat very little meat? Did you (or Price) note that those people were an isolated population (small gene pool) so most of them may not even have had the problematic mouth bacteria? Did Price check? Do you know (or did Price know) what the levels of natural fluoride were in the Valley's drinking water? It's quite possible it was high enough to be protective, given their water would most likely have been ground and surface water running down from the Bernese Alps.

You don't know any of that and Price didn't mention it. They are all important factors in the presence or absence of dental caries.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
You're right. I should have done several things a lot earlier.
How is it possible to be this dense, Dave? How can you not see what she is saying?
I see EXACTLY what she's saying.

And it's arrogant misleading bullshit.

No, it isn't. You just don't like where it is leading you.

This could be a pivotal moment for you, Dave. Understand what Pingu has said and you will have come along way towards understanding rigorous scientific procedures as opposed to someone's earnest, bias-tainted convictions.
I wonder what the fluoride levels are in the drinking water in that miraculous Swiss valley in the Bernese Alps?
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
I was a bit handicapped only speaking in pictures, tbh.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
Evidence points to there being nothing at all wrong with my cat's teeth. He is a glutton.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Cat Thread
I hope kitty gets better, Pingu. Maybe the yowling is from hurting teeth.
Here it is again:

Toddlers who fall asleep with mothers' milk in their mouths often get dental caries.  Toddlers who stay awake for a while afterwards mostly don't.

Why Dave?
Your answer to this question ... "Answer this question for me ... if Arnold Schwarzeneggar beat on a 4 foot thick solid concrete wall with a sledgehammer for 1 hour would the brick wall fail? How about for 8 hours?"  will help me answer your question.
Then I'll answer it myself ...

No and no.

Point being, a strong man with a sledgehammer is no match for a heavily reinforced wall whether he beats on it for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.

Similarly, bacterial acid is no match for heavily reinforced tooth enamel in infants whether exposed for 8 hours or for just 1 hour.


Give up analogies, Dave; every one you trot out is worse than the last.

You even suck at proposing an answerable dodge.

You can't even decide if the wall is solid concrete or brick to begin with.

That would make quite a difference. Then there's reality - neither concrete nor brick are impervious to mechanical assault, and both materials tend to be brittle. Repeated blows from a sledgehammer might very well cause such a wall to fail. Or not. But you don't know and Pingu rightly can't answer such a silly question.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
So, if I was viewed night one, how come I didn't get a message? Also, afaiac, scum had the game in the bag because I never would have voted yb or diva.

You don't usually get a message if you've been viewed - only if you've been blocked or moved for example.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Lol, no mad Diva, just get evensies if we had time.  :yes:
Dave, predictably, thinks his list is all good.

In fact, it's appalling, and reveals him as a racist, misogynist, paedophile apologist with not one clue regarding the harm being done to his country.

Sad that there are so many like him.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Diva you scum!

I quit talking to you in the Neighbourhood because you were so obviously scum but I thought maybe I was just paranoid.  :hug:
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Thank you for the game, raven.

I wish it could have gone a bit longer - I was about to denounce diva, damnit.

But Nos and YB were completely off my radar.
You're a weapons grade idiot

I wish there was some way to reverse the calcification of your mind, because discussing anything with a solid rock is pretty frustrating.

I don't know if your parents made you this way, or your schooling, or your fucked-up religion, or it's innate, but you've become one of the most arrogant, egotistical, close-minded and ignorant arseholes I've ever encountered. On top of that you are unforgiveably rude and obnoxious in your interactions with others, and especially with women.

I really hope this is all just venting your personal frustrations online, because if you are like this in your daily interactions with people I don't know how you manage to hold jobs or have any friends at all.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4


Ah-ha-ha... Dave's back to Big Buttons again, and is completely ignoring the content of what Ben has been saying.

Science / Re: Actual Drop Bears!
I knew it.
you seem to be extremely confused.

Quit saying shit like that. It isn't true and you know it isn't. What you're attempting to do is called gaslighting, and you are very bad at it.

She disagrees with you. You can continue to argue that she's wrong, but she (and others you do this to) are not 'confused' or missing your point or whatever words you've decided to throw in case it sticks.
Look you idiot. I am simply telling her what price says because it's obvious that she doesn't even know  what he says, much less be in a position to know if what he says is right or wrong

She knows what he says. What he says is largely irrelevant given the 80+ years since Price of research and collective knowledge available to her, you, and everyone else who can read.

All that 'so many times the required daily amounts' of various minerals and vitamins is especially bad information, as too much of a good thing does NOT always turn out to be a good thing, and can in fact be a very bad thing.
you seem to be extremely confused.

Quit saying shit like that. It isn't true and you know it isn't. What you're attempting to do is called gaslighting, and you are very bad at it.

She disagrees with you. You can continue to argue that she's wrong, but she (and others you do this to) are not 'confused' or missing your point or whatever words you've decided to throw in case it sticks.