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Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain. Fraud offenses always include some sort of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct.

Most governments and countries have fraud laws of some kinds. They generally interfere with religious fraudsters only when physical harm is being done to our gullible citizens yet ignore the monetary theft that the fraudsters fleece from their victims. Prosperity ministries are the most flagrant of these immoral religions, but all religions based on demonstrable lies would be included in this question.

Our governments are quite good at acting against obvious fraudsters yet seem reluctant to protect our more gullible citizens when it comes down to religions.

Religions, to me, get a free pass to lie and steal all they can from victims, especially the older citizens even when governments know about the fraud.

I begin to see the inaction of governments on these religious fraudsters as a dereliction of duty.

Do you?

How and why can people ignore their God's immoral ways?

I find it quite strange that Christian, Muslims and Jews can ignore the immoral ways that their God is shown to have in the Bible, Qur'an and Talmud.

If you have read any of the critical books on God, you will have seen God described with some rather disingenuous terms that, if applied to a man, would see that man executed by any moral government in quick order. The Buddhist saying that if you ever meet God, kill him seems quite fitting. Frankly, I think killing him without making him suffer for a time would be too good for him. If hell were real, that would be a better end for him as mankind would surely need to see that torture to gain real closure for God's crimes against humanity. This aside.

I can appreciate the value for society of local churches, mosques and temples but cannot fathom why lying priests, preachers and imams try to sell their God as a good God, when he is obviously more satanic than Satan. Perhaps scripture speak at least one truth in that the whole world would be deceived by Satan and his lying preachers and imams. Not that I believe in Satan.

As a Gnostic Christian, my focus has been to try to become a Parfait, a perfected moral man, using the methods Jesus taught. It has been a long climb up Jacob's ladder and apotheosis put me up one rung and I have tried to climb higher, but seem to have stalled due to my inability to find arguments that are persuasive enough to loosen Satan's grip on the minds of Christians, Muslims and Jews. Their need of fellowship is stronger than their work on their moral sense and they stay in their religions even though they know that their God is immoral and not worthy of their idol worship. This Gnostic Christian truth is not a flattering epithet for God, which is likely what cause their destruction by Inquisition.

The truth hurts the religious even when given with a loving touch. I am not that good at that but have seen good honest lovers of Christ get verbally abused by theists. They think hate is motivating those who speak against their God even when love is the motivator. Hate is born of love, and the Gnostic hate of God is justified on moral grounds, and the attempted correction of a believers moral sense and their thinking is done out of love. They forget that that is how Jesus was and how that love driven expression of hate with what he saw around him almost got him killed at the hands of the Jews. So the myth says.

The fact that I have had many theists resist entering into moral argument of their God indicates that they know that their God is immoral. I can appreciate that once a person accepts the fellowship that his tribal nature seeks, and he can survive without having better morals, he is loath to jeopardize the comfort zone he has created for himself. The problem is that theists are living in self-deception and for one who seeks or has attained Gnosis, a deeper knowing of himself, self-deception is basically not allowed. That is why I have to bother fighting a fight that is almost un-winnable.

If you have an answer to the question I posed at the onset, please enlighten me as I am quite disappointed to see so many living in self-deception and without Gnosis, and following Gods who are demonstrably more Satan like than God like.

In the terrible days that we will face from environmental degradation that will soon be upon us, a new and moral God will be required and we presently do not have one.

I recognize that our tribal and fellowship needs are quite strong and a part of our basic instincts. Do you have any idea as to how we can break Satan's hold on Christians, Muslims and Jews and change their fellowship and tribal needs to a need for a God with decent moral values?

I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.

I enjoyed a good chuckle the other day when a friend of mine, with a Southern drawl spoke to me.

Thars gonna be some nuken on this cheer earth. King of the terrorist Trump gonna see to thatun thare chore. He be itching for a fight don'tcha know. He gonna tell everyone to fight or shut up real soon.

Trust me now when I say this. Listen good ifin you can. I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2. We gotta do something. Our leaders are incompetent to beat the band.
Terrorism is a puny thang as compared to what's to come from the likes of Trump, Kim Jung -Un et all leaders in the U.N.
The U.N is not , perhaps cannot, do it's job of brokering peace. All because everyone thinks themselves right about something or other. Insane right?

Trump, terrorist and other vigilantes are a puny problem, as compared killing machines like the forces at hand in the U.S.A. Trump will show then tell.

