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Science / Re: Is This Ice?
There is also ice under them clouds, or at least that's what the experts tell us.

Or hell, some of the white may be ice on the ground.  If only we could know ...
Science / Re: Is This Ice?
It's clouds over the depression known as Hellas.

There is ice on Mars, we  know that the permanent ice cap at Mars's north pole is made of ice.  Yes, ice.  Water in a frozen form.

In the detailed history of England, the agriculture section explained a situation that happened way back in the past.  (I can't get to it right now because it's packed up and in a closet)

This situation arose where a lot of farmers stopped raising food crops and instead let the fields go fallow and raised livestock instead, because it was much easier, cost less, and they could make much more money.  It became so detrimental to the farming situation (or rather the powers that be) that the Government had to act, to force crops to be grown, rather than everyone raising livestock.

I read it many years ago, but it was interesting.  It seems letting animals forage, and moving them from field to field, both increased the productivity of the plant life (from the manure and letting the fields naturally recover), and was low cost, compared to plowing, planting, weeding, harvesting and spreading manure for crops.

And it was lucrative, because the animals naturally reproduced, increasing in number, and each animal provided ready income in a variety of ways.  Wool, leather, milk, meat, even horses could be rented or used for mechanical work, the entire thing was explained as a problem, from an economic point of view, since grain and vegetables and even hay started being in short supply.  I should dig it out and read it again.

The issues of profit were varied, with crops being less risky, but better in the long run, while animals were a risk and more labor intensive (no days off), but for some reason the situation was such that more and more people started raising animals rather than food crops.  There was some explaining of how beneficial animals grazing was to the soil, unlike intensive crop raising, which depleted the fields.

It's actually an interesting subject,

Yep, none of whom realize how insane they all sound at this point.
And of course it wouldn't matter if you did.  If your camera took 1000 fps at 12 Mpix/frame, we'd learn that it has to be higher resolution and higher frame rate.
That is so actually true it made me laugh
This topic was to avoid responding in the never ending and really long alt science thread, which I made the mistake of looking at.
If it were a conversation with actual people, terms like "rotational grazing" and "enhance" would be defined and at least roughly quantified.
Explains how and why rotational grazing enhances quality, for example proper management enhances "PUF, potential
utilizable forage and RFQ, relative forage quality"
Explains what is meant by Rotational Grazing
Explains almost everything about it
Explains how it is an advantage
More explaining

Politics and Current Events / Re: wtf
Science / Re: NH winter cooling
The best handwaving is to say "yeah, but it's not global" ...
A direct question: is it global?
I'm betting you don't see the irony.
If you think the outdoor runs were in any sense scientific, you are an idiot, dumbass.
That's a question that has come up for decade now.  Is the H mentality serious?  Or is it some incredibly dedicated trolling?

Based on what happened on the sguforum (spork knows of this), where a member went full Humber and could not be persuaded of logic or reason, I say it's a true belief.

But how can you ever know?
I remember the efforts to get the Mythbusters to resolve things.  I think most would agree even if they had, we would still observe a few die hard fuckheads insisting it is all a scam, and even the Mythbusters fell for it.  The brave cart people unintentionally also proved something else.
All he proved is there are a lot of morons who believe in fairy tales.
Actually, it seems there are very few morons who still believe.  And for some reason they all have an H in their name.
Science / Re: The future looks cool
Oh.  Yep. 
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
So where is the pressure to remain in denial of reality?
Exactly.  It's why I brought up the never ending tides.  There is no obvious reason for anyone to deny Laplace or his equations, much less the sat data and advanced models for the actual tides, yet some people hang onto the twin bulge theory like grim death.

I don't think the person doing it even knows why.  They just know one thing.  They are right, and you are wrong, and all else is just the details.
Science / Re: The future looks cool
GOES-16, previously known as GOES-R,[4] is part of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) system operated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It provides atmospheric and surface measurements of the Earth's Western Hemisphere

"disc" (or rather "disk") means the area it images.  As in "Infrared Imagery for Full Disk ", where "full disk" is the entire image of the planet we can view.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
What's fascinating to me about Heinz (and all persistent defenders of clearly wrong beliefs on the internet) is what's actually going on there in terms of psychology/motivation?
I used to wonder the same thing, and that question becomes almost as interesting as the argument at some point.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Would be easier to measure the rotational speed of a wheel to know there is no slipping of any kind.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Even an ultra high speed video of a cart wheel on a treadmill won't make any difference at all.  It's not a matter of physics at this point.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
I'm pretty confident that the top part of the belt does not curve upward. If anything, it might curve down a bit due to gravity (but it is supported by rollers, actually). One thing I can state with absolute confidence is that the belt is not an ellipse.
See my science filled link
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Looking at the world his way must be extremely confusing, or just appear as magic.
I don't think it's possible to walk a mile in his shoes.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
You people are idiots.
Well, the ones still responding to you certainly are.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Would making the wheels uneven cause slipping?  And if so, wouldn't that slow the cart?  On either a treadmill or in a wind on land?
Science / Re: The future looks cool
Do they have any sat images over Greece?

Greece is near the edge of the disc (it is a geostationary sat)