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assuming this passes and gets signed into law, this sets up an insurance cliff in two years, at which point the democrats will have more leverage.  either they will take at least one house of congress in 2018 (=> actual power), or they will remain out of power, and it will more certain that any negative developments will be blamed entirely on trump and/or the gop, heading into a presidential election year.
You make it sound like this matters anymore. We know that all the GOP as to do is say it's all Obummer's fault. They don't have to back it up with anything resembling facts. Doesn't matter. So they've got ~30% of the vote in the bag.

Are there enough centrist motivated voters to make up that gap, with all of the built in advantages the GOP has with gerrymandering?
Well, that was a depressing read.
It's a shit show (which is why it's popular). Basically, if you made a show about what average/dumb people think smart people are like, and add a laugh track, you get TBBT. I've watched parts of several episodes because 1) I could never sit through an entire one; and 2) several of my less smart friends kept telling me I'd love it.

Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
More importantly, it's a crap TV show.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
The DOJ is now supporting transgender rights?  Does Sessions know? 
Attorney General Holder announced today that the Department of Justice will take the position in litigation that the protection of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extends to claims of discrimination based on an individual's gender identity, including transgender status.  Attorney General Holder informed all Department of Justice component heads and United States Attorneys in a memo that the department will no longer assert that Title VII's prohibition against discrimination based on sex excludes discrimination based on gender identity per se, including transgender discrimination, reversing a previous Department of Justice position.  Title VII makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate in the employment of an individual "because of such individual'," among other protected characteristics.


Oh, I see. This is the memo released a while ago. The DOJ is now reversing this. Fuckers. (this quote came from the link at the news story, which is why it was confusing).
Science / Better than superglue - surgical glue.
Repairing tissue ruptures during surgery can be complicated: Suturing requires piercing an already damaged tissue, and sealants such as glues may not match the material properties of the tissue, leading to subsequent leakage or rupture. Annabi et al. capitalized on the elastic properties of the human protein tropoelastin to engineer a photocrosslinkable hydrogel sealant material. The injectable material, MeTro, successfully sealed surgical incisions in blood vessels in rats and in lungs in pigs without evidence of leakage or rupture. Tunable elastic hydrogel sealants offer a promising adhesive, biocompatible, biodegradable material for tissue repair.

You didn't read any of the previous 20 or so posts did you?
here's a more succinct way of putting it:

Owning the means of production does not equate to contributing the labor necessary to produce goods and services. Once you reach the level of automation that the "owner" is not actually contributing labor equivalent to the wealth they accrue from production, it makes sense to question whether market-style thinking is the appropriate way of determining how to distribute both goods and compensation. This is especially the case when you're talking about established inherited wealth being used to leverage laborers into giving you a chunk of their labor in exchange for the "right" to work.

However, like 99.999% of the time, when people are complaining about capitalism, they are actually complaining about consumerism. The issue is that the rich want a shitton of discretionary income that they can spend on gold-plated toilet paper while the quality of life for everyone else gets flushed down the toilet. The profit motive is only an issue because profit enables consumption and/or accumulation that enhances appearance of social standing for a small class of capitalists at the expense of the rest of us. If society was built around some other measure of social status and accomplishment, profit motive would not be the same level of social ill.
I think finding a way to reduce the profit motive as you note here is a lot more realistic (as in potentially attainable) than trying to get everyone to actually give up the concept of property/possession. Don't know how to do that, but it seems like it might be possible at least.
It's an old in-joke dating from a decade or so back. Read the bit I quoted. AiG has had that article up for ages, and it claims there is a breed of dog called the "Baboon dog" and that the male Baboon dog dies before reaching maturity.

I'm sure you can see the problem here. ;) AiG apparently cannot see it.
IIRC, a certain member called Dave Hawkins was supposed to communicate with the staff at AiG to outline some of the obvious issues of accuracy within that article.  This result was after a lengthy debate on a forum ( where said article was discussed and disected by members but supported by Dave.  Eventually I think Dave had a wobbly one morning and stated that the objections to the article were true and accurate and "promised" to bring the subject up with the AiG staff.

That was probably 7 or 8 years ago.
As I recall, the AiG author that wrote that article was later vindicated.
1. We know how reliable your 'recollection' is.
2. Vindicated? As in, they found a species of baboon dogs, or what?
Holy shit, that Jorge clown is almost as tedious as daveydoodles.

Funny how yeccers hang their hat so much on stuff that has only very tenuous relationship to anything in the bible (and no relationship to reality), and outside of a few pockets in the US, is utterly not an issue even for others who share the same denomination.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Nate's projected to ramp up to hurricane force as it crosses the gulf. If it keeps veering west, Houston may be in for a bad time again, although current models have Nate hitting closer to NO.  We'll probably just get a good soaking here, but shouldn't be too bad.
Traditionally they have approached it by putting the bullshit obfuscation in the sciency words. They have extrapolated from Genesis, but they haven't directly contradicted it. For instance, God says he will destroy the world, so they can happily make their Flood as destructive as they like. No problem.

This is a new level of desperation on their part. It doesn't depend on truthy scienciness. If the Bible says God made life in the ocean on the fifth day, and if AiG says he did it on the second day, any five year old with an average brain is likely to wonder why AiG says the Bible is wrong.