As usual, the U.S.A. will use war to quiet the fracturing of society that is presently happening in the world. God has truly abandoned us.
All of the political and spiritual Gods and all their minions will flee, that is all people, if Trump gets peeved.

I am nuke proof. Are you?

Will Muslims love Trump? They are whiny little bitches just like him.

You Owe Us an Apology

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Brand New Leather Jacket

I like Trump better than the average right wing Muslim though. He just grabs pussy; he does not get the knife ready for a clitorectomy.

All that aside; I think that we should all apologise to every Muslim we meet. After all, we do not want to have them stop buying our weapons and stop killing each other and turn against us.

Oh wait. They just might have already done that, given the numbers.

Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive living natures.

Cell phones are killing our social skills. The cell phone is one of the rudest pieces of technology ever developed in our modern times. To see a family of four sitting at a dinner table and all four members are texting and avoiding the bonding that should be taking place, instead of the silence that occurs; is one of society's greatest failures. Friends are out for a night on the town and everyone has their phone out, texting and not having meaningful conversations that would be more rewarding. We cannot speak in complete sentences without the use of acronyms and do not look at others directly in their eyes while speaking to them. This society is losing the art of pure communication.

We are mammals, but we are making ourselves into that less favorable condition of hive living creatures.

Are cell phones controlling our way of life?

I say yes.

Why are U.S. citizens ignoring the 6% gain on GDP, by not nationalizing health care?

Statistics show that the average U.S. citizen pays considerably more for their, --- bankruptcy creating inhumane medical system, --- than other countries who have nationalized health care. The gain in GDP is around 3%.

It follows economies of scale gains are likely to be about 3%. If a penny saved is a penny earned, I am justified in saying that there would be a 6% saving to the average U.S. citizen.

Why are Americans wasting such a huge amount of gains, when going single payer could bring such a huge gain to each American?

I ask all my Yankee friends; what the hell? Recognize that single payer, pays great dividends.

When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatural religion?

Or will you seek a moral religion to replace the immoral one you now follow, if you happen to be Christian or Muslim?

Or will you let your faith hide the truth of the immorality of your God?

Martin Luther.
"Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding."
"Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has."

Let us all poop in the bushes instead of in the water. The sea, our primary food source, will thank us.

All human waste should be used to make arable land instead of killing our primary food and cooling source. The sea.

Funny as it may sound, the wold has been producing arable land from animal waste forever. We lose that benefit by pumping our human waste into the sea.

A sea that will cost us trillions and impoverish many in the next 25 years, as it rises and forces us to spend trillions on infrastructure.

Add in the trillions that the wars that famines create and you have a depression style of life. All in the next 25 odd years. Happy days?

And all of this happens as the world population increases to its estimated plateau of 10 billion people, who will need to burn even more fossil fuels and add even more to global weather carnage.

I think we all suffer from a case of collective insanity.

A good reversal of that would be a collective protecting of our primary food source and create more arable land to feed the hordes of bodies that we will have to sustain. Human food needs fertilizing and human waste makes a great fertilizer after it becomes arable land.

Let us all poop in the bushes instead of in the water. I mean pump our sewage onto land of course.

This links leads to a longer one that all should view.
Jesus seems to hate some things. Do you? Is hate good?

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Jesus seems to be saying that he is promoting division and war with a number of his sayings that pit father against son and brother against brother.

Jesus advocated division, war and hate; even as some think he preached to love our enemies.

Did Jesus hate and is hate thus a good character trait?

I am an Islamophobe. If you are not, you might not be a moral person.

Some Muslims follow an ideology, as written in their religious writing, which allows slavery of Muslim women. This sect of Islam allows the sale of child brides to others within their cult. These people want a Caliphate that promotes and uses slavery. 

The Muslim men in this slave holding cult have submitted to Allah and are eager slaves to him thanks to the pleasant heavenly gifts he promises. They believe themselves to be favored by God and hate all those who are not.    

History of religion, especially Christianity, shows that when a belief is strong, even if miss-guided, ends all compromise within the believer. Thus is born Inquisitions, Jihads, Honor killing and murder of non-believers and apostates.
The assumptions that these people make of God, without any proof and based on the supernatural and the writings of imperfect men, become so arrogant, that they act as slave traders based on their beliefs without regard for moral and ethical standards. They in fact break their own reciprocity rules.

