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hehe yes.  But it's a big field.  Assholes aren't my area.


(the spelling might need cleaning up)
I suppose you guys never studied different number systems in school. The only reason I did was because of machine language computer programming.  We used Base 16.

This is funny.  (Missed how this started!)
I distinctly remember it was kind of a big deal in my 5th grade arithmetic class.
We started in 3rd grade  :stuckup:
I can't remember which year we learned about bases. When you say 3rd grade, is that seven year old kids in the US?

13 for Dave.
9 for the rest of us.
Any of the creationist theories even with their problems are better than the alternative ...

<  clip misrepresentation of what actual scientists think > 

People who have never cracked an elementary textbook in a given field are not in a position to judge which theories in said field are "better" than which other theories.
Actually they are.  At least with this type of stuff where mainstream scientists embrace such lunacy.  And part of Ken Ham's genius is in recognizing this.  Ken Ham's not doing anything new, by the way.  This sort of thing has been repeated all throughout history.  William Tyndale comes to mind as an example.  Same deal.  Highly educated, arrogant clergy who couldn't believe that a plough boy would someday know the Scriptures better than they did.  But sure enough, that's exactly what happened.  Today, thanks to Ken Ham, plough boys are learning more about science than the university professors.

Lol!! I'd bet money that you Hawkins-read the Bible the same way you do everything else. It's evident in the way in which you consistently avoid responding to any mention of actual scriptures or actual accepted theology.

And your Tyndale reference makes no sense. Tyndale himself was highly educated. His translation of the Bible into English is noteworthy and the response of the established church was obviously dreadful and wrong. But his translation was one among many, especially given that numerous translations were already available in quite a few other languages - I guess from your POV only English counts.

As for your 'plough boys' knowing scripture better than 'arrogant clergy', what a stupid indefensible point. As for modern 'plough boys', if they follow Ham they are 'learning' nonsense which won't help them to understand much of anything beyond Ham's modern fairy tales. In fact, modern 'plough boys' for the most part know considerably more about science than Ham, given they employ modern 'mainstream' science to make their farms productive and profitable.

Is it just me, or does "plough boys" sound like a gay redneck dating site.
Your whole post boils down to "speculation". The quality of which is degraded by more than one faulty premise.
Damnit guys, surely I wasn't the only preteen wandering around in the woods with a Field Guide to Tracks and Scat of North American Animals. Right?

Fraid so. I spent my teens wandering around in the woods trying to avoid all the poisonous things, dropbears and magpies.
Point taken. :D

I grew up at a time and in a place where there was literally nothing to fear in the woods and fields, bar the odd plant that might make you a bit ill if you ate the wrong part of it. No poisonous reptiles, no attack birds, the only large predator was black bears, and they are singularly timid in that area and live primarily on insects and berries. Coyotes hadn't arrived yet. Wild cats were wary and seldom seen. We didn't even have ticks until decades later. There still are no skunks, porcupines are recent arrivals. At worst you might step on a wasp nest and get stung.

In 1955 the Canso Causeway opened, and thereafter many species that formerly were barred or inhibited by the 1 to 3 km wide Strait of Canso began appearing on the island, and some of them have flourished, for better or worse..
I don't suppose you know the pooping habits of bears?

I don't know about the frequency, but it's rumored to occur in the woods.
This article from Lee Papa "The Rude Pundit" describes Dave (and a lot of other folks) perfectly, and give the reason no one should ever take him seriously ever again. As the article says, hes a goat fucker.

"Oh, you have an opinion on health care? Sorry, you fucked a goat."

I know this is a political piece, but it shows the severely corrupted critical thinking skills he uses in every facet of his life.
Is that your logic?
Why do you care what Pingu's logic is?

Cause he can't be lettin the chicks get all "uppity" on him.
Constipated sloths would be an awesome name for a band.
Since it refers to dung pellets anyway, he probably pulled it out of his ass.
We don't have enough evidenced to discern whether or not ground sloths had piles.

That's easy, just check the sales of Preparation H during that time period.
If a sloth and a half makes a pellet and a half in a week and a half, then what is the air velocity of an unladen African Swallow?
I would have to read the sloth paper for myself. Sorry but I don't trust a bunch of Shaklee / Amway / Plexus salespeople.

So we agree on Trumps secretary of education?
I DO understand the basics.  What makes you think I don't?
Because you continue to try and use Brown's formula.  That formula is incorrect for the system that Brown proposes, a non-equilibrium system of 14C.

Do you understand what a mass balance equation is?  Would you think that a mass balance equation would represent the movement of 14C within the reservoirs for the situation we are discussing here?
Incorrect huh?  You, a hobby scientist, correcting Brown, a physicist.  OK.  Show me what he should have done.  Simply.

Dave, your hypocrisy here is absolutely mind-blowing.  "you, a hobby scientist, correcting Brown, a physicist."


Dave, you scarcely even register on the "hobby scientist" scale!  Yet you confidently assert that the entirety of the world's physicists, biologists, and geologists are "hilariously out to lunch" on the age of the earth!  And accuse the scientists who analysed the data from Lake Kalksjon of "cherry picking"!

Well,... they are "cherry picking" the reality based data and rejecting the mythology.
I think the butter dun slid off his waffle.
I think 'locker room talk' is just a name used to describe any situation in which groups of men are alone and will talk bout sex/women because no women are around to hear it. Donald Trump's 'you can grab them by the pussy' moment is a prime example of what is meant by 'locker room talk'.

Well, there's locker room talk, then there's a confession to sexual assault.
Dave's waffle ain't done all the way through.
And a goodly portion of the batter has run out.

I sure hope that's waffle batter.
Dave's waffle ain't done all the way through.
you immediately lost the argument by linking to Focus on the family
As much as I would like to believe Dave is unique, remember, Donald Trump still has a 33% approval rating. :stareicide:
Vast numbers of men have never seen prostitutes, for lots of good reasons.
Word definitions.  In this case the word "prostitute" needs to be carefully defined. I would argue that many wives / concubines through history have been little better than prostitutes.  And I have known a fair number of divorced men who made the statement that their wife was a very expensive prostitute  and they are glad to be done with that expense.

I myself saw a few prostitutes a few years ago, more to check out the novelty of it than anything else  and I can safely report that sex within a monogamous loving relationship is far better ...  if one can find such a thing.  Many cannot, apparently.

Keep digging Dave. :smug:
I've seen a few prostitutes in my day. How about you?

Profoundly proud to say, I never had to.
Undoubtedly because you are such an awesome dude.

Not awesome, just not pathetic.

Anything you can cram down your pie-hole that will keep you alive.

Now, quality is a completely different matter.

Humans are the mammalian version of a cockroach, we can survive on nearly anything.
I've seen a few prostitutes in my day. How about you?

Profoundly proud to say, I never had to.
I think it would be easier to get folks to move to Borealisville than Davetopia.
The main driver of unhappiness is goats is over-stimulation. Running hither and thither, foraging, standing on things, and generally doing goat things. Keeping them in a small cage limits this self-destructive behavior, and allows them to find sort of a goat zen. A deeper sense of tranquility and contentment.

Or as it's more commonly known:
Stockholm Syndrome.