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2016 election says they do.

Georgia 6th says they do too.


in a day full of lmao's, this still stands out

e: the extent of Trump's "policy" was literally "I will make all of your dreams come true." That's something he promised.

Clinton and Ossoff both sucks as candidates, but personality is more important than policy. I guess I'm counting policy as coherent, reality-based plans to do things rather than shouting MUSLIM BAN ALL HEALTH CARE BETTER FOR EVERYONE FOR FREE BUILD THE WALL

lmao forever
nobody cares about policy in electoral politics hth

I'm sick of these guys whining. Just turn the fucking cameras on. Make them drag you out in handcuffs if that's what it means. "Democracy Dies in Darkness!" **turns off cameras at WH request** fuck you, you cowards. do something about it.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Supreme court
this ruling specifically limited it to playgrounds, but Gorsuch and Thomas dissented from that part. Gorsuch is going to be even more reactionary than Scalia, who was at least decent on a handful of issues (like 4th amendment iirc)
hey canada posters can any of you somehow sponsor a visa for US citizens asking for a friend

and gorsuch is going to be an awful far right shitbag for decades

 :smith:  :smith:  :smith:  :smith:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comey
he later followed it up by saying he's still "unsure" of the "fuse length" on this one, which diminishes his credibility slightly imo, but that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Comey and hmmmm what has Trump been tweeting about this morning?

Here's some more of that wonderful softening!

Senate Republicans are expected to revise their health bill early next week, adding in a provision that could lock Americans out of the individual market for six months if they fail to maintain continuous insurance coverage.
This is fucking ghoulish
welp thanks Senate GOP, you've pushed me firmly back into full-blown socialism now

fuck it, nationalize the whole god damn system
Two of my friends' young children were born with chronic, life-threatening illnesses. One has cystic fibrosis, and the other has some brain disorder so rare that I can't even remember what it's called, but it causes seizures and is going to require lifelong, intensive treatment. One of those friends himself has an autoimmune genetic disease that popped up at the same time his son's illness was discovered.

The lifetime caps will likely bankrupt and kill both the children and my friends' families at relatively young ages. Sen. Warren is right. This is literally blood money. I'm not going to be shocked if more people snap as they or their loved ones die so that we can give the wealthy another fucking tax cut.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Don't underestimate how fucking cheap and petty rich people can be.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
it probably really is true that having more money makes you less susceptible to low-level bribery, because at some point the amounts of money involved are too relatively small for you to care.

the problem with the reasoning is that low-level bribes are not the only kind of corruption.  there are also conflicts of interest created by your holdings, which absolutely still apply to multibillionaires.

if, to give a totally hypothetical example, you owe half a billion to russian banks, and as president you have a degree of power over financial sanctions the US has put on said russian banks, then there will be the possibility and strong motive to relax those financial sanctions in return for lower interest or debt forgiveness from these russian banks.

moreover, having billions of dollars in the first place is strong evidence that you are in fact a fairly greedy person.

OTOH Trump was still scamming desperate people out of a few thousand dollars at a time despite allegedly being a billionaire.
I will destroy you.

Also it's worth noting that Obama did worse than Clinton so maybe this Ossoff underperformed compared to Clinton take isn't exactly the right framing. Maybe it's Clinton who overperformed.

And it's funny how "is Republican and not the other side" is more than enough for a Republican to win an election in a district that's heavily Republican but the real problem is the Democrats haven't convinced enough Republicans to vote for them because the Democratic candidate wasn't far left enough. Lol.

Nobody should give a shit about trying to reach shithead Republican voters. Dems need to figure out how to get non-voters out to the polls or they'll keep getting crushed.

IF they can take back the House, though, it's going to be thanks in part to shitty centrist candidates like Ossof in slightly less Republican areas, and it's going to make the left wing so mad.
bernie would have one
The DNC sucks and the worst outcome of Bernie's run is people thinking it's much more important than it really is.

There's also the argument that the SC was close because it flew under the radar and if it had become a national race like GA, it wouldn't have been nearly as close.
He ran on some boring centrism platform like "cut wasteful spending!" and did zero campaigning trying to tie Handel to Trump or hitting her hard over "gays don't get families" or "I don't support a living wage."

There are a lot of things to criticize about his campaign in hindsight, and I don't know if focusing on Trump or running populist/berniecrat in that district would have made a difference. Maybe no D could win that area regardless. Turnout was way, way up for both candidates. What I don't like about that is that we're not really seeing any demoralizing effects from Trump on Republican voters. They're going to keep enthusiastically voting for garbage candidates.

That SC race being any thing close to competitive was pretty interesting, though.