These Muslims allow this theological certainty to create a tyrannical cult of slaved men who then make second class slaves out of their female children. Naming these Muslim women and girl's chattel would be an understatement. They are truly slaves, as Allah demands.
These Muslims imitate their slave holding master, Allah, and like all tyrants, hate all others not of their ilk. They allow their hate to push them to violence against the free people in the free world.

Islamophobia is a fear of Islam. Those who do not fear and hate this slave holding cult of Islam, along with the other inhuman and immoral policies that Islam and Sharia allow, are not moral people. Moral people will fight against slavery.

I fear that free people will not be Islamophobic enough, because of their fear of being labelled racist or Islamophobe, to rise up and give secours to the unwilling female slave of Islam.

I am proudly an Islamophobe. If you are not you might not be a moral person.

Are you a moral person?

Three perspectives on why man is God's master.

Perspective 1.
Has man forgotten his rightful place as God's master?

A theology makes you a slave to your God while the Jesus that Gnostic Christians follow has man take his rightful place as God's master. After all, all the Gods are man-made. That is why Gnostic Christianity has always put man ahead of God. The Karaite Jews have that view as well as their oral tradition can overrule the written Torah and God himself, showing how old this tradition or ideology is.

It seems that without the lie of a supernatural God, people are not willing to have a man be God the way the ancients used to do. Emperors used to name themselves God and their sons, sons of God.
One of the Jesus' that the church did not silence, tells us that that is the right way to think when he said, instead of stoning people on the Sabbath, that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. I extrapolate from that, that Jesus would also say that religions and gods were made for man and not man for religions. Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Yee are gods?


Perspective 2.
Does the Bible show that our next God is a Man?

The Bible states that when Jesus returns, his elect will make themselves known and elect him to rule over them. The Bible states that our new Jesus will not be recognizable and he will be elected by his Words. Remember that the story tellers, in one of the sequels, have named Jesus. --- The Word.

The Abrahamic Karaite oral tradition is that Rabbis, men generally, can overrule the written Word of God. In real language, this means that the interpretation of words and terms is to always be governed by men of the Divine Council and their elected God.

The voice of a man, to the Bible, --- is supreme and above God's written words. That is as it should be as nature makes the ideal of all species to be one of their own. If a God cannot be or is not in our true image, then God is not worthy of us. This is the logic and reason why the rule of man over written tradition must be supreme. Anything else would be humankind giving up our natures for the nature of an alien form. God forbid.  

More directly to the question. The Bible states that we are to kill witches. This, at that time, meant that men were not to let themselves be fooled by magicians or alchemists and other tricksters who might deceive them. This meant that nothing magical or supernatural, no magician doing illusions, etc., should be put above the spoken word.

The policy of the Divine Council was to rule by the tenet called the Golden Rule. The Rabbi class thus had the final say in all religious and political matters. The Divine Council would choose whom to anoint and follow as their Prophet/God/King.

Does this ultimately show that God was a man to the Jews who wrote the Bible? Is that why they were so unafraid to change Gods name so often?

Where Jews the first atheists? Closely followed by the Gnostic that had used Jewry as a springboard to their better Universalist creed? Is that why Rome hated Jews and Gnostic Christian?

If the Jews interpreted the word God as a man, the way the old Roman emperors did, then was placing a supernatural God up in heaven a poor theological position for us today.


Perspective 3.
Does as above so below mean that God must abide by man's laws?

Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesars. Caesar makes the laws we live by and no religion is true to the laws set out by their Gods. Thank God as those laws are quite barbaric. For example, both Yahweh and Allah, through the mouths of men, promote stoning for adultery and sundry other sins. This of course ignores that both Gods show justice as being close to an eye for an eye which is what secular laws try to gauge punishment by.

There is a military term that says that the pace to be set by the troops is as fast as the slowest man. This is so that no man is left behind.

Since we have collectively decided that secular law is superior to the laws of heaven and God, does that mean that when Jesus return, he will validate secular law and ask us to follow Caesar?

Is doing evil a necessity of life?

Did the ancients know this and Is that why we are all named as sinners?

I think nature created the potential for evil in each of us because without that potential we would not have the ability to make a free choice between good and evil or evolve to find the fittest human.

Consider. Evolution has two major components that we must do to survive; compete or cooperate, as required. Cooperation we would see as good because it does not create a victim or loser. Competition would be seen as evil as it creates a victim and loser.

