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looking at the comments section . . . there's no hope for us

the human race was a mistake
This video has been removed for violating youtube's harassment and bullying policy.

That's good, I guess?
Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Is there anyone reasonably sane (or mildly progressive) running for that seat?
Based on the hearings today, I think we may be seeing the piss tape leak soon.....

But will it make Trump's ratings go up or down? :D
That's a sucker's bet. Pun fully intended.
If they fight too much, though, there won't be any left for us to punch.... ;)
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Oh don't lay down challenges like that
The gloves are down. Do you submit Duran Duran?
Pretty much anything by Coldplay I think will win this....
Based on the hearings today, I think we may be seeing the piss tape leak soon.....
We have won all of our wars

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The two boosters landing in near perfect synchronicity was pretty amazing. Too bad the third one missed the ship. After action reports that only one of the 3 engines fired and it hit the water pretty hard.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Florence is pretty amazing.  I visited there this summer.
How many women did you beat?  Or are you not looking for a place in the current WH administration? :D
But the police can't be tried for perjury, obstruction of justice, or any of the other charges that any civilian would be subject to for those actions in a court, because it would erode the public trust of the justice system.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
A small nuclear detonation at Fox headquarters would go a long way to fixing that.
I have to admit, given their continuous and unwavering sucking of NRA cock, that I wish some deranged looney with multiple "not automatic assault weapons" would bust into the Fox and Friends show and shoot the place to hell while the cameras are running. With any luck, they might get O'reilly, Hannity, and some of the worst offenders along the way. Bonus points if they are wearing a MAGA hat and an Alex Jones T-shirt.
Are the numbers really there, though? It seems like the nativists assholes are loud, but also a pretty significant minority. I dunno, If I can get a dreamer to take me with them to another country, that might be a good option.....
the guy's campaign can defend its characterization, i'm not. i'm looking at members of a supposed party of "resistance" to an anti-muslim president dropping these insinuations at a progressive muslim candidate. as you recognize, the claim that he's not eligible wouldn't hold up in court. so if they wouldn't hold up, why are they even talking about "nightmare scenarios" where he wins and then gets sued? why are they doing the GOP's opposition research for them, to use a familiar formulation? they themselves might not be doing it "because he's a muslim" but they're more or less outlining the makings of a GOP smear campaign against a muslim candidate's eligibility that, yeah, actually, will take on a birther tone.


eta: it's also much better to get this legal challenge sorted out one way or the other before you go into the general election,

anonymous comments in a magazine about what a nightmare it would be if he won is, i suppose, "one way" of "getting it sorted out," sure.
It's the American (TM) way, at least. ;)
We're gonna need more guillotines.
Hey, blue lives matter too!  *chokes on a bag of confiscated drugs*

I'm starting to think the drug dealers and gun runners are less dangerous than the actual police. (Actually, that's probably been true for a while now.)
Preliminary news say the dems are caving. Haven't read to see if that's hype or not yet.
I still think the Dems should start their negotiations at "mass executions of republican politicians out in the deep woods of virginia."
Nah, needs to be more public....
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
We are not going to give you another starter population of Bald Eagles if y'all fuck up their environment with pesticides etc. again. ~ Canada.

No big deal.  We should've gone with the golden eagle anyway, instead of a scavenger/thief.
Scavenger thief is a much better representative for the US.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Meanwhile, while every one was distracted by the porn star (and ty being an idiot):
Five (more) things that the trump appointees have fucked up this week.
1. Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney has submitted a proposal to fund the agency he runs for the second fiscal quarter of 2018. His funding request amounts to exactly zero dollars and zero cents.
The CFPB gets its funding through the Federal Reserve specifically so that it can be protected from attacks on its budget from hostile members of Congress. But who needs a hostile Congress when you've got a man on the inside.

2. HHS grants new protections to health care providers who oppose treatment for transgender people and abortion

3. Education Department dismisses complaints for transgender students

4. Trump delays reproductive health service funding - The Trump administration is now months behind on offering organizations that provide birth control and reproductive health care to low-income people information on how to apply for Title X grants to fund their operations.

5. The Environmental Protection Agency is changing the way it evaluates new chemicals for environmental and health hazards, reducing the burden on chemical companies to make their products safer.

But ya'll watch out for antifa burning cars.