Never said they were clever. You're correct about the desperation. But they (or some/many of them) don't believe in 'Flood science' themselves, and all they really do is devise what a friend and I used to call a Theory of the Month. It was a game we played, where we would alternately put forth an outrageous theory and then defend it, using as much 'real' science as we could think of, over wine and food as if it was real. It was hilarious good fun. AIG and the like play that game for real. Stromatolites just threw a monkey wrench into the general easy peasy write something sleazy lazy round of making shit up. So somebody made some shit up without even considering the heretical nature of the argument. These guys are not theologians, and don't really understand the implications. Which isn't surprising, seeing how fast and loose Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are with standard theology in the first place.
One of the guys from IIDB (I think) used to do something like that. He had a whole website where he would argue for a flat earth, totally making shit up (he even had page saying that it was all made up) and flat earthers would eat it up, and others would argue with him, so he drew in the shallow thinkers from both sides. ;)
Yes well. Creationists are not known for their useful contributions to science.
Actually you're wrong.  Creationists founded modern science.   Recently there have been a fair number of  professional scientists reject Darwinism and adopt what they call "the third way."  One major cause of this is the work of creationists.
Also the gradual shift in geology from strict uniformitarianism to catastrophism has been the direct result of the work of creationists.
Every single sentence there is dead wrong.
Quite an accomplishment!
For dave, that's just another tuesday. ;)
Politics and Current Events / Re: Shooting in Vegas

It's diazepam's fault!!!1111 Women have higher rates of anxiety, and diazepam makes people amass huge numbers of guns and shoot hundreds of people which is why all of these mass shootings are done by women stoned on Valium.

Funny enough, I've never been allowed to handle diazepam in the hospitals I've worked at because it's controlled, and I need a license to fucking administer it to a dog, but I've been able to fire a gun with zero oversight.

It is quite literally harder for a person to get Valium than it is for them to get a gun.
And the typical gun fondler response to this is "Yeah, but 2nd amendment".
Wait, it looks like they're trying to do something sensible, and effective (if it passes and does what they claim). 

Are they just trolling the trumpster fire? 
Senate intel committee: Yup, there was Russian interference.

Can we skip the impeachment and go straight to execution for treason now?

Also, sorry ffuy, but it's going to have to wait a bit longer:
Burr also told reporters that the committee had "hit a wall" in attempting to verify the details of a salacious dossier about Trump's alleged exploits in Russia, mostly because its author, former British spy Christopher Steele, had rebuffed the committee's efforts to speak with him about his sources and about who paid for the compilation of the report.
In today's daily dose of GOP hypocrisy:

Pro-Life Rep. Tim Murphy Pressured Mistress to Get Abortion
I know you're all shocked and dismayed to find out that this fine, upstanding member of the GOP is a hypocrit of the worst sort.

Over-under on whether it matters to the yokels who elected this clown?

Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, who has a strong anti-abortion voting history, acknowledged last month he had an affair with Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh. Text messages sent between Murphy's phone number and Edwards in January show the two discussing the pregnancy scare, and Edwards pointed out Murphy's hypocrisy in pressuring her to get an abortion.

A ProPublica investigation found that attorneys in the Manhattan District Attorney's office spent about two years building a case against the two Trump children that included emails showing the Trumps knew they were using inflated figures to attract potential buyers to the condo.
The case disappeared after Trump's personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, met with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to ask him to drop the investigation.
Three months after the meeting, Vance overruled his own prosecutors and dropped the case. That same year, Kasowitz donated $25,000 to Vance's campaign, which Vance said was returned shortly before their meeting.

"I did not at the time believe beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime had been committed," Vance told ProPublica. "I had to make a call and I made the call, and I think I made the right call."

A later donation of $50,000, however, occurred less than six months after Vance dropped the case. When confronted with this information, according to ProPublica, Vance pledged to return this donation as well, pledging that it would not be a "millstone" around the neck of his office.
it's one i want to have with the people i work with for sure. but we can talk about it here too if you want.

I suppose I'd start off asking you what your view of communism is? What does it mean to you to have communism, iow? You said before, putting industries under the democratic control of workers is a part of it, but I'm wondering what mechanisms are present when you think about it.
I know almost nothing about the 'real' (?) aspects of communism.

How close is a typical (if there is such a thing) co-op to this ideal? That seems to be the basic idea that at least occasionally actually works.
Can we get a mod to split out the political discussion, cuz it's really interesting, but not really appropro in this thread?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Shooting in Vegas
My bil told me the automatic at least one of them anyway, was a 60 caliber. Is that legal in semiautomatic form? I mean, we can't buy rocket launchers. Is there any sort of caliber limit? It's possible that my bil was wrong about the caliber. I guess I should check.
iirc, anything over 50 caliber is illegal

Probably wrong.
FWIW, 5.56 is lethal at those distances. 300m is considered contact range for an individual (Aust Army) and is what their rifles are zeroed at, and 600m is considered contact distance for squad fire. There's nothing exotic about this scenario. Just a bunch of fairly common, off the shelf firearms, used by a fuckwit to murder people. The horror behind it, and the problem going forward, is the mundane nature of it. There's no easy solution. No superweapon that can be banned. It's a cultural problem that needs to be fixed and that many Americans don't want to fix.
The odd thing is that most USians actually want quite a bit more gun regulation than we have (a majority, even), but the politicians and NRA that buys them are convinced that it's a losing political issue in spite of that.

They sort of have a point. Because USians are so stupid, when a list of proposed measures are given, a majority are in favor of them, but as soon as the magic words 'gun control' are used, they lose their one brain cell and go all apoplectic.....
Yeah, I can't see him winning this lawsuit. And I can't see his life getting any better for it, either.  These are both good things.