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How did the self-control part evolve?
Like vox said, not a simple explanation, and one you have failed to honestly engage in in the past.
If you really wanted to learn, there are folks here far more qualified than I to explain it and, gosh, they've tried.
I would like to see your side become honest and admit that you don't have any explanation. Just as you don't have any explanation for how life got started on Earth. Just as you don't have any explanation for the origin of diversity of species.
You're wrong, though.
I have learned so much on these threads - not from you, but from all the cool, interesting science posted in rebuttal to you.
It's painfully obvious that you disregard anything that conflicts with what you want to believe, so you will never understand what they have been trying to teach you.
And it's sad, because you really do want to know this stuff. And you would enjoy knowing it!
I hear this off and on from various people here. Let me list some of the things that I think you should have learned from me... Some of the most important things...

1) how to maintain healthy, food-producing farm animals with no medications whatsoever while at the same time improving and restoring your ecosystem.

2) RM + NS is being rejected by more and more scientists within the life sciences as a creative force in nature

3) many indigenous groups around the world had near Perfect Teeth and near-perfect health back in the 1930s.

4) most viruses are not bad, contrary to popular opinion. In fact life on Earth would not be possible without them. One of their key functions is to "pollinate" bacteria with needed genes.

5) Nuking bacteria with antibiotics is a dead end Street and will not result in the long-term health of humanity.

6) vaccinations are only a good thing in very specific, unnatural contexts.

7) the fact of continent-sized sheets of sandstone which are extremely flat and extremely thin Force us to conclude that there must have been a giant cataclysm in the past.

There's more, but that's a start.

Omg dying
No kidding. As a professional educator, I find Dave's rectally-sourced opinion that this list constitutes "teaching" as equal parts hilarious idiotic farce and offensive ignorant raving.

Dave, it can't be teaching if the whole list is misinformed tripe and stupid willfully ignorant lies.
humans and horses are different to be sure. But again the interesting thing to me is that humans have some degree of self-control. I think horses do not.
What is interesting to you about that?

Perhaps, and I'm just suggesting the possibility here, in true animal husbandry fashion, that since horses often require <ahem> assistance in their breeding endeavours, that Dave simply enjoys the texture and breadth of a furtively thrusting, pulsing horse cock in his hands.
Maybe Dave watched Mad Men, and is holding it up as some kind of documentary of modern day business practice?
Of course it dropped off. Everyone in the 100% forage movement knows that you don't get as much milk production on forage only as you do if you are giving grain.
That's not what he's talking about.  FFS, pay attention.
My goats are energetic just like goats in good health.
My Goats have normal looking poop just like goats in good health.
My goats are fat just like goats in good health.
My Goats come into heat normally just like goats in good health.
My goats get pregnant just like goats in good health.
My Goats have healthy kids just like goats in good health.
My Goats produce plenty of milk for their kids plus plenty for me just like goats in good health.
My goats do not get parasites, just like goats in good health.

But they are NOT in good health, according to the Octohatters.

this is not Bluster and bravado. This is actually the position you guys have taken. And it's ludicrous.
Then what is the protein content of your goat milk, and what are the recorded volumes every day since you got them?  You are big on claims, and absolutely shitty on the evidence supporting those claims.  You believe your goats are in excellent health, but will do absolutely nothing to get an objective metric to show just that.  I wonder why?
Because Dave, having a childish mind, sees everything through this unadulterated filter, and interprets it in the most childish fashion.

It is too much to expect him to grow up at this point.



Strutting like a peacock on the world stage.

Wonderful qualities that we should all be teaching our children to emulate.

Why are you describing Donald Trump? I thought you liked, and emulated Him?
::).   Hawkins is in moron preacher mode.   ::)

Why stop generalizing at "greed" ?
Why not just blame "sin" ?

Remember the short walk from "sin", to "it was Eve's fault", to misogyny, so we can come full circle.

Women: they better not want higher education if we previously agreed she would take care of the kids, amirite?
Maybe you have forgotten the specifics of what I'm actually doing. Let me remind you. I am working on two major areas... What I call sustainable housing and what I call sustainable agriculture. One major goal here is to give people of all races, colors, and Creeds more freedom and more opportunity. I've been very specific about my goals in each of these two broad areas. Are you unclear on any of this?
I'm unclear on what the fuck your pipe-dreams -  which affect no one and show no sign they ever will - have to do with the subject of this thread, which affected millions and changed the course of world history.
Well to remind you, in the area of sustainable food production, my goal is to become an expert at small-scale milk, egg, and meat production with no external feed inputs at all and with a system that is very low labor. I have achieved success with the milk part, but not with the other two parts as of yet. Hopefully I will achieve success in those areas this year. In the area of sustainable housing, my goal is to provide beautiful, low cost, energy efficient housing designs which are much more accessible to the masses. I have not achieved anything which I would consider to be saleable yet, but I'm making progress.

Is that clear now?

You can't achieve energy efficient housing with unrendered straw walls, blanket doors, and plastic film windows. Wake up!

