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  • wait a minute i just realized i had told testy, not PO9, to kill himself. is there anyway we can just have both of them kill themselves? i'm willing to eat poop

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Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 5
Okay, I think LD looks worst right now, mostly because nobody looks particularly bad.
As an aside, I grew four heritage tomato plants in containers on my deck this summer. I ate them fresh every day for a couple months and now have ten medium bags of frozen blanched tomatos in the freezer. My labour included an hour of potting them up, watering them a few times in dry weather, trimming leaves when the fruits started growing, and picking them off the plants. Worth it.
Yes, well, we aren't going through explaining the advantages of legumes and roots and greens and fruits to you again, either.
posted on Instagram by Donald jr.

Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 5
Yeah, sorry about that. Then again, neither are you. No one is unless they are dead.

Still going with LD I think.

Odd for diva to be alive this long. So if LD is not scum I dunno.
I picture this:

Dave's mind is utterly closed to anything outside his own eccentric beliefs, whether it is a global flood, age of the earth, or living entirely on animal-produced foods. It's pointless to do his research for him, and pointless to try to explain to him that his personal prejudices don't reflect the reality of the rest of humanity.

His idea of the 'backbreaking labour' involved in growing vegetable crops is so exaggerated as to leave one with nothing to say, because how do you even begin to explain simple concepts that he doesn't want to hear? That even for the backyard gardener there are plenty of mechanical tools that make various tasks easy, that commercial vegetable farmers, even on a relatively small scale, rarely have to so much as get out of the climate controlled cab of their machines. He doesn't get that for much of the year vegetable growers have no garden related work to speak of, and that a couple days of actual physical work per week, or per every couple weeks, depending on how diligent you want to be, is plenty of time to raise a garden to feed yourself and your family all winter.

He doesn't get that modern home gardens can be no-till, can use cover crops, can use mulches for weed control, can be rotational, and much less work than he seems able or willing to imagine or research.

Basically you get a one cubic meter pile of materials consisting of roughly 2 parts brown material and one part green material.  After 18 days of backbreaking work, you will have some finished compost. I'm not sure how much you will have but certainly not one cubic meter.  If it says in this article, I missed it but perhaps you have 1/3 of a m³.  A good vegetable gardener friend of mine mixes 1/3 compost with 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 peat for his garden beds.  He uses 4' x 8' garden beds and plants one seed potato per square foot.  So the finished compost produced from our one cubic meter pile would be just about right for our 4 x 8 garden bed.  Let's assume that we get five decent size potatoes per square foot and that comes out to 1000 food calories per square foot.  So our one cubic meter of  Green and brown materials plus 18 days of backbreaking labor plus vermiculite plus peat moss plus planting labor plus harvesting labor plus watering and weeding and everything else produces 32,000 food calories. - Dave H

If this 'friend' only manages to get 5 potatos per plant it doesn't matter how anal he is about his compost; he's doing something wrong.

There's no need to be so nuts about composting. You don't need vermiculite and peat. you don't need to carefully calculate 'green and brown', that happens pretty (haha) organically and can be an ongoing natural thought process regarding what you know you will have available. You don't need to do 'backbreaking work' to have a successful compost heap, like what the hell. You don't even need a containing framework, it just looks neater. You can just pile up your plant-waste organics in a sunny spot and spend ten minutes to toss the pile with a pitchfork once a week. It'll take more days than 18 likely to get to usable compost stage, but who cares, what is your hurry?
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 5
##VOTE Laughing Dog##
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 5
So does naive mean she would have seen ksen as town?

Think it means she'd see everyone as town.
Wtf does that even mean? I overheard in passing something about trump wanting 1000 retired military pilots on call but I was busy and have no clue if that was related.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
##UNVOTE diva##

You haven't tried to make many alliances this game, diva. It's worrisome.

does giving my townreads not count?