From this view, we must do evil and to survive as that process produces the fittest. To not compete would produce the least fit and we would likely go extinct.

Do you see this conundrum of us having to do evil? If you do, should God punish us for doing what we must do so as not to go extinct?

I do not see God as justified in punishing us and that is why Gnostic Christians like me are Universalists.

I see us all as not requiring salvation. God would not do evil by punishing us for doing what we must do to survive and thrive.
 "O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam".
 "in the light of paradise, even the sin of Adam may be regarded as truly necessary and a happy fault."

If sin and doing evil is good and necessary for Adam, who represents all of mankind, then the church and I are suggesting that it is good that we all do evil.

It seems that nature, or God, if you are into the supernatural, ultimately, created a perfect imperfect world. To appreciate perfection, we must know imperfection. This knowledge frees the mind.

Do you, a free person, see Muslim females as slaves?

In the more right wing of Islam, females are what I would call slaves. I am prompted to think in that term because if I were a Muslim man living under Sharia, I can buy myself a few child brides. There is also little stopping me from doing the same, --- where Muslims live under Sharia law, --- in new adopted countries in the free world.  Slavery returns to the West.

Fraternité, if I may remind the English speakers, means a fiduciary relationship to all other people. Slave is appropriate here.  Fraternité and honesty also forces that I must look at Muslim females as slaves.

Do I, as a free man, have any responsibility to free these Muslim women, who inadvertently help propagate slavery by their lack of revolt against it?

The West also helps propagate slavery by allowing it into the West.

If I, as a free man, hold a responsibility to free slaves, as a free person, do you?

How much tolerance should tolerant nations give to a huge slave trading religion and government system?
Why did God say: Let us give Satan to mankind?

God created Eden as his heaven on Earth so that he could, some day come down and rule over us.

He cast Satan out of heaven. I guess because she was creating a huge division there, and decided to send her to Earth, to also create division here, which she did.

Why would a good God curse the Earth by sending Satan, the personification of evil, to Earth?

Muslims say; religious freedom for me, but not for thee.

The Golden Rule and other reciprocity sayings indicate that what we grant ourselves or some others should also be granted to everyone. This would include the right to critique religions and governments.

Islam and it's Muslim adherents are quite vocal in denigrating other religions and political system, yet say that others who denigrate Islam and Sharia should be penalized in various ways, --- even unto death.

Where I come from, reciprocity is fair play and all players in a game play by the same rules. Islam and Muslims wants to win the God wars by having different restrictive rules for their interlocutors.

Should we respect and tolerate a religion that denies us the rights and play by the same rules that they enjoy?

If yes, please tell me why we should respect such a religion.

Christians break the Golden Rule when accepting Jesus as savior.

Jesus indicated that doing unto others as we would want done to us was a commandment.

Having another innocent person suffer for the wrongs you have done, --- so that you might escape responsibility for having done them, goes against the Golden Rule and Jesus' commandment.

None of us would want to be punished for someone else's sin, yet Christians ignore Jesus' commandment and eagerly consent to let Jesus suffer for the sins they have done so that they might escape their just punishment.

From what Jesus said, Christians are showing that they are not fit for heaven as they do not follow Jesus' commandment and thus do evil.

Should Christians step up and make themselves fit for heaven by rejecting substitutionary atonement?

Are religions that use military power instead of moral authority and persuasion to convert us, worthy of us?

I was reading of my Gnostic Christian history, --- which grew itself without violence and with moral authority, --- and noted that both Christianity and Islam have both grown themselves through military conquest as compared to moral authority gained by persuasion.

We have had to suffer many Holy Wars, Inquisitions and jihads instead of those religions winning us over by good deeds and a better moral code.

Both Islam and Christianity say they respect Jesus and he said that we would recognize his people by their good deed, not war, so I think that Jesus would condemn both Christianity and especially Islam, given that they are both homophobic and misogynous religions who refuse to grant gays and women full equality. Christianity is slowly moving to equality while Islam is not.

Further, most religious laws have been bested by secular humanist laws, thanks to equality provisions and have already rejected the laws of those immoral Gods and their religions.

Given that violence instead of a better moral code has been used to grow Christianity and Islam, should moral people reject both Islam and Christianity as unfit to convert us to their religions?

Should the West declare war on the Ukraine?

