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meat is murder

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The alt-right is going to lose one way or another, whether by losing votes or otherwise. I guess what I am getting at is white supremacy will be defeated either by the ballot or the bullet.
Davey Davey Hawkins king of the wild frontier
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Raccoon thread
the chapo guys are fucking loaded

they get a lot of hate for tossing around words like "retard" and being brocialists which is well deserved imo but I think their popularity is a direct result of liberals masquerading as leftists doing all these really weird PC callouts, like I never even heard of them until they were getting shit for saying the Democratic party should "bend the knee" because obviously that phrase wasn't a quote from a popular TV show and was instead insinuating women should perform oral sex.

pretty much I ignore any hate they get from liberals but listen when they get hate from leftists.
Mafia / Re: Omelas Mafia Sign-ups
well I think ravenscape and bartholomew roberto are not good friends and a lot of people mistakenly think I am bartholomew roberto even though he's banned and cannot access the talkrational dot org website.

That's fine though, I understand.
shut the fuck up Dave Hawkins, I seriously cannot comprehend why anybody wastes time arguing with your creepy ass

"let's find out"

Does anyone doubt that Hawkins is already quite sure of the answer?

Let's find out.




Mafia / Re: Omelas Mafia Sign-ups
I'm in if you don't care. Thanks bud.
Hi! I'm Valor! I don't know what is going on here exactly but it would appear to the untrained eye that Dave Hawkins might have acted inappropriately around underage girls.
using firefox instead of chrome is good opsec
Science / Re: Peter Thiel is a fucking lunatic
I am looking forward to the latest upcoming commercial for, "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
Mafia / Re: Omelas Mafia Sign-ups
Can I play please?
What Dave is really asking, of course, is why we (or some of us) do not regard unborn fetuses as babies in the legal sense of being a person.

It's a decent question, given that we do in fact refer to "unborn babies" in many contexts, including when we are pregnant.

I'm happy to give my answer to that question.

OK I'm listening.

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Computers and Technology / Re: Robots and uncanny valleys
I am sorry but I don't want our future overlords sounding like dentist drills the entire time they move
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
I strongly suspect ontic is not bart. Not everybody is bart.
Introductions / Re: Eh yeah so like cool hi
Hello. I am called Valor. Pleased to meet you.
I am surprised this didn't work.
Well it was a long time ago, also don't call me bro I'm a girl irl
how is anybody fucking arguing about this and if it's wrong or not, or if it was a different time, or  if the media is doing a "hit job" or whatever shitty justification you want to throw out there?

is this place fucking filled with child molesters or some shit?

jesus christ you people are fucking ridiculous, idc if it was 1521, that's no excuse for a Roy Moore to go around molesting high school kids.