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he can, but not without risking political disaster, and I think even he gets that

eta: he said something in an interview a few months back, like "the longer I sit in this chair, the more the country will hold me responsible for the problems with obamacare."  it was unusually lucid of him.  if he really thinks that, in a serious and non-adhd way,  then he must realize that actively sabotaging obamacare would come back on him.  (and active sabotage would be required, if all the projections of the marketplaces being more or less stable are correct)

Is it more-or-less stable?  If prices keep going up people will drop out.  Insurance really is not affordable for those who earn a little too much to qualify for subsidies.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
How trite.

ETA:  Does this mean he won't be paying back all the money for private planes?
The story I saw said he was paying back ~$50k....of the $400k it cost.

Yeah, that's something like the equivalent of 1st class airfare for every flight he took which is what they're supposed to pay when family members tag along on a government plane.
Well that's great in theory but could you point me to some real life formations where this is occurring today?
Why? Why does a specific scenario have to be "happening today"?
Because we are interested in explaining the origin of phenomena.  Or at least I am interested in that. You may not be.
Why does an explanation for a given phenomenon need to include that same exact phenomenon happening today?
Well let me answer that with a question. Do you know of any process happening today which could have created that  formation in the "zoomed out" picture I posted?
Yes.  None have hit the Earth directly. But
There was another one about 100 years ago.
But there waa a one time  catastrophic event that happened many years ago that caused it.


Dave, Meteor Crater was formed 50,000 years ago. Why didn't the flood wipe out the evidence?
I never know if Americans know about it.

The books were very popular in the states, at least among my group of nerdy friends. Same with Monty Python, and to a lesser extent Benny Hill.  42 is pretty ingrained in pop culture.  Though Dave is a few years older than me, so maybe he was too busy becoming an Air Force pilot to read humor/sci-fi.

I swear I bought a copy of the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray when it came out, but now I can only find my copy of the original TV series.  I need to re-watch that for cheesy 80's nostalgia.
The book is basically the radio script though.
Is it? I haven't listened to that radio series either.

My 30 seconds of googling couldn't find it, but I have a vague recollection of Adams defending the differences in the different mediums (he was involved with the movie before his death) saying something about how he had no intention for them to be 100% faithful to each other. 
Yeah, there was a TV version in the 80s. That was my first exposure to it. It's kinda cheesy, but it's much more faithful than the movie. Still haven't actually listened to the whole radio version. I really need to do that.
More faithful to what?  The radio series came before the book, IIRC.
Philosophy / Re: A belief about death
That 2nd one is actually Abraham Lincoln.

Now Mitalipov is believed to have broken new ground both in the number of embryos experimented upon and by demonstrating that it is possible to safely and efficiently correct defective genes that cause inherited diseases.
Philosophy / Re: A belief about death
You've never heard of Jack Chick before?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Thank god for subtitles.
Definitely needs a Venn Diagram
The Opposition with Jordan Klepper needs serious help. I guess it's supposed to be a Alex Jones satire but he's a horrible Jones.  Colbert is a weak broadcast show now with some occasional good bits, but his Alex Jones kicks Jordan in the dick.
gop establishment is worried this is going to lead to another disruptive wave of primary challenges and purity politics, only coming from the alt right rather than the tea party
How do you tell the difference?
Never mind that it's probably illegal to delete these tweets.
Like he gives a shit about illegalities.
Maybe we'll get Shizzle back!  :cheer:

I hope so. I sure do miss his keen political insight!

Quote from: Mattshizzle
It would be REALLY nice if there was a viable choice other than what outside the US would be considered far right wing and moderate right wing...
Every General election it's like a choice between getting a cucumber shoved up your ass and getting a sword coated in salt, vinegar and hot sauce shoved up your ass. Bernie Sanders - or Socialist or Communist would be "not getting anything shoved up your ass."
I'm frankly sick of choosing between the lesser of 2 evils. I want to be able to vote for someone who wants to DESTROY Wall Street and preferably make Capitalism illegal and execute all the Capitalists and redistribute their money.
:cheer:  :911:  :cheer: