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So, who.are McMaster and Kelly as people? I'm a little bit worried that generls are running the white house now.
Kelly was leading the CBP and ice charge before becoming chief of staff. He's a garbage person.
The military guys Trump is surrounded with now all want war war war. Bannon actually was a counter influence on that.
A History of Antifascists Beating the Shit Out of the National Front

There was one situation where a particularly notorious and soon-to-be member of [neo-Nazi organisation] Combat 18 decided to march into the pub with one or two others. He took about two steps inside the door, got hit with an ashtray, staggered on, got hit by a chair making for the other door, took a pint pot straight over the nut and then staggered out the other side. It just kind of summed it all up. He was a big old brute - he was up for attempted murder charges at some stage later. It was the kind of thing they thought they could get away with, but obviously not to any great degree. He didn't repeat it.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
*is blown up by a truck bomb*
Okay, so I have known a few anarchists who have been more violent/destructive.
well, cards on the table, i deff didn't say the anarchists i know are opposed to political violence. they aren't. but if that makes them dangerous, that is a danger not specific to anarchists.

Few people are absolutely opposed to political violence, but Americans are so used to brushing it under the table that it's impolite to talk about it unless the kind of violence we're talking about is bombing people in other countries.

I don't even have a clear personal definition of where the line is and when it's okay to cross over. But it's pretty obvious to me that people who literally want to create a white ethno-state are not going to stay non-violent forever no matter how many college campuses we let them on and how many rallies they can have. The whole point of the ideology is violence.

And this discussion over how many of them were or weren't there is silly. It doesn't take huge numbers for extremist groups to fucking kill people. How come this point is obvious when we're talking about ISIS and AQ but not the far right lunatic crowd?

uh excuse me the far right have never killed anyone
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
sure, but is it going to be Bannonbart vs. Trump or vs. the Globalist Cucks surrounding Trump in the White House? I'm sure Bannon recognizes just how dumb and useless Trump is individually.
it could definitely have been out of a Cohen brothers movies with some better dialogue. best part is that I'm 99% sure the guy burned his own wild game meats store down for insurance money because he kept getting caught with illicit meats


Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Remember in the pre-escalator era when Fridays were slow news days and nothing much happened on weekends?

Just kidding there was no pre-escalator era it's all a simulation
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
wonder how much this is going to hurt Trump in the long run with his populist base

a lot of that economic nationalism was coming straight from Bannon, now Trump just has Wall Street execs on all sides

mainly the FBI guys. they came flying up to my parents' house in a blacked out SUV and pulled across the driveway to, I dunno, block an attempted escape? which was weird because it wasn't like I was a suspect, it was an old friend of mine. dark sunglasses the whole time, a really transparent good cop/bad cop routine. I was mostly annoyed that my soup got cold.
true story I was once questioned by the FBI in regards to an alleged animal rights terrorist attack

those dudes took themselves way, way too seriously
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
He supposedly resigned on the 7th
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

but he's also the only one who thought firing Comey was dumb (he's right there, Comey's investigation would have been much less intense than Mueller's) and that attacking NK is extremely dumb (also correct)

eta: that's not a "bannon...good??" post but a reminder that the entire admin is full of evil and incompetent people
I'm going to guess that 10% of these guys were every actually in the military and 2% in a combat role though
No need to worry about Nazis guys, the real issue we are facing are anarchists!

Ty here's a hot tip. When you come in here and call everyone brain washed by internet leftist echo chambers and say "anyone who isn't crazy can see" over and over again, you sort of look like a jackass nobody wants to engage with.

When you combine it with unironically ranting about "sjw" you just look like a dumbass.
glad another gamergater tagged in to proffer his profound analysis

It's about ethics in the suppression of minorities
It's literally The Onion, it's just their clickbait mocking version

I'm just saying I laugh at the headlines and move on
I have never read a Clickhole article but I get a good laugh from a lot of their headlines!