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One would think that you of all people would be cheering to hear that I finally started work on my "Aged P's" house.
Yeah. I am. That's great.
Beats fantasizing about "Saving The World".
And re-writing the dictionary.
Look, Hawkins.
Nobody begrudges your enjoying your hobby.
Can you not do that, without fantasizing about "saving the planet", and torturing the definitions of commonly used words?
"No meds" didn't work out too well for your pig did it?
It didn't work out too well for the hundreds of millions of humans who have died from vaccine-preventable diseases, either.
politico says something I've been thinking
me too.  :(
...  China.
Hey! Speaking of China...
So Voxrat doesn't read carefully and thinks that my source was conservative treehouse when it was actually Reuters.
But Reuters didn't say what you said it did. So you either got it from somewhere else, or you made it up.
And he cannot even get the link to Wikipedia correct regarding the list of vetoed resolutions over Syria.
I gave the link for the resolutions they did NOT veto. Which was the point.
  Here's the correct link.
I gave that link too, you moron:
Reuters says (incorrectly - do your research) that China vetoed 6 (they actually vetoed 5)*
Quote from: Dave Hawkins
There are six resolutions listed there not including the one this April.  Wikipedia reports that all of them were vetoed by both China and Russia except for one which they claim was vetoed by Russia alone.  So there is a slight discrepancy between the Reuters story and Wikipedia, but they are in very close agreement.
I.e., they vetoed 5 *, which is exactly what I reported in my post that you apparently didn't read carefully.

But the point remains:
YOU said that this was the FIRST time China did not veto a UN resolution on Syria since the civil war started.
Quote from: Dave Hawkins
China didn't veto a UN resolution on Syria for the first time ever during the present Civil War
I listed 12 UN resolutions on Syria, all since the civil war began, that China did NOT veto.
Quote from: Dave Hawkins
And as usual Voxrat is full of shit.
I just documented that it's YOU who's full of shit.
So how do you propose to support your assertion that I am "full of shit" - or wrong in anything I've posted on this subject?

This just illustrates the frontal lobotomies that happen when people get PhDs ... at least within the Life Sciences.  Not kidding.  Every gardener and farmer on the planet knows that "animal manure is fertilizer" ... but not Lizzie.
You seem to have missed the point.
Try again.

He misses it every fucking time.

and pretty much every fucking time he just can't help exposing the bitter, soul-crushing education envy he seems to carry around like a ball and chain.

This just illustrates the frontal lobotomies that happen when people get PhDs ... at least within the Life Sciences.  Not kidding.  Every gardener and farmer on the planet knows that "animal manure is fertilizer" ... but not Lizzie.
You seem to have missed the point.
Try again.
And yes cows CAN green deserts.  And I've explained how ad nauseum. 
This is another lie.

Also: ad nauseam.
Most people in the English speaking world think lots of stupid things.
Including yourself?
Or is this one of those narcissistic delusional things, where you are judging the rest of "the English speaking  world" from the Olympian heights of your self-proclaimed brilliance ?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
The U.S. government is promoting Mar-a-Lago online


ETA: update

'Winter White House': US embassy's Mar-a-Lago web page removed amid criticism

But the US embassy in Albania may not have got the memo yet:
Update: that page has been removed now, too.

Mar-a-Lago Ad Belongs in Impeachment File
What did the president know about the Mar-a-Lago advertisement that appeared for a time on official government websites? And when did he know it? These questions might sound trivial. They aren't. The webpage about President Donald Trump's private club, which had all the features of a marketer-drafted puff piece, is a prime example of corruption, namely the knowing use of government means to enhance the private wealth of the president. And corruption is the classic example of a high crime or misdemeanor under the impeachment clause of the Constitution.

As for abortion, given what's happened with reproductive rights across the country in the past 2 decades or so, I appreciate a little "zealotry" in the form of daring to say "pro choice" and talk about the issue as if it matters. ...
At the latest town hall I went to my (and your erstwhile?) representative, Leonard Lance, rationalized all his anti-choice votes* and defunding Planned Parenthood* in part by saying that he has a duty to represent his constituents, and his constituents support the Hyde Amendment. I would really like to know how he thinks he "knows" this.

* When originally elected, he was pro-choice, but has moved steadily rightward on this and just about every other issue.
There are decades of research on the effect of selective harvesting on the species diversity and health of the resulting ecosystem.  But Dave knows everything about forestry and ecology already, so...
That's because he doesn't need no steenkin' citations; all he needs is attitude.
We've been through this before.

