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Technical Issues and Questions / Re: Two issues
It's a sign to stop posting


Quit edit working for me
I suppose just holding you hostage is better than destroying everything.  But if they can hack your computer, then they could also wipe it clean.

This is a ridiculous situation.  It can't possibly be by chance.

This shit is designed into the system. 
In an ironic sort of dark humor, those 4 billion people with out internet don't give a shit.  The 1.4 billion with out electricity probably don't even know about this.

That it's even possible is a crime against technology.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: the leftovers
Arts and Entertainment / Re: the leftovers
The book sucked.  Series sucked even more.
God knows what could have happened
If somebody says they talk to God through a toaster,  people think he's a nut.

Remove the toaster, and it's OK.
Science / Re: Why do ponytails swing when we run?
Unless it's cold, then shrinkage prevents much swinging.
Science / Re: Why do ponytails swing when we run?
Run naked and your dick will also swing in resonance.   Balls as well. 
Once I saw that an answer generated a red X, a "mistake", I realized it was a bullshit test.  Sure enough, then they wanted all kinds of other info, including birth date, age, location and other shit before showing any results.  It's horseshit. 

Fucking woo woo science at work there.
It's more painful than those goddamn videos that slowly display text with soothing music in the background.
You could try the podcast that inspired it
that is about the best thing I've seen on the internet this year.
He does a good job of explaining why facts don't matter.
Not on Facebook.

Getting old?

I'm older than dirt.

I don't even buy green bananas
If any of the old timers here look in, do at least say hi. If only Humber would return, right FX?
Hey man I didn't realize you were RP.  I almost sent you a PM to offer any help I could bring to the table, when I first realized you were serious.. 

Considering the dearth of actual suicides people have been posting about online, now is not a good time to snuff it.  Just sayin

Humber?  Who is that?
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind

Steppenwolf is incapable of being content because he is not fully human. He possesses two natures -- the human and the wolf -- and they are in a constant struggle for control. His dual nature drives him constantly and prevents him from being satisfied. He desires freedom and individuality, but this is only obtained at the price of isolation and loneliness. As a result, he is suicidal.

The treatise goes on to describe Steppenwolf's main conflict, namely, his inability to separate himself from the bourgeoisie. In fact, the treatise reveals that bourgeois society exists and flourishes due to the presence of the Steppenwolves.

More than one Steppenwolf exists, and each Steppenwolf consists of multiple natures, not just the human and wolf. Society does not acknowledge the existence of multiple selves, so the Steppenwolf is destined to be isolated, rejected, and misunderstood. Although he generally and genuinely feels superior to others, the subsequent detachment from society leads him to believe suicide is the only answer. The treatise refutes this idea: "Nor will suicide really solve your problem, unhappy Steppenwolf."
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind

The name of the actual book (inside Steppenwolf) is Harry Haller's Records (For Madmen Only)

Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
That does it. The bastard is after our wine now:
Except this was happening before Trump.

Now you are giving him credit for this as well?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

I mean look what happened with Reagan after he went senile in office.