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Have you considered cleaning your room? Only then can you achieve true enlightenment.
He's just telling a lot of young white males what they already believe but with an air of authority.

The best part is that they normally instantly reject the source of his authority, academia
I like how he conflates Marxism, which has a pretty big historical narrative flavor, with postmodernism, which rejects the idea of that sort of overarching historical narrative. It's almost that, despite being a good clinical psychologist, he has no idea what he's talking about in any other field!
Yeah Peterson hilariously lapses into legit post modern interpretations fairly often, accepting that interpretations are subjective and socially influenced.

The dude is just a really confused reactionary mystic selling the dullest of self help advice to the dullest of people. And he makes millions doing it.
there's this dumb pro-gun coffee company, for your tactical coffee needs

just gonna assume a bunch of white dudes obsessed with guns are alt-right/nazis
special election results tend to be more predictive than the gb and they're still doing really well in those, but of course nothing is written
Tots and chairs, nothing else could be done

lets just get more guns out there, eventually we'll buffer overflow on guns and get back to 0 mass shootings
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
I can't imagine that provision will last more than 10 seconds into the first court challenge against it for a variety of reasons
more like JAG off! lmao OWNED
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I mean, you imply that this shit hasn't been driving people leftwards for years. Did wonders for me.

I'd like to think TR is mostly responsible for your indoctrination. :mason:
This is absolutely true for me lol
Jesus Christ that is awful

Even if it weren't so regularly abused, 10 years in prison minimum for assault
Politics and Current Events / Re: Israel
This is not a parody account

How long until they're printing the protocols of the elders of Mecca and proposing the final solution to the Muslim question
He's just another wingnut welfare darling, started getting hyped when he was 18 or something
My favorite thing about Trump calling immigrants animals is the way it's beautifully timed with all of these recent think pieces in various major outlets about how liberals and the left need to watch their language or they'll upset the right into becoming Nazis:

no no no you see he was "only" talking about MS-13 gang members, something that he definitely hasn't seriously overblown and used over and over as a dog whistle to demonize all immigrants.

by Hague I hope you meant Hanging Tree
ben shapiro is a doo doo head
men's tiny pathetic brains can't think of anything other than boobs

boobs are good though