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Mixing religion and politics - 2017 edition.
I realize it's late in the year to get this started, and it could theoretically go in an existing thread, but it doesn't really directly have much to do with the trumpster fire either, so....

I'll be updating this occasionally, so if the mods feel like it's worth it to sticky, have at. :)

Today's edition: the so called 'Nashville Statement' wherein evangelical xians once again piss into the wind with their mouths wide open......
A coalition of evangelical leaders released a "Christian manifesto" Tuesday asserting their belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and condemning the acceptance of "homosexual immorality or transgenderism."
And you'll love what they call themselves:
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Still looking for any kind of information on the actual makeup of this council, but it's a safe bet that it's all male, and mostly white and old.
Love this little juxtoposition:
The "manifesto," which is composed of 14 beliefs, rejects the idea that "otherwise faithful Christians should agree to disagree" on gay, lesbian and transgender issues. The leaders refer to this mentality as "moral indifference.
. . . . .
"White evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Trump during the election -- 80 percent."
I guess if we can't just agree to disagree, then they'd be ok with banning xianity, or at least their version of it, if that's what the majority wanted? :D

I guess the good news here is that this is pretty much at least settled law. These slack jawed yokels just need to catch up, or die off. Either one, really is ok by me.

Re: Mixing religion and politics - 2017 edition.
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The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood was founded in 1987 to "to help the church defend against the accommodation of secular feminism," according to its website. The council focuses on outlining the differences between male and female roles in the home and church. It supports the biblical teaching that men must be Christlike leaders at home and in the church, and upholds wives' submission in marriage.

Re: Mixing religion and politics - 2017 edition.
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Well, that part I agree with. ;)

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Re: Mixing religion and politics - 2017 edition.
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WT, if they were 'slack-jawed yokels' it wouldn't be much of an issue, but this is an imaginary scenario.

White and male? Yes, they are. Uneducated? No, most of them have theological degrees and have published books/articles, and are therefore reasonably literate. Old? Depends on how you perceive 'old'* - they appear mostly to be in their forties and fifties, which is also the median age of evangelical pastors throughout the US.

*This business of blaming everything wrong with the world on 'old' people is really irritating, not least, of course, because I am old. Baby Boomers aren't who you should be worried about. We're all retiring and dying, it is the men born in the 1970s and 80s you should be looking at. They are the men currently running corporations, wall street, and edging quickly into the upper echelons of religion, finance, and politics, and they are just as crass, money-hungry, and heartless as that class has ever been.