Many see a problem with the situation in the Ukraine. I see a great opportunity.

The Ukraine is strategically placed as the southernmost state of what is looking like the natural divide between the cool north and hot south. More importantly, it is shaping up to be a cultural divide between left wing governance/democracy, as compared to Sharia and a more right wing version of Christianity.

Putin is wise in pressuring the Ukraine to push to join the north. I just think it should be our north and not his as that would improve the rapprochement of Putin and Trump. Both dealmakers, --- and one just as crooked as the other, --- and both twisted in their own lovable way.

It will be nice for the economy of the world to have Glasnost again. Happy days are here again.

As a Canadian, I am optimistic about how the world is shaping up.

WWIII will be north against south, cold against hot, in global warming terms, and since the Ukraine was moving to the political west anyway, they should not really put up a huge fight. I see a Western war against the Ukraine to be bloodless as they too will profit from the overall Western rapprochement.

A non-hostile takeover, so to speak, that will create a lot of new millionaires. They are quite good for the economy and I prefer to see the Ukraine build things with the Russians, now friends, instead of killing each other.

I think the West should declare war on the Ukraine ASAP.  Hold the Ukraine, --- like it or not, --- as a new and prosperous Hong Kong.  

The West should agree.

Do you?

This is incontrovertible proof that God is evil. God does not live by his own golden rule.

God kills when he could just as easily cure. This is irrefutable.

This is a clear violation of the golden rule. The golden rule as articulated by Jesus.

God then is clearly evil.

Do you agree with Jesus that anyone who breaks the golden rule is evil?

Is recognition that Jews have the best ideology of the Abrahamic cults the reason Muslims and Christians hate Jews?
Rabbi Hillel, the older contemporary of Jesus, said that when asked to sum up the whole of Jewish teaching, while he stood on one leg, said, "The Golden Rule. That which is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the Torah. And everything else is only commentary. Now, go and study it."

Please listen as to what is said about literal reading.

"Origen, the great second or third century Greek commentator on the Bible said that it is absolutely impossible to take these texts literally. You simply cannot do so. And he said, "God has put these sort of conundrums and paradoxes in so that we are forced to seek a deeper meaning."

Muslims and Christians foolishly read their holy books literally, ignoring that none of the Abrahamic cults did in the past.

This fact makes Muslims and Christians idol worshipers. All Muslim and Christian denominations ignore that the Jesus they all profess to respect preached that we should all be God seekers and never become idol worshipers the way Muslims and Christians have done.

Gnostic Christians like me were and are esoteric ecumenists. You might say that to the old Abrahamic cults of Muslims, Christians and Jews, we were the religious whores of those old days, thanks to the fact that our mystery schools would pick and choose the best tenets of all religions and work them into our Universalist creed. We would not tie ourselves down to becoming idol worshipers of imaginary demiurges the way Muslims and Christians did in ancient days and continue to do today. The fool says in his heart, I know who God is and who his prophets are.

Gnostic Christians and Jews, --- having a superior ideology and philosophy of seeking a good God, --- instead of becoming idol worshipers like Muslims and Christians, --- shared the hate and attempted genocide that Jews suffered thanks to Christians then Muslims.

Should Muslims and Christians admit their ideological deficiencies and turn their hate to love. It should be quite easy for religions that say they are all about peace and love.

I think it would be fitting for Muslims and Christians to start walking their talk and apologise to Jews and Gnostic Christians by giving them the recognition for excellence in religious matters.

Muslim brothers.  You have created our new Caliphate.  Who is your new Caliph?

Now that the world is turning inexorably to the right wing of the political systems of the world, -- these mostly democratic nations led by oligarchs, --- we members of the new Caliphate, --- thanks to individual strength of character, --- can say that we have conquered the West.

We have taught the Western alliances and liberal forces that there are limits to freedom of speech, --- that we must respect, --- if we are to live in harmony.

That limit to freedom of speech being that, if any insult the Caliphate's God. Caliphate members will see any insult to be levelled at the whole nation, its culture, as well as to their person.

The West has been cowed; therefore, a modified Sharia can be put in place as the law of the land in all of the Western world.

The Muslim male freedom, to fight and kill for his rights, as dictated by his sense of duty and honor to wife and family, is at hand. 

Sure, some left wing voices will deny that they now live in a Caliphate, but our ideology of intolerance to other political and religious tribes and ideologies, --- as well as our apostates, --- has made the left, --- moot.