And, your repugnant defense of "state's rights", aka rights to own slaves fits right in with your low-information low-thought, celebration of misinformed ignorance that has been the hallmark of your communication for well over a decade. You are a highly stable genius Dave, in your own mind, at least, which obviously for a narcissist like you, is the only important thing.

Are you finished displaying your ignorance on the primary cause of the Civil War yet?
Arguably a straw bale house is an agricultural product tho.
What with straw being a byproduct of grain production. But we won't be growing grain in the Dave New World. So...?
You are forgetting the benefits of 100% grass-fed grain.  It has none of the problems of frankengrain that Industrial Ag and Obama have foisted upon the world.
Why, when I play Fallout 4, is there no option to built a renderless straw house with tarp roof? Even after the apocalypse, humans gravitate to CIVilization, opting for secure dependable homes with clean water and low impact food. I mean, yeah, getting water from a filtering system placed in a drainage ditch is ok for survival, but not for sustaining hundreds of people.
I have a big brown tarp rain fly.  I'm interested to see what temp diff I can achieve with various heat sources - body only, body plus small heater, etc.
What are you measuring temperature with, and where, and when?
there's this cool invention called a thermometer that I'll be using.
I have a big brown tarp rain fly.  I'm interested to see what temp diff I can achieve with various heat sources - body only, body plus small heater, etc.
What are you measuring temperature with, and where, and when?
Yeah, what have the Romans ever done for us?
A lot of politics is about how to limit power, rather than how to exercise or gain it.
It's not surprising Dave has a childish, binary, uninformed view on this, yet another topic he'll claim proficiency in.
Dave should look up Tommy Douglas, the most beloved politician in Canadian history, remembered gratefully for his initiation of our health care system, as well as the inception of the New Democrat Party, and for his personal kindness, intelligence and determination to help as many people as he could.

It's Kiefer Sutherland's grandpappy!
Yes, Dave.

I do.

More specifically: I swear, and get angry, when I see a mindset demonstrating a complete lack of care. That includes factory farms. I do get angry about the too-small cages, about the rampant disease, about the cruel mutilation that goes on on factory farms, especially because many of them can be easily solved.

What gets me truly angry is when people easily could have made a better decision, and have all the information available to them to show that there is a better position, but refuse to even consider it - and when something else suffers for it. And you had that information available. You have a local animal center. You have the entire internet. You have the advice of several people here who have raised pigs.

And you let your pig die, avoiding easy methods that had good chances of saving it. And even now, you aren't examining if you could have done more.

Yes, Dave. For that, I say Jesus.

You never answered my question, Dave. Was my description correct? You knew your pig was sluggish to the point of immobility for several days? And you never called anyone to check "Is there something wrong? Can I do anything about this?"
It's abundantly clear Dave has never had his livelihood or survival depend on the survival and health of his animals, or he wouldn't be so arrogantly dismissive over the loss of "a freaking pig".
There is really no point discussing anything with wingnut-proud-of-his-ignorance Hawkins.
"Data" itself had been Hawkinzed. Praise Jesus, it's just what I wanted for Christmas!

Any string of lies constitutes data, this is a paradigm-shifting approach to science, and explains why Dave still believes YEC.  He just hasn't checked out whether all those lies are true or not, which is apparently irrelevant to belief based on those lies.
Valor is clearly violating all rule of decency and one poster (Heinz Herzhold) has claimed that he is one and the same as "Bart" who was banned.  A private message from Borealis to me last night causes me to think he's right.

Also, Borealis has just been proven guilty of one serious count of SLANDER against a public figure.  And today she slandered ME over an issue involving links.

Borealis needs to clean up her act or else step aside as an Admin and let someone else take over.
Dave, are you drunk? This is over-the-top ridiculous even for you.
You guys are really on a roll today. Let me explain some things... I'm using Siri so pardon the typos. I probably won't correct them and some of the errors might be pretty funny.

You do understand now that I have to Robo pins, right? A small one that I have been using for a year-and-a-half and a large one that is a new design that I have not used yet but it's in development. The small one does not have a detachable roof and it did get flipped upside down a couple of times in heavy winds. But for most wins it was fine. The new large Robo pin is much more sensitive to wins and I have already tested it a couple of times with a fixed roof and it doesn't work which is why I decided to go with a detachable roof or a hinged roof. The first test with the detachable roof went really well. The downwind panel detached as it was supposed to, and the up when panel simply flexed downward a bit with no harm. All this is exactly what I expected it to do based on my knowledge of aerodynamics which I did study in school. Only one roof panel detaches in any given wind because only one panel is on the downwind side. This allows the animals to still have shelter in situations where it's windy all caps and rainy. Now that this design appears to be sound, I'm thinking about a possible Improvement of just hinging the roof panels at the ridge instead of making them completely detachable. And my only question there would be aerodynamic flutter which I don't think would be a problem but I'm not sure because I don't remember learning about that in school.
How does one learn to fly airplanes and not learn about aeroelastic flutter?
Dave, your mania is making it so you cannot interact with other humans. Get it checked.