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Well the February 2018 data is up, so I am busy downloading the data from around 100 climate stations even as I type this.  It's something I do, because it's fun.
I've finished looking at the data including March now.  The first quarter data (J-M) for much of the US is quite amazing.
Science / Re: The Cool Science Image Thread
If Facebook is demanding you have to use your real name, trolls will die by the millions
Wait, let me get this straight. They blame problems with the data to explain problems with the data?
Like so many things, you can't seem to grasp what is being said.  You create a straw man and then make idiot comments on your own idiocy.
Yabut... it was really cold in Montreal yesterday, so scientists are not infallable and Chinese conspiracy and cow farting and global climate cycles and liberal naivite and... and...
And you are a fucking idiot
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
Because we now have excellent data and models, the actual tides can be "observed" by looking at a 24 hour animation of the real world oceans.

The difference between the quarter moon and new moon is obvious and clear.  Just as the lack of two bulges following the moon shows up, when we look at the actual real world.

Last quarter vs new moon

Science / Re: NH winter cooling
The best estimate is enough ice melted to raise the sea level by .65 mm
In a completely different direction.  Apps are awesome.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
Are they just trying to scare us?
Not just to scare, but Yes they are.

They want you alarmed and scaref
Science / Re: Heh!
It's hard to believe some people will play with the same dildo for ten years.  You have to think they enjoy it.  A lot.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
For your edification, "boreal forest" is another name for the Taiga

If we do observe the Taiga (pines, spruces and larches) being replaced by deciduous trees, we can be sure, with out any doubt, the climate is warming. 
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
 There is a lot, and I mean a lot of research regarding the Atlantic ocean and climate change.  

The Atlantic period (Holocene climatic optimum) is thought by some researchers to be direct result of a warmer Atlantic, greater circulation, with more heat transport to the arctic regions, and especially northern Europe.  The  rising temperature and marine transgression are obvious in all kinds of records, from sea cores to ice cores to pollen and tree lines and such.  The sea rose to 3 m above its present level by the end of the period. Lake levels in all north Europe were generally higher, it was the warmest period in the last 110 thousand years.

The temperature rise had the effect of extending southern climates northward in a relatively short period. Short by geological times that is. The treelines on northern mountains rose by 600 to 900 m (2000-3000 feet). Thermophilous species migrated northward.  Across middle Europe, the boreal forests were replaced by climax or "old growth" deciduous ones.

There are theories that in fact the ocean circulation is the real driver of climate change, but caused by solar variations due to changes in the solar UV amounts, and orbital changes of the earth.  The boffins can't decide if the climatic optimum is an example of what AGW will cause, or not.  But in any case, we are not seeing the sort of changes yet that we know happened during the Atlantic period.

We do know, with out any question, that for some reason during the Atlantic period there was far less ice on Greenland, and it was much warmer than present. 

Science / Re: NH winter cooling
In 2012 a study found an increase in heat transport from the Atlantic current was leading to increasing sea ice loss.
Science / Re: Heh!
Welcome back!  You are my favorite pinhead in all the internets.
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5

The fact that the bulge theory more nearly describes the forcing function rather than the resulting geometry (due to resonance and speed of waves in an ocean of finite depth) seems like a relatively simple concept that's missed by the world's foremost expert on tides.

Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
The fact that the bulge theory more nearly describes the forcing function rather than the resulting geometry (due to resonance and speed of waves in an ocean of finite depth) seems like a relatively simple concept that's missed by the world's foremost expert on tides.

Man do you have that right.
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
The twin bulges do not "actually exist", which is obvious from the actual data, the TOPEX observations, and the advanced models (the output in the daily animation is model data, based on observations).

That anyone can't grasp this, after all this time, is a  bit hard to believe.
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
Meanwhile, back in reality land

Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
the old and the new

Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
I don't even remember what he is talking about.  I think it was his claim/belief that there actually are supersonic tide waves following the moon or something.

In any case, the tides don't give a shit.

This, Hansen wants to warn us, is a recipe for global warming disaster. The recent warm winters that Britain has experienced are a clear sign that the climate is changing, he says.

Climate change could be responsible for intensely cold winters in the US and UK, a new study has claimed.
Britain could be hit by extra cold winters - and it's all down to global warming


"Will this goddamn fucking freezing ass cold winter ever end?"
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
I'm curious if you're ever going to acknowledge you were wrong about this.
Science / Re: Newly-discovered human organ
It was known all right, but because of the preparation methods for microscopy, it was regarded as just supporting, solid tissue. The way I read articles, new methods not crushing the samples revealed the inner, fluid filled, structures.
Yep (I read the actual paper)

It might have been better phrasing to describe this as "network of tissues and organs", which is still mind blowing