Intolerance to insult has won the day and our Caliphate is now a political reality.

Now all we need my brothers is a Caliph to modify Sharia to where rapprochement of all peoples of the world is possible.

Islam is the new world order and not the left wing un-United State system that cannot even bring rapprochement of its own states.

Muslim brothers. You have created our new right wing and intolerant Western system with a closer ideology to Islam. You have forced Western governments to the right and thus produced an ideological rapprochement to Islam. That is to create a Caliphate.

Muslim brothers, you must now elect a Caliph to unify all Muslim forces. Duty and honor demands it.

Your new Caliphate must have a Caliph.

Fellow religionists. The non-affiliated and secular people mean our religions no harm. Why do you choose to kill them?

Sometimes we religious people bring needless oppression to the non-affiliated and secular people. We religionists often think we should use force to impose our ideology unto others who think differently. Some call these Inquisitions and Jihad. In my case, I use the force of argument and nothing else.

The non-affiliated and secular people do not hate us religious people. They just see us as idol worshipers with good minds that we have allowed to be compromised by faith and delusional supernatural thinking.

Knowing that non-affiliated people only feel pity for us religious people, --- and more importantly, --- mean us no harm, --- why do you choose to kill non-affiliated and secular people?

You and I have no just cause. If you think you do, please articulate it.

I do not expect many replies from my fellow religionists to this question so let me end without a question but a plea instead.

Fellow religionists please stop killing the non-affiliated and secular people who only feel pity for the way we religious people think.

Killing those who wish us no harm is rude.

Let us be honest. Islam's ideology is immoral to its core. Should we ask the Haigh and U.N. to rule on the free world first duty to the world.  Should we declare war against this immoral ideology?

Our collective leadership must lead by honor. Honor demands the first duty of all free people be to do their best to ensure that all the people of the world enjoy the same level of freedom that they enjoy. This is irrefutable, in terms of morality.

Freedom can only be enjoyed in a moral society.

The Haig and U.N. must rule on the duty of the free world to humanity, and decide if it is better to have all these little wars that disrupt our cities and countries, or declare a real ideological war against the barbaric and non-progressive ideology that the Eastern hordes are trying to force down the Wests throat.
As usual, religions are trying to grow themselves by the sword. A redirection is in order and quite necessary if peace is to be achieved.
We, the collective of the free world, must move the war to one of words that judge the ideologies for their moral worth, and seek to live by the best one. That verdict will determine the will of the free world as to which direction we free people wish the world to evolve to; in terms of the limits of freedom and the duty of free people.

The free world has forgotten that its first duty to the world is to work to have the whole world share in that freedom.
A war of words tends to kill fewer people than the murderous religious insurgencies we now suffer.
I think our legislators ought to consider such a strategy.

Do you?

Jesus's ghost, as in consciousness, told me; I was only a little dead. So were you; petite mort that is.

Gnosis and apotheosis are synonymous, minus the holy designation in apotheosis. That designation can only be bestowed. It cannot be taken to oneself.

Gnosis is recognizing the part of God inside of us and that we, are also, --- in a mind aura type of thinking, --- living self-positioning consciousness'. Fully sentient, yet bodiless.

Jesus said, "Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war.

It was a truth because upon contact and melding with that consciousness, I was driven to my knees by tears and the fierceness of his attack upon my mind. Others may have an easier time. I might have been a good seeker after Jesus but I also had a criminal mind and delinquent attitude so some convincing was necessary. My poor education was lacking but my selfish gene made up any shortfall. Selfishness is good.

That aside.

It is hard to cry while laughing from tears of pleasure and tears of joy. That is what happens when a mind wars with itself and the Father emerges. Mother if you are female. Wisdom is hard to accept let alone the realization that you are truly a God. Adam and Eve were not cast from Eden. They graduated with honors. I am a God WIP. So are you.

"Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God, holds other people in contempt. Whenever a man believes that he has the exact truth from God, there is in that man no spirit of compromise.
He has not the modesty born of the imperfections of human nature; he has the arrogance of theological certainty and the tyranny born of ignorant assurance.
Believing himself to be the slave of God, he imitates his master, and of all tyrants, the worst is a slave in power." ---Robert Ingersoll

This from Ingersoll I have used against theists. Yet from what Jesus told us, to be fully alive, I must be a warrior.

