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Science / Re: The future looks cool

The sooner we have good measurements, the sooner we can actually figure out what is going on, and then try to figure out why.
But what I would really want is a clearly defined test, and a predicted result.  That predicted result must determine the difference between our explanation and his.  And he'd have to admit that he would accept the results as meaning exactly that.
But, but, but ... that's scientific!
I'm guessing that it might be even simpler than that.  How about:  Asking nicely, while refraining from abuse?
With the H, that is probably never going to happen.
What would it take to get me to do an experiment that was suggested by one of the H's?
A bet?  One that could not be weaseled out of?  With real money?  And a binding agreement and a neutral third party holding the money?

Am I close?
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind

Is this a new brain teaser?
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
OK it might take more than a little effort, but as a thought experiment, it's simple enough.  Or one could make the wheels bumpy, same thing?
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
I see the slipping argument as borderline insanity.
I don't think there's anything "borderline" about it. What is really hilarious is that slipping would make the cart go slower, not faster.
With a little effort, one could make the treadmill bumpy (which would cause slipping), and measure what happens.

But even that won't change his mind
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
Science / Re: Neutron star collision detected
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5

Yes, that error has now been corrected by the author. 
What error?
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
The best handwaving is to say "yeah, but it's not global" which is almost the last bastion of the true believer in "global warming is a fact no matter what any evidence shows".  The next to last one is "you have to look at a longer trend". (the very last bastion is "So what?")
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Yeah, unlike you spork, I try to get my facts right instead of rushing to conclusions, or in your case, rushing to making erroneous and ridiculous claims.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Relativity makes better predictions, which are useful in some situations. Whatever comes next will need to make even better predictions and be useful for things relativity isn't good at.
A theory is more than just an explanation of reality.   It's how we try to understand how reality works, or behaves.  It is an "understanding" of nature.

When Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity in 1915, he was throwing out a direct challenge to Isaac Newton, whose theory of gravity had defined our understanding of the universe since 1687. Einstein argued that Newton was wrong about what the force of gravity actually moves. According to Newton, space is just a fixed background, against which objects' gravity pushes and pulls other objects in predictable ways. But according to Einstein, space and time together form a four-dimensional thing called spacetime, and objects' gravity actually warps spacetime itself. It's the warping of spacetime that causes objects' paths to curve in the presence of gravity.

The issue of "proves" or "proved" is partly semantics and partly a problem with how pure science talks about things, including science.
TBBT has been so popular, and so profitable, it has spawned a show about the main character, when he was a child.  I am not kidding.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Sorry guys, if something is unfalsifiable, we cannot entertain it as a theory. We have to forget about it.
just because it is not provable (falsifiable) now does not mean is unprovable forever..
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
We now return you to your regularly scheduled trolling and other stupid ass shit.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Science isn't about "proof" or proving shit.  There is no such thing as "scientific proof".

In casual conversations, most people use the word "proof" when they mean that there is indisputable evidence that supports an idea.

Science does not "prove" things. Science can and does provide evidence in favor of, or against, a particular idea. In science, proofs are possible only in the highly abstract world of mathematics.

If something is mathematical and proven, it's called a law. Because some things can be stated as having been proved true.  Other things are not.

A theory is an explanation which is backed by "a considerable body of evidence," while a law is a set of regularities expressed in a "mathematical statement." This is why Newton's Laws of Motion are referred to as laws and not theories. They are expressed with simple equations (like f = ma for his 2nd Law of Motion).

Evolution, and most of Biology, cannot be expressed in a concise mathematical equation, so it is referred to as a theory. 

Or something like that.  Science is complicated.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Shooting in Vegas

Actual footage of the entire shooting.

No doubt there were two different weapons firing.  You can hear them, and it ain't no echoes.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
..  it doesn't mean that climate science is bullshit, but it's interesting.
It's a shame some fuckhead moved the topic where I was explaining exactly what I find bullshit, and why.

In fact, moving the topic was bullshit.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Better Call Saul
In a conversation with Deadline, Peter Gould confirmed: Jimmy McGill's brother Chuck (Michael McKean) is dead. "We try not to screw around with the audience where 'you thought it was this, but it's now that'," said Gould, "To build up the way we did and not have consequences, it would be a wet cracker."
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Gold is unfalsifiable
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
"gold is slightly reddish-yellow"
No, it is gold. If it were yellow, it would not be reddish-yellow.
I quoted Wikipedia, which you linked to.

Gold is not yellow