From the only source Hawkins has (to my knowledge) ever cited on the subject of % rainforest canopy cover:

Our results document that the conversion of rainforest to extensive cacao agroforestry with high shading levels strongly impacts plant biomass and carbon storage as well as diversity of forest-using plant and insect species.The transition from forest to cacao agroforestry resulted in a loss of ~60% of the forest-based species with plant species being more strongly affected than mobile insect taxa. It seems reasonable to assume that rare, specialized, and endangered species are represented disproportionately high in this fraction (6), underlining the limitations of agroforestry for conser- vation of forest species (16). ...

In summary, our findings imply a concave, nonlinear relationship of canopy cover in agroforestry systems with biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. A doubling of income goes along with reduction of shade cover from ~80% to 35-50%, most likely resulting only in limited losses of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. In contrast, the conversion of forests to agroforestry systems in the first place as well as the complete removal of canopy trees as the final step of land use intensification, each result in disproportionate ecological losses.
Hawkins's own source

          [citation needed]
You don't need citations.  You need a new attitude.
That depends on what your goal is.
If it's "truth detection" - yeah, you sure as hell do need to know where the information comes from.
If your goal is bluff, bluster and bravado - and mindless cheerleading - not so much; "attitude" will do.
I've given you citations in the past from experts who are in a position to know and you dismiss them based on God knows what ... your superior intelligence I guess.
You are lying here.
You do that a lot.
The only reference you have ever given on this subject is about the effect of canopy extent on rainforest that had already been converted to cacao agroforestry.
Prove me wrong if you can.
Otherwise we'll just add it to the latest on your stack of lies that you simply walk away from when challenged:
China / UN resolutions / Reuters.
A coworker and good friend's son died from a heroin OD, this was last year. Then her dad died like six weeks later.  It was awful, I felt absolutely terrible for her.  But she got out of DC and now she teaches yoga, so she's alright. 

She had no idea he was into that stuff.  He had gotten in a little trouble here and there, nothing major.  Then he moved back home, enrolled in school, etc, but the whole time he was on that junk.  And she was just so happy to have him around, I don't think she noticed.  Really sad.
I have a similar story about a friend's kid (and my kid's friend) I knew as a really bright, interested, interesting kid the time I knew him - middle and high school. He died last year.


           [citation needed]
Oh, let's just go ahead and chalk it up to Reuters!
They seem to be a good go-to source for things they never said.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Your president is unhinged:
Your president is unhinged:
That whole interview is like a firehose of gibberish, it's hard to focus on any one thing, but...

You know, it's funny. The Democrats, they have a big advantage in the electoral college. Big, big, big advantage. I've always said the popular vote would be a lot easier than the electoral college. The electoral college -- but it's a whole different campaign (unintelligible). The electoral college is very difficult for a Republican to win...

:confused:    say, what?   :confused:

How is a system that gives a Wyoming voter 3.6 times the vote of a California voter "very difficult for a Republican to win"?
Who are all the Democrats who won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
How about Republicans?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

:hmm: I'm beginning to suspect sometimes Trump doesn't entirely know what he's talking about.  :hmm:
"Alex Jones Talked About His Sex Life as a Teen After Promising New Sandy Hook Info"
Alex Jones opened up his show on Saturday afternoon promising new information on Sandy Hook - you know, the tragic school shooting that he claims was a hoax. He then went on a tangent no one saw coming.

What you are about to read is something Alex Jones actually said out loud and into a microphone and may God have mercy on our souls.
Dave will like the link, it's pretty far right.
When I was 16, I didn't want to party any more. I didn't want to play games any more.
I grew up. I'd already been in the fights, all the big rituals. I'd already had probably - I hate to brag, but I'm not bragging, it's actually shameful - probably 150 women, or more, that's conservative. I'd already had over 150 women. I'd already been in fights with full-grown men. I was already dating college girls by the time I was 15-years-old. I was already a man at 16.
At the tender age of 16 years old, Alex Jones claims to have taken at least 150 women into his bed. And that, my dear readers, is the conservative estimate.
yabbut probably none of them were temple prostitutes, so it's nothing sinful in the eyes of God (or evangelical RWNJs) -just the manly red-blooded American as a manly man-child.
Over half of the deaths involving opioids in Minnesota between 2006 and 2015 had not been captured in the state's total, said Hall.
"While my research cannot speak to what percent we are underestimating, we know we are missing cases," Hall said. "It does seem like it is almost an iceberg of an epidemic."
"It's quite concerning, because it means that the (opioid) epidemic, which is already quite severe, could potentially be even worse," Hall said. A total of 33,000 opioid-related deaths were reported across the nation in 2015, a historic high, she said.

Like it is for most of the problems that plague america, my little corner of the liberal oasis of portland keeps me blissfully sheltered from actually experiencing them in a tangible way. I had some friends in the 80s who used heroin and overdosed and died but that was a different universe altogether. Has the recent outbreak touched any of your lives?
Not directly, but lots of kids of friends and friends of kids*

* I have just one kid, but I include nieces/nephews