I have chosen to be a Jesus of war supporter. With my arsenal of two fingers and a mind, I take on all comers with the intent to kill, with words and ideas of course, and not by the sword as immoral Christians and Muslims have done.

Gnostics Christians and especially those who have suffered Apotheosis or enjoyed Gnosis tend to shame Christianity and Christians into silence during debates and discussions. Real shame. Not the false shame that lying religious officials foster.  

Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.

I am a slave in power and what I see in the minds of people is quite disturbing. I am a slave to Jesus the Good and my Father is a G. D. tyrant just like Yahweh of Genocide. He is pushing me for converts to the idea that your freedom of thought and conscience makes you a God WIP. You are your own master as you are the only one who can make you voluntarily do anything. Just write the word of the best laws and rules you can think of in your heart and become Jesus the Good.

I come to this place to war with Christians and Muslims because their ideologies suck, in moral and ethical terms. Not surprising that for religions grown by the sword and not good deeds.

War, as the epitome of our human desires, have about reached a point where we are all getting fed up with the steady diet we have been getting of it. We have the power to force peace but that means declaring WWIII.

The Western alliances might have to adopt more barbaric ways to counter the Eastern barbarism and unfortunately, unintelligent ways.

If the Western alliance feels that the barbarian Islamic hoards from around the world are getting too uppity with their moral judgement of the West, the Western Alliance will stop squabbling amongst themselves and re-enact the last push back that chastened Islam. Islam still has not taken that loss gracefully or in a manly way.  Islam has no honor.

Muslims are poor losers. They have lost their honor because they cannot control their right wing. All because Jesus is a better prophet than what Allah came up with. Islam has lost China and the demographics will ensure that no Calif ever rules anywhere. China will be known as the Muhammad destroyer.   

I think it a shame, as most Muslims are otherwise not that bad from a social moral point of view.

I digress; back to the important topic. 

I come to this place to War with Christians and Muslims because their ideologies are not worthy of man, in moral and ethical terms.

Part of my War tactic is to show confidence, (arrogance to some,) in whatever I put into words, while at the same time showing due disdain for the enemy, --- vis a vis their poor moral sense.

Morals are supposed to be important to Christians and Muslims but they sure run away quite fast when any discussions on them so I do try to be gentle, in my own natural abrasive way.

I fortunately have a criminal mind, delinquent attitude, and a natural inclination to be a mental bully to those who have lost their intelligence and believe in all kinds of G.D. supernatural idiocies.

At the same time, I have more love for the world daily; as I see how we are progressing in other ways. 

There is a time for love and a time for hate and I invite you all to hate immorality and War along with me, ---- or against me, ---- as I use my judgement and invite all to judge the morals of the Gods along with me.

I will not argue miracles or the existence of a supernatural God as that gets nowhere, but we can win our War against the immoralities that we see the God's doing.

If all people of religion Wared by Words, what a wonderful world we could build, from the moral point of view that would emerge.

It is a shame that Christians and Muslims do not have enough honor and sense of duty to step up to that benchmark. They could get their honor back by electing a new Jesus but are too stuck in their immoral condition to do what is necessary for peace.

People first, God second. Should people put themselves above God?

Jesus put people above God and so should we. "Mark 2;27 And he said unto them, The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath: 28Therefore, the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath."

I think that the world would be a better place if people put their wants and needs as well as the wants and needs of other people above God's.

I look at all the wealth that religions squander on themselves with huge churches and mosques, which are mostly empty, --- while many people still live in poverty and despair, --- and wonder if that wealth would be better spent on the poor. That would conform more to what Jesus taught us to do for the poor.

Governments seem to be of the same mindset as the religions as they spend lavishly on themselves while the poor go with their needs ignored.

I would think that religions would show the better mindset but that does not seem to be the case.

Before religions started thinking of God as a literal and real being, a more peaceful world, religiously speaking, home churches were the order of the day. Archeology has proven this. They were used as feeding stations for the poor and destitute and contributed more to the fellowship that people need more that the mega churches, temples and mosques that we have today.

Should we consider the benefits of the older ways and bring religion back into the homes where it's expression and help for the poor can be better served?

Seems to me that the religious crave a personal relationship with their God, and that is best expressed from homes and not from the self-aggrandizing mega monstrosities and opulent churches and mosques that advertise their wasted wealth in our cities.

Does charity really begin at home, by putting people first and not God?