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The main driver of unhappiness is goats is over-stimulation. Running hither and thither, foraging, standing on things, and generally doing goat things. Keeping them in a small cage limits this self-destructive behavior, and allows them to find sort of a goat zen. A deeper sense of tranquility and contentment.

Or as it's more commonly known:
Stockholm Syndrome.
Now you're talking about something that will actually save the world.

As the state of the art progresses, the impact of carbon based fuels will die an economic death.
I'm lucky, it goes right over my house in Columbia, South Carolina.
Most of you have become depraved over time. I used to have some semblance of respect for many of you, but I've pretty much lost all respect for most of you now because you are so out of touch with reality. Which wouldn't be so bad in and of itself ...  it's the arrogance combined with the complete disconnection from reality while accusing me of doing exactly what you are doing that causes me to lose respect for you.
Hey, Dave. Do you know what I had for breakfast? I'll tell you. I had an omelette made with fresh eggs, fresh oregeno, fresh garlic greens, fresh chives, fresh mint and some locally raised bacon from a humane and sustainable farm I bought from the local butcher shop that I walked to yesterday. If I would have driven I would have added about 3/4 of a mile to the nearly 500 miles I've put on my vehicle this year. But I didn't drive because it's a beautiful walk past dozens of inspirational gardens and countless friendly faces.

Anyway, do you know what I'm doing right now? I'll tell you. I am at a meeting with a bunch of local community leaders and academics. Guess what the topic is? I'll tell you. Sustainability! So wehile you are out there reinventing wheels but getting stuck at figuring out the optimal shape, I am providing insight within my specific area of expertise to local policy makers on sustainable neighborhoods and communities! I just wanted to let you know since I know you are into sustainability issues.

Hope your pig is doing well. You'll love the bacon.

You sound like one of them pinko hippy commies.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
They are about 40 years late.  There was a huge study done already.  Diet is 100% connected to cancer (and a lot of other disease)

That is almost Hawkins level Tard.
The best definition i ever heard was:

A wealthy man is one who is satisfied with what he has.
Ever tried to interact with a cabbage plant?

Dave, sometimes you make it too easy.
So I just showed you that nonlife nests even more deeply.
No. What you've shown us is that you have not understood word one of this whole discussion.

A bicycle is not a galaxy.
On the other hand, an aardvark IS an animal.

See how that works?

That might have worked if he had started with "Matter" as the first step.

But that would mean he had some understanding of the concept.
I mean, you think Trump is a good guy. But doesn't "scripture" (that is, your cherry-picked, garbled and misquoted snippets of the Bible you think support your cultish beliefs) say that Big 'A' will also pretend to be a good guy, and will sway many people to his side that way?

Well if he is that works out great too.  It'll bring about the return of Christ which is what Dave is waiting for anyway.

I've always wondered why people would be waiting for the return of Christ unless they were trying to escape from their present circumstances. I mean,
After midnight
We gonna shake your tambourine
After midnight
Soul gonna be peaches & cream
Gonna cause talk and suspicion
We gonna give an exhibition
We gonna find out what it is all about
After midnight
We gonna let it all hang down

Not to be pedantic, but that's J.J. Cale.
Lizzie badgers

Add "badger" to the list of words you don't know how to use properly.
For some reason I'm inspired to write this.

Jones got a lot of things wrong, some of which was due to his a priori assumption of biblical accuracy. His speculations were often based on pre-established beliefs and not on sound evidence. But he was well respected and got a lot of things right.

This not a case of perfect knowledge degrading over time since the fall. Jones did not know more than we do today about the origins and development of human languages, He did not receive some unassailable divine inspiration or principia sapientia. His work is interesting from a historical perspective, but otherwise quite useless.
But people have been engaging in trade for many thousands of years, to the great benefit of civilisation.
What benefits?  I'm sure there are some, but I'd like to hear which things you think are benefits due to international trade (because it IS international trade you are advocating here).

Follow the money.

The main reason is money.  If you choke off international trade Walmart's prices skyrocket, along with everyone else's. 

Also some things are just not available in the US, and some things are done better overseas.

But the main reason is economics.
price is actually a terrible argument. It assumes a materialism worldview.
Capitalist companies tend to have a materialistic worldview.
sure, but it isn't a good argument for policy unless you accept that consumption is always the best outcome.
That is a symptom of the favoring of growth and consumption vs sustainability in the market economy and investment arena.  Have you seen many business plans, let alone government economic strategies that focus on stasis (with continued employment) instead of growth?

This is definitely one of those is vs. ought issues.
Missing my point. Business plans are categorically different from trade policy.

But in most cases, trade policy is bought and paid for by the same folks who write the business plans.

Not the way it should be, but unfortunately, the way it is.
Breakfast at school? What next? Lunch and dinner too? Hell let's keep going and have the kids bring sleeping mats and just spend the night! Then we won't need those ridiculous irresponsible know nothing parents at all except for breeding!

Let them eat cake!
My guess is: Got injured by the moving robopen first, then died of wounds and exposure.

The rabbits were afraid the pig would squeal about their escape plans, so they offed him before the break.
Because it involved having a fucking empire Dave. Do you think the US will consent to being a colony again?

Right now, that doesn't look like a bad idea.
for today's pretend, can we pleeeeease have it be Trump's head that rolls, Dave?

Doesn't anyone want to impress Jody Foster?
Being at least a little smarter than the goats would help.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
I think he's holding her bra. No wonder she punched him.
Dave, Trump is as sane as you are.
There is no theoretical reason why we cannot mimic this and set up a similar system for producing iPhones -  or more likely, something biological that fulfills the same function. There are only practical reasons why we cannot.
And you top it in the next post.
Dave, to clarify, what is your plan for manufacturing iPhones, tarpaulins, pencils and volvos?

Your comment a few days ago about chickens and iPhones was somewhat confusing.
Chickens are quite literally  automated factories which produce fantastically complex widgets called eggs.   Note that there is no gigantic central factory somewhere producing and shipping eggs all over the world.  Instead there are millions and millions of tiny factories - chickens - which produce the eggs wherever they are needed.

Why can't we learn something from this and model our manufacturing in a similar way?

Your critical thinking skills are breathtaking.
Dave, humans aren't sheep. Why should I spend my life having to travel several miles to any amenities when I can take advantage of technology and infrastructure to bring the fruits of other peoples' labour to me and distribute those fruits to other people?

Just out of interest what place do museums, libraries and art galleries have in your world?
You're right. It's better to pack humans into small cubicles and bring their food  to them in a box or bag.  Get them exercise by putting them on a treadmill while they watch fake news.  What was I thinking?
Just in case you're wondering, that logical fallacy is called "False Dichotomy"
Are great apes the only species with prostitutes?
Testy, prostitutes don't lay iPhones either. ::)
But Dave lays prostitutes.

There, I tied it all together.  :smug: