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Even I know that's not how you ride a horse.

They do things differently in rural Alabama. Stop being so judgmental.
Tentatively hopeful, but I want to see Moore dance a jig at the end of a noose.

fixed that for ya

That too
Tentatively hopeful, but I want to see Moore concede before I let my guard down.
Just looking forward to knowing what percent of a human being white alabamans should count for in the next census cycle.
Peak whiteness is using robots to preserve a white utopia for white people who love animals.

you missed a bit
More Silicon Valley Ingenuity:

In San Francisco, autonomous crime-fighting robots that are used to patrol parking lots, sports arenas, and tech company campuses are now being deployed to keep away homeless people.

The San Francisco Business Times reported last week that the San Francisco SPCA, an animal advocacy and pet adoption group, put a security robot to work outside its facilities in the gentrifying Mission neighborhood. The robot's presence is meant to deter homeless people from setting up camps along the sidewalks.

This is pretty much peak white people.
15 point spread. I stand corrected.
you know they fucking are. They're going to couch it in terms of "we need to be more accepting of the diverse cultural experiences of evangelical christians" or some shit like that, but they're not going to take a stand here when they realize that taking a stand wasn't actually enough to win the votes.

Because the current Democrat leadership is spineless as fuck.
also the part where Pelosi says that this proves that Democrats need to listen more to evangelical-Americans and avoid identify politics because pedophiles are voters too
Politics and Current Events / Re: Tom Ashbrook
the "and men" combined with the fact that they seem to have fired him for the fact he lost his temper in meetings seems like it was just harassment and not really "sexual harassment" per se.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Conservatives conceptualize rape differently from how liberals do. That's the underlying issue here.
No it is not you ignorant slut

That's Slut, MSc, and soon to be Slut PhD, thank you very much
Moore gonna win this by 10, Dems claim the improved turnout and narrower margin makes this a moral victory but also say they look forward to working across the aisle with Moore.  Calling it now.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Tom Ashbrook
That may just be the most disappointing one so far.

I'm not even sure how this is even sexual harassment.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Goddamnit Al
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Good game raven.  I was trying to read some flavor, and I think I hit upon the dual role thingy finally, although that was the only flavor hint really.

I think everyone should treat me as a contrarian; whatever I feel, people should do the opposite.  Although lynching testy day 3 was more to save my butt than any type of scum read.

diva/nostrum/Y.B. - you guys hid well, although I thought I sensed some coaching of Y.B. on Day 2.  Another case of town eating itself I guess.  You've got to be really disciplined and a bit more open/trustworthy to put a town group together and maybe not lynch anyone without some clear reads.

the lesson here is that TRtown is retarded
I'm assuming she means Mogwai
If it happened in a Red State, it'd look like the ending of a Tarantino film.
realistically we need to just accept that all news is fake, that ignorance is strength, and that we love big brother.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
that you're all dumbtards? dunno, that's a thought that has been brewing for ages
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Clearly not
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
I had diva dead to rights and you guys were a bunch of dumbtards, just FYI.
Mafia / Re: Omelas: Day 4
Dear God teeth I will never doubt your reads again.

Does this change the minimum number of votes Republicans need?

It does if Kihuen is forced out and a similar thing happens.