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Just so you know ... my idea of "heads rolling" for the purposes of this thread was "people going to jail"
Try not to be so dishonest, or at least check to see what you've already posted itt.

Do you lie this much while you pray?
Or didn't notice they existed, more likely.
I know lots of people who aren't Rhodes Scholar material. None of them would think defending Nazis is a great idea, or in any way appropriate.
I  agree with Faid, Dave. Have a cup of milk or something to gather your thoughts and try to explain what you actually think happened in Charlottesville.

There are dozens of videos taken by ordinary people - they can't all be soros plants.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Bannon called Trump an arrogant fool.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Per CNN, Trump was furious after Bannon's American Prospect interview.

Dave, TOWNHALL, a strongly rightwing, republican rag, has a column expressing outrage at Trump's Nazi-sympathising this week.

You're so lame with your 'mainstream media narrative'. Yer boy is a racist Nazi sympathiser and not quite right in the head either.

Also (LOL!) he has fired Breitbart Bannon now.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Bannon is gone.
It's not showing up on my news feed.
CNN right now discussing it.
It only takes one of them losing his cool to turn all that cosplay into a bloody massacre. 
While funny and symbolically apropos, hope it hasn't previously been a favoured spot for birds to hang out.  :staregonk:
Don't forget lots of them also came open carrying rifles and other guns.
A 'fine person' protesting 'reverse discrimination':

Ilia Calderón, a Univision journalist with both African and Colombian heritage, agreed to visit KKK leader Chris Barker on his wooded North Carolina property. She watched Mr Barker lead a KKK meeting - in which participants dressed up in hooded robes and danced around with torches - and then sat down for an interview.

Almost immediately, Mr Barker asked her why she didn't "go back" to her country of origin. (Ms Calderón is an immigrant.)

"We have nothing here in America; ya'll keep flooding it," he said. "But like God says - like Yahweh himself says - we will chase you out of here."

Later, Mr Barker stopped to correct himself, telling Ms Calderón: "No, we're going to burn you out."

When the journalist asked him how he planned to "burn out" 11 million immigrants, he responded: "We killed 6 million Jews the last time. Eleven million is nothing."

Being a scientist who prides himself on "not sucking at science", you are no doubt familiar with the process of considering ALL possible hypotheses ... so I'm sure you've considered this one wrt the "many fine people" remark ...

Hypothesis: the "many fine people" who marched believed that they were protesting reverse discrimination against whites.

Also, how is the WaPo post a "neener neener" post?
How are you this misinformed and ignorant?

'Reverse discrimination', are you seriously suggesting that people who have publicly, on their facebook pages and twitter accounts and literature, advocated for killing black people and Jews, for violence against people who oppose them peacefully for making an all white country, just feel they've been discriminated against?

How can you not see what a wealth-obsessed amoral clusterfuck Trump has been throughout his whole public life?



About pretty much everything.

Then you haven't made much of a case, have you? All you've said so far has made us wonder where your sympathies really lie - certainly not with the traumatised people of Charlottesville, who you should note are NOT in sympathy with the Nazis who murdered one of their own well-loved daughters.
DailyStormer kicked out by their new Russian domain registrar already.
fear of anarchists? I don't exactly have a lot of exposure to them, but my understanding is basically black bloc or black bloc-like groups that occasionally do some property damage at leftist protests but are otherwise pretty much invisible.

I am opposed to the philosophy of anarchism.  Anyone who thinks anti-statism is a good is fucking moron, and is fundamentally opposed to the basic building blocks of civilization.  Anyone with a brain in their head, who wants things such as democratic socialism, should be opposed to anarchism as a sensible political movement.  Like so many movements on the left, anarchism is a playground for dumb kids and most people grow out of it.
Fortunately, anarchists are notorious for being bad at organizing.
In the early 70s in Halifax, among other, mostly student-run, political fringe organisations, there was an anarchist group. They ran a low-cost housing co-op. :hehe:

Also used to serve a really good free black beans and rice soup every weekend.
Yes I know what Nazi means. Yes I know what Satanist means. Yes I know there are many forms of evil.

And in this country we allow people to believe in those things. They have to obey our laws, but they can believe whatever the hell they want to.  Just as long as  they don't cross over into illegal activity. For example, kidnapping babies and sacrificing them on alters.  They can BELIEVE all they want to that that is a wonderful religious activity, but the moment they DO it, they're in trouble  with the law... At least the way the laws are currently written.  Thank God.
Are you so gullible and deluded as to think THAT is a reasonable rebuttal?

What do you say to all those pastors and ministers and other Christians who stood in front of the Nazis at Charlottesville, and who state outright that antifa and the anarchists saved their lives when the Nazis began beating them?

The supremacists were violent and beat people and killed one woman and tried to kill more and were there to intimidate and strike fear into minorities. You side with Trump who said some of them were 'fine people'. Fine people? Fine people?

