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It's clear Dave has no fucking clue what an experimental control is, or why it is important. You can't discuss science with a labradoodle either, Dave needs to pick up some basic understanding before he can contribute intelligently to this topic.

It won't stop him from making some idiotic pronouncements based off his misunderstandings and calling it "good science".

Yeah well my "good science" is fixing people's health problems while simultaneously feeding people real food instead of fake food and reversing land degradation.
Yep, right on cue, all hat, no cattle... Claims ain't gonna cut it, Dave. How about some legitimate experimental procedures with controls?
I'm always looking for concise ways to say things so how about this?


In fact, no other "buttons" are necessary if we push that one.
Imagine I'm eating a "Price diet" that enriches my saliva minerals.
If I used an antiseptic mouthwash (like Listerine) numerous times a day would you say I'm helping, harming or keeping neutral my teeth health?

Remember that a mouthwash would rinse out all the mineral rich saliva and replace it with a mouthwash system at a mouthwash pH.
"Harming" would be my guess because you are killing bacteria.  Also, those indigenous groups never used Listerine and their teeth were near perfect.
[citation needed]

So all these doctors reports, scientific studies and many many many many many anecdotal accounts from people that say that a mouthwash (alchohol, salt bath, hydrogen peroxide, etc; all antiseptic in strength to kill bacteria) is a GOOD CONTRIBUTOR to oral hygiene; they are all lying?

Why is that Dave?
I get almost 1000 IU (over 240% USRDA) of Vitamin D from my goat's milk.
You've had it assayed, have you?
Or are you just assuming that it's the same as some other goats' milk that has been assayed?

In fact, humans are just as capable of making their own vitamin D as goats or any other mammal.
If they get enough sunlight on skin.
And the amount of vitamin D that goats make - just like humans - depends on how much sunlight reaches their skin.
You can expect more in the summer than in the winter, for instance.

According to this source, you can expect 0.6 - 2.8 µg vitamin D / kg  - which works out to 24 -112 IU/kg. To get 1000 IU, you have to drink ~ 9 - 42 liters/day. Is that what you're doing?

ETA: Also - the USRDA for vitamin D is 600 IU.  1000 / 600 = 167%, not 240%.   So you'd need to drink 5.3 - 25 liters/day just to get to 1X the RDA.   
Yes Dave, the "ancients" knew where to source their minerals and vitamins.

Modern diets include a number of reinforced constituents that are both harmless and necessary to your health.
Iodized Salt
Enriched Bread/Flour/Noodles/etc. (iron, B-Vitamins, folic acid, etc.)
Milk (Vitamin D, Vitamin A for skim/low-fat)

So if you include these items in your diet you will attain most of your RDA of vitamins and minerals without having to eat pig eyes or trade for dried kelp.
And of course this statement was amply supported by prices investigations.  and that's what I really mean when I say the price did "good science."

And as I keep asking, but you never respond:

what EVIDENCE in that paper does Price present that supports the HYPOTHESIS
that it's not "cleanliness" or anything else ... it's NUTRITION that controls caries"


You agree that his plot of "Native Food Decrease" against "Dental Caries" is not DATA, but simply illustrative of his hypothesis.

Where are the DATA in that paper that support the HYPOTHESIS you think he is testing?

I'm not sure whether the problem is that you genuinely do not understand the question or what.  But please try to answer it.  Look through the paper and tell me where he presents the DATA that support that hypothesis.

I'm always looking for concise ways to say things so how about this?


In fact, no other "buttons" are necessary if we push that one.

NUTRITION Nutrition is not a "BIG BUTTON".
It's a complicated system  that involves balancing scores of separate nutrients.
And, as has been explained to you over and over and over (and you still don't seem to get it) the only "BIG BUTTON" in the dental caries story is SUGAR. 
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Last post by Recusant -
As for Vitamin A ... I get 3864 IU from my goat's milk ... but that's only about 80% USRDA ...

Hmmm ...

Maybe I should eat guinea pig (or rabbit) RETINAS !!!!!

Now modern science knows that one of the richest sources of vitamin A in the entire animal body is that of the tissues back of the eyes including the retina of the eye.

    In Chapter 18 I refer to the work of Wald on studies of vitamin A tissues. He states that extracts of eye tissue (retina, pigment, epithelium, and choroid) show the characteristic vitamin A absorption band and that they are potent in curing vitamin A deficient rats. He shows also that the concentration of vitamin A is constant for different mammals.

    I have been impressed to find that primitive racial stocks in various parts of the world are familiar with the fact that eyes constitute an invaluable adjunct for nutrition. Even the one time cannibals of the Fiji Islands, and the hereditary king of the Fiji Islands, told me in detail of the practices with regard to the use of eyes as an adjunct to diet. The chief, his father, and grandfather had the privilege of reserving the eyes of captives for their personal use. When among the natives of the islands north of Australia, I learned to enjoy greatly fish head soup made from certain selected tissues. After the fish had been cleaned the heads were split and the eyes left in.

    The space of the entire book might be used for discussing the nutritional wisdom of the various primitive races. It is a pity that so much of their wisdom has been lost through lack of appreciation by the whites who early made contact with them.
(Price, ch. 15)
Just kidding of course ... anyway ... I get almost 1000 IU (over 240% USRDA) of Vitamin D from my goat's milk.