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criminal justice reform bill
first I'd heard of this effort

I had thought that criminal justice reform was dead, despite popular support and a broad coalition of congresspeople, behind it, including republicans of both the moderate and libertarian flavors, because trump is strangely against it.  I guess with crime at record lows we need to get tougher than ever.

but no, they're going ahead with this.  and if it it passes with big enough majorities, they can govern around trump whether he vetoes it or not.

Re: criminal justice reform bill
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Love is like a magic penny
 if you hold it tight you won't have any
if you give it away you'll have so many
they'll be rolling all over the floor

Re: criminal justice reform bill
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Wait, it looks like they're trying to do something sensible, and effective (if it passes and does what they claim). 

Are they just trolling the trumpster fire? 

  • el jefe
  • asleep till 2020 or 2024
Re: criminal justice reform bill
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think a bunch of republicans are thinking
1) we're not going to succeed at major conservative legislation,
2) we hate trump more than we can say in public, but fuck his agenda too, and
3) doing absolutely nothing is a good way to lose more seats in 2018

so I guess we have no other option than to actually do one or two things that are good for the country and incidentally popular.  ...  reasonable immigration reform also checks all the same boxes.