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sounds like a 6-3 against the administration.  maybe better.

I know it's dangerous to guess at how justices will vote based on how they act at oral arguments, because they ask probing questions in all directions and try to keep their poker faces on, but it sounds like roberts and kennedy both had a strong gut reaction against the government's position.
between that total capitulation, the full senate briefing on nk, this talk of leaving nafta, and threatening to (somehow) break up a circuit court, he seems desperate lately.  like more than usual.
tbf, they are being insubordinate
Science / Re: Earliest humans in NA

During the Pleistocene epoch, global cooling led periodically to the expansion of glaciers and lowering of sea levels. This created land connections in various regions around the globe.[18] Today, the average water depth of the Bering Strait is 40-50 m (130-160 ft), therefore the land bridge opened when the sea level dropped more than 50 m (160 ft) below the current level.[19][20] A reconstruction of the sea-level history of the region indicated that a seaway existed from c.  135,000 - c.  70,000 BP, a land bridge from c.  70,000 - c.  60,000 BP, intermittent connection from c.  60,000 - c.  30,000 BP, a land bridge from c.  30,000 - c.  11,000 BP, followed by a Holocene sea-level rise that reopened the strait.[21][22] Post-glacial rebound has continued to raise some sections of coast.
assuming they got there by walking across the land bridge, it looks like people in North America ~130kya must have come there before 135kya.

was it some stray, isolated group that wandered across shortly before it closed and then died off within a few years or generations?  guessing the error bars on those ^^ numbers are big enough to allow for that.  ...  or was it a substantial population that survived for a while? 

eta: teeth, you have to answer this.  it is an assignment.
Science / Re: Earliest humans in NA
almost certainly bullshit.
that was my first reaction, but the more I read, the more legit it sounded
Harrison, as it happens, was the scion of a wealthy coastal family who'd received an elite education and lived in luxury but was sold to supporters, during his campaign, as a rough-hewn straight-talker who emblemized the values of the rural common man. Stupid 1800s voters! We'd never fall for something like that again!
Mormons recently were allowed to drink non-hot caffeinated beverages, so "dirty" sodas are all the rage in Utah.
a Mormon former boss of mine once explained the theological debate.  the book of Mormon says "no hot drinks".  that obviously meant no coffee.  many had assumed it also extended to caffeine in general, but others disagreed.  as he was explaining this, I was imagining them having a schism over it and going to war, but I knew that was too much to hope for.
teeth this image made me think of your lust for white rural death

...the worst ones correlate pretty well with trump states

eta:  a little odd that utah doesn't buck the trend.  to OD, you have to be willing to try drugs in the first place.

eta2:  now googling utah news for any concern about increasing coffee use and its possible status as a gateway drug
in 2010, we'd been through a tough recession, and the beginnings of a recovery.  in 2015, we'd been through a tough recession, and then several years of barely ok growth that was accelerating only gradually and almost exclusively benefitting people with college degrees.  someone around here (you, testy?) keeps saying it:  if you don't have a degree, the recession never ended.
it's like tying one arm behind your back just to show you can still win the fight that way
did you see?  your boy trudeau is into cupping.  that same fake treatment our Olympic team embarassed us with.
even if they twist TG's arms hard enough to get it through the house, their resistance predicts similar trouble in the senate.  and senators are less afraid of presidents and party leadership than representatives are.
The "none of this is normal," pushback is there.  I wonder what the numbers and demographics behind the pushback are.
what isn't clear to me is whether this feeling extends beyond the "elite bubble", i.e., the roughly 1/3 of the country that have college degrees, professional jobs, and/or tend to take things seriously and use their heads.
yeah, I've hoped there will be some kind of restoration of professionalism after trump leaves.  but I see no reason to think that is anything but a hope.  most of the country is not alarmed by this in the same way we "elites" are.
politico says something I've been thinking

whatever other damage trump does, both temporary and lasting, one of the biggest pieces might be his total demolition of our standards.  from big or obvious to small or subtle, every expectation we have of how a president is supposed to conduct himself has been flushed down the toilet.  future presidents will feel less constrained to act responsibly and think before they open their mouths.

to idiocrats, I'm sure this is "AWESOME".  woo hoo, trump threw a brick through the window of the cocktail party that the Elites are having, according to my imagination.  or something.  ........   and I'm sure it's also exciting for people preoccupied with the idea that they are being somehow harmed by an invisible evil empire of political correctness.  trump is their champion, slaying the imaginary dragon. 

but, to people who think like grownups, this erosion of norms is an unmitigated disaster.  the presidency is an important job.  you should take it seriously, IF you care about the good of the country.  you are supposed to have standards for the person you pick to do it, and for how you expect them to act, once there.  it shouldn't be enough for you that he says ballsy stuff.
unfair comparison.  the hair color is way off.
thanks, both
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Quote from: Your 1600 Daily
At an historic pace, this President has enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders than any other president in over a half century.

obviously that claim is a bunch of ahistorical noise. 

on the question of follow-through, he actually can claim a decent track record of at least trying to do what he said he would, and in some cases actually delivering the promised results where he has had authority and not fucked up.  (unfortunately of course these results have been terrible things like appointing a scalia clone and beginning to roll back the clean power plan.) 

however, on efficacy, even in areas where he has had near-total or total control (executive orders, appointments), he is doing worse than he should, due to sheer incompetence.  and in terms of moving significant legislation, he is, so far, the least successful president in recent memory, at least that i can think of.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Kim
on their list of targets, California is crossed out, with the comment "the Big One will hit it sooner or later anyway"
I just confirmed the request you already sent me
yeah I saw your announcement right around the same time as ours.  we're due in august.  you?

eta: crosspost, @ brg
I got a friend request from a Testy Calibrate, but something made me think it was a Bart sock instead of you, so I declined.  sorry if that really was you

I guess we're not fb friends, bc my fb friends already know
real talk, the combination of my biological clock ticking and studying reproductive physiology is like the worst fucking possible combination. It really forces me to realize in a direct, visceral way how fraught with danger reproduction is, how easy it is for so many goddamn things to go wrong at every step, and how much of a profound effect it can really have on just about every damn thing. Progress in medicine has allowed us humans the ability to really separate ourselves from all of that if we choose to, so it's easy to lose sight of just how much being able to control your reproduction can change your life. It starts to seem like a minor interest group issue, but that's only true if you have the luxury to make it into one. None of what I'm doing would even be a possibility right now without control over my own reproduction (like if I still lived in Argentina, for instance), and the thought of some fucking asshole Republican-made bureaucracy interfering in medical complications I could potentially have in pregnancy becomes more and more infuriating the more I think about it all.
you shouldn't even have to bring up possible medical complications to justify your rights here.  the mere fact that the guy can walk away from a pregnancy and all the responsibility and effort it entails, while the woman can't, makes a strong moral case for women to have access to abortion (at least early in the pregnancy) and certainly all the contraception she wants.

I had thought, in the back of my mind, that being a father-to-be might turn me against abortion rights, but it hasn't changed my position.  it has made me relate a little more to the pro-life pov, on a gut level.  but it has also made me keenly aware of what a pregnant woman goes through, how dependent she is on her partner, and how screwed she would be if the guy leaves.

and this is absolutely an economic issue that potentially affects all women of child bearing age,   and which even older women still give a shit about on principle.