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I have measured. I have compared. Anything else I'm missing?

How did you measure?  Where are your measurements? What things did you compare?
Hew measured the aliveness of his goats and he started with 2 and still has 2. He compared that aliveness with deadness and determined that his seemed much more alive than dead,

And he got some quantities of milk.
which varied by less than a gallon per day per goat. That's calculus.

+ or - 3db.
The energy required to make Dave look stupid is small enough to require MIT level of expertise to measure.
No energy at all is required, it's spontaneous. Self-energizing.

So, you're saying his stupidity has reached critical mass.
: No matter how transparently pathetic or retarded any of Dave's claims may be they can always be followed by something even more pathetic and retarded.

You would think, that in a finite universe, there would be a limit to that statement.

So far no though.
I think it's time we scraped together $20 so Dave can get laid.

Gonna cost a lot more than that for Dave.
The energy required to make Dave look stupid is small enough to require MIT level of expertise to measure.
 The development of abstract thought opened the door to all Human social behaviors.
How did the self-control part evolve?
Like vox said, not a simple explanation, and one you have failed to honestly engage in in the past.
If you really wanted to learn, there are folks here far more qualified than I to explain it and, gosh, they've tried.
I would like to see your side become honest and admit that you don't have any explanation. Just as you don't have any explanation for how life got started on Earth. Just as you don't have any explanation for the origin of diversity of species.
You're wrong, though.
I have learned so much on these threads - not from you, but from all the cool, interesting science posted in rebuttal to you.
It's painfully obvious that you disregard anything that conflicts with what you want to believe, so you will never understand what they have been trying to teach you.
And it's sad, because you really do want to know this stuff. And you would enjoy knowing it!
I hear this off and on from various people here. Let me list some of the things that I think you should have learned from me... Some of the most important things...

1) how to maintain healthy, food-producing farm animals with no medications whatsoever while at the same time improving and restoring your ecosystem.

2) RM + NS is being rejected by more and more scientists within the life sciences as a creative force in nature

3) many indigenous groups around the world had near Perfect Teeth and near-perfect health back in the 1930s.

4) most viruses are not bad, contrary to popular opinion. In fact life on Earth would not be possible without them. One of their key functions is to "pollinate" bacteria with needed genes.

5) Nuking bacteria with antibiotics is a dead end Street and will not result in the long-term health of humanity.

6) vaccinations are only a good thing in very specific, unnatural contacts.

7) the fact of continent-sized sheets of sandstone which are extremely flat and extremely thin Force us to conclude that there must have been a giant cataclysm in the past.

There's more, but that's a start.

 We've learned that that is what you think, there is no support whatsoever for those assertions.
Wouldn't it be neat if we could go like 10 pages without seeing the word Nazi? That has gotten really stupid.
Until you recognize your role in enabling modern Nazis,  it's a permanent subtext to everything you write.
I would say that some of your posts here make you more of a Nazi than me.

That's because you're fucking stupid.
Balanced nutrition is basically an Illuminati plot to cover up the real power of raw milk.

It's a plot by big goat milk!
And post by post the Valor fan club grows.


You STILL haven't figured out what Naziism is. 
(And isn't).

Here's a clue, Dave:  when you find yourself on the same side with David Duke, you are probably defending Nazis.

Good catch.

Dave, google the definition of oxymoron. :grin:
As for Trump's comment about very fine people I never accuse or defend a Man Without first hearing what he has to say for himself about the comment. And I have not read anything about what he was referring to, so I have to withhold judgement at this time.
It was widely and thoroughly reported.
If, at this point, you claim to not have enough information to form an opinion, it is clearly a case of

Well, in Dave's defense, he is fucking stupid.
So... Dave... when do you just outright proudly announce that you've become a paying member of one of Missouri's fine alt-right organisations? (Even if you haven't gotten around to paying the membership fee just yet).

When are you going to become a brown shirt?
Quick question, Dave. Do you wonder WHY people are calling you a Nazi? Is it just a random insult or do you think it might be based on something?

yes it's because they are being dishonest and not seeking to understand what I'm really saying. Incidentally, being dishonest is a very Nazi thing to do.

You seem to think 'Nazi' is a catch-all term for a bad or violent person. That isn't a legitimate use of the term, Dave. Lots of people may be 'bad' or 'violent' (or in this case, calling you out) but that does not imply they are Nazis and it makes you sound simple. Nazis hold a specific set of ideological beliefs. If they don't hold those beliefs, they are not Nazis.

Lots of Nazis were perfectly honest, why would they not be? Most didn't think they had anything to be ashamed of or to hide.

It just occurred to me, this is the same stupidity on Dave's part that keeps him from understanding nested hierarchies.
Dave hates all forms of slavery.

Dave doesn't want Stalin elected as president.

So Dave votes for Trump to prevent this from happening.

Dave is smart.

Be like Dave.

This one makes more sense:
Step 1. Collect underpants.

Step 2. ?

Step 3. PROFIT
Jesus Christ, Dave, tioH's no 25 year old south african writer woman!
uh what

It has to do with Dave defending Ephebophilia.
I happen to believe that Almighty God can take my stupidity - and yours - and use it for good.

Well, he's failing so far.
And yes, Valor, I do consider myself to have been a bit of a people exploMy plan was to live the rest of my life as an investor, but almighty God had other plans, and in the past few years I've begun to see his wisdom.

You shouldn't blame God for being fucking stupid.

How much did the ex try to "manipulate" you into not pissing away the family financial security?
Sorry to get caught up in the minutia of what a chapter in the Bible is called. What is really important is that Hawkins is a Nazi and should be beaten violently.

Never pass up a chance to be pedantic.

By the way, it's a book of the Bible, not a chapter.  :smug:
Well it's a good question. And we could also ask the question why should a house be built to stay in place forever?

Because it makes enormous economic sense.
The real elephant in the living room is that even if Dave was right about his whole stupid system, statistically speaking, no one wants to get more than half their calories from any kind of milk!
The more Dave posts, the better I like Valor.
Defending slavery and Nasi's brings out the worst in others.
Hindsight is always 20/20, but I think if I were Jefferson Davis, I would have continued to try to negotiate with Lincoln to hand over Fort Sumter to South Carolina peaceably. Seems to me that things moved very quickly and everybody should have taken a chill pill and slowed down.
Who cares?

Because then, we might still have the glorious right to own black people. :stuckup:
Stereotypes and scapegoats are what conservatives live for.