I think that is making alliances.
my points about ksen and pepper are valid and I think you know it

I don't think they are town

I am pretty sure I know who pepper is

you KNOW ksen does not think that pepper is damina cos bili called him that

you know this

It does count. I am just trying to parse the remaining players.

I don't think 2 scum are left. Just one, and maybe an SK.  So that means I don't see minty and ksen working together as scum.

There was a Don, so someone should have an investigative role, some kind of cop/seer.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
But I do really want to know why ksen has a post restriction

Ksen probably does not have a pr, he's just hamming it up for fun.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
##UNVOTE diva##

You haven't tried to make many alliances this game, diva. It's worrisome.
She is supposedly such a champion of animal welfare  while I am such an evil persecutor of animals but she doesn't even notice that my rabbits  have much more freedom of movement / variety /  interaction with other rabbits etc plus much better nutrition than the typical caged rabbit.

 Like I suggested, maybe she's bipolar.

And maybe you are clumsily attempting to deflect and make excuses for your airheaded and misguided mechanical approach to animal welfare.

You consummate ass, I'm not a huge fan of rabbits in small cages either. As for your rabbits getting better nutrition, that's only your opinion. You have no idea whether they are getting appropriate amounts of varied foods, and you don't know if they are even able to eat the essential nutrients that they manufacture for themselves.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
It could be rach, but that would be three in a row for her, plus she must be exhausted from packing, moving, and having medical issues at the same time.

No, don't think it is rach.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
TW you are poe though I am rethinking pep. Ld could be newb  scumz my most solid town reads are on bor and diva and I will not vote for them.

Laughing Dog is not a newb by any criteria.

What is your read on LD Bor?

That he could be an SK. I don't really think he's scum.
I see. So I guess they must eat them pretty quickly after excreting them because I never see them in my fixed cages.  Which brings up my next question... Why wouldn't my rabbits in the mobile colony also eat them quickly before the pen moves very far?

 I'm thinking that Borealis didn't think through this objection very well before posting it.

Oh for fuck's sake, Dave, this is not a 'gotcha' hunt. I care quite a bit about animal welfare, you know that. It's the very basis of my dislike for your contraption.

I asked you about whether your rabbits were getting this essential bit of nutrition. You did not know anything about it, didn't even read the quote, didn't recognise the words. A normal person would then try to observe their rabbits enough to find out whether or not they were able to eat it given they are in a moving structure. You said you weren't going to do anything about it. Of course that pisses me off - you're again demonstrating that you don't give a shit about your animals and don't care if they are unhappy or unhealthy. For you it's a case of 'if they live, works for me, if they die, fuck 'em'.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
I think Diva must be town because, as scum she had no reason to create so much wifom.
At the time, there were 3 votes on me, if she is scum, why not just add a fourth vote and shut up?

Look at all the wifom bili was spilling.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
TW you are poe though I am rethinking pep. Ld could be newb  scumz my most solid town reads are on bor and diva and I will not vote for them.

Laughing Dog is not a newb by any criteria.
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
##VOTE diva##

Her or LD.

LD might be SK though. In fact that makes sense to me. He's been quiet, and really, taking out testy N1, who would do that?
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
Pepsi, what do you think about diva?
Mafia / Re: Trump Mafia Day 4
I'm thinking about it, diva.

Mintybutt is plausible but I'm used to him having more fun with being scum. He's looked like he was genuinely scum-hunting.
Christ Dave, do you have even a shred of empathy for the animals that depend on you? Is there so much as a drop of compassion included in your make-up?
Cecotropes are larger than normal pellets. Some rabbits will eat them as soon as they are produced, so you might never see one,

What on earth is a cecetrope?  No I won't be doing any of that.

Then it's possible your rabbits will soon be ill from malnutrition, isn't it?

Proof you don't read anyone's posts: cecotrope is the name of the nutritive pellets rabbits produce and eat, it's in the brief quote I provided, They produce them only at night and eat them in morning or late evening. Provided they aren't 10 metres out of their reach.

Bullshit like this is why people think you don't care about your animals, Dave.