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Why do all energy needs have to come from solar power? Why not wind and hydro? Do you have no running water in this area? No wind? Because while solar is more practical in the UK now than it used to be, even ten years ago, if you want to really go for renewables then wind, tidal, or hydroelectric are probably more practical.

The guy doesn't even read.
Doesn't read what?
The post time-stamped 2 minutes prior to the one that prompted this snotty, nose-in-the-air criticism?
Repetitious troll is repetitious.
I'm behaving like a good scientist. 
You know who else says that (and firmly believes it)?

Pretty much every other Dunning-Kruger case with chronic science envy.
Does "Socrates" think that flying pterosaurs evolved from non-flying archosaur ancestors? :dunno:
...  Look, everyone knows why people here ridicule Dave Hawkins (except possibly the people doing the ridiculing). ...
Where "everyone" = "Dave Hawkins", and "knows" means "believes in ego-soothing excuses"
^^^ This is why the world coined the term, 'davinition', years ago.
Ask Naish why.
I'm not sure he can.
Hasn't "Socrates" been banned from Naish's blog? :sadcheer:
You can see why I do not take you guys seriously.
Can you see why no one on the planet takes you seriously?
It appears to me that this community - given the removal of the millstone from around the their necks known as "expensive land" and "expensive housing" and "expensive real food" - will flourish and blossom like a flower thanks to the enormous amount of free time that everyone will have.
Well, yeah!
Your "thought experiment"  pretty much proves that, beyond a shadow of a doubt!
Why are you seeking input from "pea brains" for your "thought experiment"  ?  :dunno:
Plagiarism noted.
But I'd say socrates' intent is exegesis, thinking that is what science is.

Again ... for the purpose of the thought experiment, we are assuming that no one leaves for 10 years.  Prison sentence.  Island with no chance of rescue ... whatever.  The point is to try to brainstorm through the various issues people will encounter over the 10 years.
I think one of the most pressing issues your population will encounter will be attrition through suicide.
... a few items so we can ignore them for the purposes of the thought experiment, thus simplifying things so we can understand it better.
Oh! I've heard of this approach. I believe it's called...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Your last 2 posts are so stupid that I'm not even going to respond right now.  Maybe later after get over my shock.
Or maybe...


Huge surprise there.
Nobody is absolved from anything. All of us are racist or prejudiced to some degree or another  and there is no excuse for it.
Here's Hawkins version of both-sides-ism.
Which neatly dovetails with his all/some/none agnosia.

To say "everyone is racist!  ... to some degree or another"  is to remove any meaning at all from the word. I can be pretty sure someone proudly wearing swastikas, and chanting Nazi slogans, is racist in a way I am not and in a way I would not tolerate in anyone I voluntarily associate with.

Hawkins speaks for himself - not "all of us".
He seems to be saying he sees no significant difference, in terms of  racism, between himself and the Nazi/KKK/white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville.
FB meme I can't find the graphic for:

"Bannon did Nazi this coming!"
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
is the insane fox news sheriff on there?  not arpaio, I mean the black guy with the goatee who's so tough on crime he just kills people before they've had a trial.

iirc, he was under considersation for something major, was unofficially offered a job", and then the white house yoinked the offer before he started.  possibly because he is under investigation for murder.  ordinarily even that might not stop trump, but the russia issue was picking up at the time, so maybe his lawyers steered him away from it.
David Clarke
Is there any evidence that makes this implausible?
There is plenty of evidence that renders implausible having any kind of discussion with a DK poster child who requires people to sift through multiple levels of self-quoting wibble.

So what's left is either (1) ignoring him altogether or (2) pointing and laughing.
Would you say he is a Close friend?
President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Actor Kal Penn, artist Chuck Close and the entire membership of the President's Committee On the Arts and Humanities have announced their resignation. A letter dated Friday, and signed by 16 of 17 committee members, cited the "false equivalence" of President Donald Trump's comments about last weekend's "Unite the Right" gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Another "Socrates" post where he simply appends the exact words contained within a massively nested self-quoted to a pointless repost of that very massively nested self-quote.

The neurolopathology continues to degenerate.  :ohdear:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
wonder how much this is going to hurt Trump in the long run with his populist base
Here's a clue:,873.0.html