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the planet is dying and the economic system is collapsing, they don't have the luxury of pulling a reagan.

socialism will win.
The question is, will it win before everyone is dead and the cockroaches take over?
Also a more faithful translation of "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us" is "You fucked with me, now it's a must that I fuck with you."
It's the italian way....
been thinking this over and i've decided that white people should not be allowed to vote.

i will literally unironically irl vote to disenfranchise myself.

Quote from: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Trump's white support was not determined by income. According to Edison Research, Trump won whites making less than $50,000 by 20 points, whites making $50,000 to $99,999 by 28 points, and whites making $100,000 or more by 14 points. This shows that Trump assembled a broad white coalition that ran the gamut from Joe the Dishwasher to Joe the Plumber to Joe the Banker. So when white pundits cast the elevation of Trump as the handiwork of an inscrutable white working class, they are being too modest, declining to claim credit for their own economic class. Trump's dominance among whites across class lines is of a piece with his larger dominance across nearly every white demographic. Trump won white women (+9) and white men (+31). He won white people with college degrees (+3) and white people without them (+37). He won whites ages 18-29 (+4), 30-44 (+17), 45-64 (+28), and 65 and older (+19). Trump won whites in midwestern Illinois (+11), whites in mid-Atlantic New Jersey (+12), and whites in the Sun Belt's New Mexico (+5). In no state that Edison polled did Trump's white support dip below 40 percent. Hillary Clinton's did, in states as disparate as Florida, Utah, Indiana, and Kentucky. From the beer track to the wine track, from soccer moms to nascar dads, Trump's performance among whites was dominant. According to Mother Jones, based on preelection polling data, if you tallied the popular vote of only white America to derive 2016 electoral votes, Trump would have defeated Clinton 389 to 81, with the remaining 68 votes either a toss-up or unknown.

Part of Trump's dominance among whites resulted from his running as a Republican, the party that has long cultivated white voters. Trump's share of the white vote was similar to Mitt Romney's in 2012. But unlike Romney, Trump secured this support by running against his party's leadership, against accepted campaign orthodoxy, and against all notions of decency. By his sixth month in office, embroiled in scandal after scandal, a Pew Research Center poll found Trump's approval rating underwater with every single demographic group. Every demographic group, that is, except one: people who identified as white.
I like Coates, but newsflash: $100k/year is still working class.
apparently this happened at some point last night:

That is beautiful. :)
The main thing I'll be using this for is 1) motorcycle racing photos, and 2) wildlife (mostly birds) photos.

So I want a good zoom/magnification, and also a decent AF ability and built in image stabilization. That Tamron seems like it would be good for both for under $500. I saw some really nice $$$$$$ lenses that would be great, but I'm just a hobbyist, not a professional. :D
Jim Wright is my internet hero. :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Macron
So new tagline:
Macron, still better than trump.
It's so fucked up that it's even close. Makes me want to burn it all to the fucking ground.
Computers and Technology / Re: Digital camera?
I need to find a link to the lenses. I think I might upgrade a bit to a lens that has a built handle with a tripod mount.

The one I'm looking might right now is the  [Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD Nikon F ] Amazon has it for under $1k. I'm going to play with the two lenses it came with for a while, probably look at seriously getting a really nice lens come summertime.
Computers and Technology / Re: Digital camera?
Welp, pulled the trigger on a Nikon D3300. Looks like a pretty good deal, via Ebay.

Of course, the lens I'm eyeballing costs ~3x as much as the initial camera and 2 lenses that come with it. :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
The point is you ask for a serious investigation, state that you will stand by the findings of the investigation, and demand bipartisan buy-in to the investigatory system. Once that investigation is completed, you then ask for the resignation. It's not that fucking hard.

Jumping the gun may seem "cleaner" but alt-right operatives are already turning this into a tool to get rid of anyone they don't want. Mike Cernovich is fucking laughing all the way to the bank here.
I really kinda hate it when I have to agree with teeth on something.  But yeah - this.
I think this hurts teeth way more than it does you.
Murka...fuck yeah.
It was all faked anyway. ;)
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Not asking for their resignation would ALSO "play into the hands of Republicans" not least by giving them an excuse to tolerate Moore and Trump.
News tip, they don't just tolerate Moore and trump, they fucking embrace them.

And forcing out Conyers but not Franken was a terrible look.
Forcing them out may not have been the correct approach, but Conyers' initial offense looked much worse than Franken's.

Took Dems a while to get to the summit of the moral high ground, but better late than never. 
They'll lose even more influence, but at least they'll have the high ground...Fuck I hate that our system requires this kind of calculation, but if we had the GOP even from back in Reagan's day, I'd be all for taking the high ground. Now?  I'm not so sure it's the best option. :(
Because optics apart, this isn't a prosecution so OF COURSE the default should be to believe the women, not least because the (correct) perception that you won't be believed is exactly why so few women actually break their silence.
Good point here. Fucking hell, I hate our dumb political system. Can we at least get more than 2 options?
Gold. Well played, ksen, well played indeed.
Wait...conspiracy theory time. Is Pandora a Shapiro sock?  :hmm:
let me tell you a secret: they're morons, every last one of them
That can't be it. He's got a yuuge brain, bigly smarts even. 

There's got to be a better explanation.  :p
They don't build 'em like they used to. :)
I'm really starting to think that the rural/urban divide is bigger and more profound than the liberal/conservative divide.
Me too and it kinda bugs me because it's hard to articulate in a way that either side understands. Also, rural culture is way different between geographic areas. But in general, there's a freakish kind of cargo cultism on the rural end and there's a freakish kind of class-based inhumanity on the urban end and the two perspectives create an escalating positive feedback loop when they come into contact.
eh, it's a cartoonish dichotomy.  most people live in the suburbs.
I can totally get behind hating on suburban assholes.
:gonk:  I'm a self-hating suburban asshole...
Well, then it's unanimous.
I'm not going to read dave's stupidity, but I find it endlessly amusing that after all these years, dave is still asking such basic questions. :D
Holy shit...that's nuts.
I wish that were even ironically funny.