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Politics and Current Events / wtf

So someone booby-trapped a walking trail in my area. Luckily, someone noticed, and called the bomb squad. Who knows if the trap would have worked, but if there was a hole drilled in the mouse-trap, and a firing pin attached to it, then maybe?
Arts and Entertainment / Fraggle Rock
The Doozers are the proletariat, the Fraggles the bourgeois, and the Gorgs are the aristocracy, right? So what are Doc and Sprocket? Either way, the show seems to have a message similar to Bee Movie, where hard labor (and being exploited) is the natural and necessary state of certain beings, regardless of their ideals.
Sports / NFL 2017
Since Ksen seems to have survived the hurricane just fine, I feel compelled to point out that the Lions have a better record so far this year, than the Patriots do.

So I was smoking a lot of dope, and decided this guy:


looks a lot like a puffin.


A pterosaur is like a dinosaur but different, and what if like, birds evolved from them instead? I mean, I think they flew and stuff, and a T-Rex can barely fly at all?
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / birds ?!

Hummingbirds bathing on leaves is (apparently) an entire YouTube genre. And rightfully so.
Politics and Current Events / Grab Them By the Pussy
Parents dream of their children becoming the President of the United States. Well, tell your child he just has to reach a point where he can grab women by their pussies, and it's okay, because he's a celebrity. If your kids (or some of them) are girls, well, maybe they can be groped by a future president.
Hey, my friends. I've been reading up on various astronomy/etc. stuff today, and it occurred to me that I don't know how much time dilation is taken into account when dealing with distant objects. I imagine it must be, totally, but we often hear that something is so old for being so far away, given the time it takes light to reach us, but what about relative speeds and gravitational effects? They would impact relative age, presumably. So if Fuzzy or anyone knowledgeable can explain roughly how all this fits in with our models and whatnot, at least on some basic level, I would be mad grateful.