Depart from me, I never knew you.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
what they're talking about is the cottage industry of youtube "skeptics" who became antifeminist because of atheism+ or elevatorgate probably and managed to cross drift into gamergate for an audience. also some edgy libertarian types.
iirc there was an undercurrent of anti-feminism running through the more visible/vocal atheist community well before A+. A+ was a reaction to that, albeit imo an over-reaction that did more harm than good.
I completely disagree with the Nazi philosophy.  However, I am in favor of free speech as long as it's non-violent and follows established laws.  I am even in favor of people like YOU GUYS being free to voice your wacko views!

So why are you not appalled at Trump's failure to repudiate their support for him?
If I were president, I would want everyone to support me. Even people like you.  Why would he not want someone who's a Nazi to support him? ( or an atheist, or a evolutionist, and so on )

 Your logic is really strange.
That is another morally reprehensible statement from you, Dave. If you were president, you are saying, you would pander to violent Nazis and genocidal white supremacists in order to get their votes? They have already murdered and condoned and even celebrated the murder of a young woman - and after that, trump calls them 'fine people'.

Murderers, Dave.
Men who beat people who aren't white.
Who want to kill black people.

But their votes...

My god, you are an immoral asshole, aren't you.
Dave is in the basket of deplorables.
I know you guys enjoy debating with the nutjob.
But it's pretty disturbing what's underneath Dave's skin.

Very possible.
Guilty pleasure, shameful, I know.
Afraid that may be true, curious as to whether he's prepared to out himself.

Here's what sane Christians were doing in Charlottesville, Dave. Ones that aren't racists and white supremacists or mired in shifty conspiracy theories, who actually believe Nazis are bad.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Not sure if comic relief, but over at Pharyngula - remember Paryngula? - on a post about American Atheists/Humanists joint statement on Charlottesville et al, PZ talks about the fact that a lot of racists are in fact atheists, and the commenters have an anxious convo about needing some kind of robes so they can look as involved as the many visible clergy who manned the front lines against marching Nazis.

doubtthat says17 August 2017 at 10:46 am
What must people see? What are we supposed to show them?
That atheists are not just a bunch of assholes on the internet haranguing people over relatively minor philosophical differences when white supremacists are marching.
We are at the point where the public face of atheism is much closer to the white supremacists than it is to pro-social justice. The high profile Twitter and YouTube atheists are busy, right now, backing up Trump's both-siderism and engaged in the baffling practice of arguing that there would be no Nazis if it wasn't for the left calling everyone Nazis.
Point being, we're very, very close to a popular association of atheism with the alt-right. I would go so far as to say that one of the defining features of the alt-right, as opposed to traditional extreme conservatives, will be the atheism. The KKK was proudly religious. Most of the malignant views on the right have been born from extreme religion. That ain't true anymore. Violent, atheistic nationalism seems to be driving a hell of a lot of the new alt-right bigots.
I'm a proud atheist. I have never been ashamed of that word, but I'm getting close to dropping the label, even a modified version of it.

I completely disagree with the Nazi philosophy.  However, I am in favor of free speech as long as it's non-violent and follows established laws.  I even in favor of people like YOU GUYS being free to voice your wacko views!
How are our non-racist views 'wacky'?
Where to begin?  For starters you think a human is just another animal ... whereas I think there are extremely important fundamental differences in humans and every other creature.  If we were to take your view to it's logical conclusion, who knows where it would lead ... educating chimpanzees in public schools perhaps?  I don't know.  One thing that your view led to historically was putting Ota Benga in a cage like a zoo animal.

That would only be a 'logical conclusion' if we had no respect for other animals. You should have noticed, if you were paying any attention at all, that one of the highlights of arguments about your goats is that we see them as sentient creatures deserving of consideration while you see them as a means to an end. It is your view of animals that leads to needless suffering, not ours.

The fate of Ota Benga was a disgraceful moment in the history of anthropology and evolutionary theory. It happened during the same period when good God-fearing Christians were joining the KKK, lynching, torturing, and harassing black people, practicing enforced segregation, and occasionally burning down black communities. Oh wait, that bullshit went on far longer. Decades longer.

Educating chimps in schools? Given our resect for other animals, that would be entirely against our principles. Chimpanzees have a thriving wild population and their own cultures and methods of teaching and learning. We don't even drag indigenous people out of their homes and into schools, unlike say your Christian missionaries and your Christian administrators of residential schools. You don't seem to understand the concept of respect, regarding other animals OR humans.

Humans are animals. That's a physical fact, even if some deity directed the advent of modern humans by whatever means, that deity used the physical properties, the anatomy and physiology shared by all mammals, and especially that of the Great Apes, as a template. You demonstrate contempt for your imagined Creator by being too prideful to accept your place among the rest of sentient creation.

I have no idea how you call yourself a Christian anyway, given how heretical your beliefs are.