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I don't get the push for Dave to feed his goats grain. If they're apparently healthy, surely it's better and more environmentally friendly for them to graze. As that reduces CO2 emissions.
I don't either. Or really what's wrong with his tiny prison if they are apparently happy in it.

I do note that he has managed to kill quite a few animals, actually, all his other animals prior to the new hair sheep (are they in the prison with the goats?) through straight up negligence though so there is a nagging concern that the goats could be spending their days dodging the reaper with dave being oblivious to their amazing luck.
It's not luck.  Raising cattle and sheep and goats are topics I know something about.  Raising pigs and chickens and rabbits ON PASTURE ... is most certainly something I did NOT know anything about and I made that clear up front.  This schtick by people here about "Dave is such a ninny ... any old fool can raise rabbits and chickens and pigs" ... IS JUST ANOTHER LIE ... of course any old fool can do it THE TRADITIONAL WAY ... with fixed coops and grain, etc.  But I was trying to do something NEW.  I made some progress but I didn't yet achieve complete success.  I should be congratulated for trying and for the progress I made.  But most of this crowd doesn't care about truth.  They are like the Democrats and the Media who only care about their selfish agendas ... not truth.

But basically, the only issue I have with his claims is that he is dragging 2 goats around several acres of land so his thread title/dumbass idea of going back to 14th century Europe has yet to be relevant to his practices. If he could demonstrate a maximum density for his roboprisons, then there would be some sort of utility to the information. But I could probably come up with quite a few cheap and easy solutions for keeping 2 goats healthy on ten acres with no other livestock.
Why some people keep talking about "the 14th century" is beyond me.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they had solar panels and TVs and internet hotspots on their phones and robotically controlled animal pens in the 14th century.

You have a singular talent for making yourself difficult to defend.
I don't get the push for Dave to feed his goats grain. If they're apparently healthy, surely it's better and more environmentally friendly for them to graze. As that reduces CO2 emissions.
I hope you keep getting paid El Jefe, but everyone always says Democrats need to grow a spine. Well, they apparently have. We'll see.
Sports / Re: Winter Olympics 2018

36 Russian athletes withdrew from track and field competition when drug testers arrived

Republicans can keep the government going if they want to. At some point Democrats have to take off the training wheels, and let Donald and his crew have a go at it.
According to the most liked post about public breastfeeding on, women should be grateful for the right to vote. Did you ever think of that?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
So there's a Republican talking point that too many U.S. soldiers are dying in training because the military needs more money. If that's true, then the training facilities of every other military in the world must be rivers of blood.
Of course, that's kinda simplistic, and I don't think self-control owes purely to fear, as opposed to a mix of various drives.
How did the self-control part evolve?

I'm thinking in humans it's a consequence of fear and our ability to visualize or consider the future. So we possibly developed a larger neocortex than other primates, because it helped our ancestors track prey. Which probably gives us a superior ability to predict the future, and fear of course is a pretty primative sort of emotion.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
32 degrees Fahrenheit in New Hampshire. Also known as the granite state. According to Google. I don't think anyone's ever called it that.
Slightly related:

Social media accounts with ties to Russia pushed a huge Twitter trend in favour of an independent California on US election night 2016, BBC Trending has learned. The campaign was one of at least two popular online independence drives with links to the Kremlin.
It's better for the environment if Dave's goats are grass fed. Cattle generally are, and then finished on grain to fatten them for slaughter. As it is:

Goats do best with company. They also love to climb, so give them something high to climb on in your pasture, and it will go a long way toward keeping them happy. Voth gave her goats a big spool once used for wire. Others have utilized everything from an old car body to elaborate multilayer setups. Just make sure there's no sharp edges, screws or nails, and that you place it far enough away from their fence that they can't just jump over into new territory.

Goats also love to have something to rub their heads and horns on. They'll do it on anything that's handy--bashing around, scratching, rubbing--and they're not picky; they'll rub on an old tire or the corner of your new barn with equal enthusiasm.

So there you have the goat grazing essentials: tall, rigid, possibly electrified fences; weeds, grass, and occasional limbs, bark and leaves; clean water; mineral supplements; shelter; something to climb on; and a companion or two. Include all these, and you will have created a caprine paradise!

I'd like to point out that this is the last time Steve Bannon will ever be relevant, because he is a clown man with no job. Persona non grata.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I think Taft would beat Trump in a sumo match, but Trump can throw a dead spiral through a tire. So I don't know.
Balanced nutrition is basically an Illuminati plot to cover up the real power of raw milk.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Don't tell Testy, so he has to look it up like I did. I mean, I'm totally in touch with the times.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I think Tom Cotton should be put in a box, and then shipped to the surface of the sun.
It kinda sucks the government has to be shut down because the president is racist.
Put out their eyes?
As the law stands, cops can kill you with impunity, if your hands move anywhere near your clothes, or a compartment. If they ask for your license, insurance, and registration, beg for your life if it isn't already out, because getting it out means they can legally kill you. I'm serious. If a cop says they were scared in a particular moment, they have the legal authority to shoot you. And cops are trained with videos of cops being killed by people quick-drawing on them.
Or I should say "she", since Valor says she's a woman, and I don't know that Bart isn't trans.
It's pretty hard for me to be pearl-clutchy about totally-not-Bart, even if he's seemingly sincere in this incarnation. Albeit, not a threat to Dave. Maybe Dave's feelings. Either way, let's not pretend like threatening violence on TR is new and shocking.
Hofstadter seems to have utterly missed the grange movement.

Maybe. As the article points out, his views have been pushed aside by a widespread embrace of the Populist Movement by contemporary historians. Either way, I don't think trying to build toothbrush factories here, in competition with Vietnam, is a viable way of addressing wealth inequality and a dying middle class in America. If anything, that effort will hasten the growing problem, that owes to the failed "trickle-down" project, in all its incarnations, and a failure to be a step ahead of things, and properly unionize the service industry.
The farm situation in the 80s had everything to do with domestic policy and next to nothing to do with globalization. See: europe.

Maybe? I don't really see how that relates to what I'm saying.