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Science / Re: How humans became so smart
Hey Socrates, she said "dopiness", not "dopamine". It wasn't a compliment.

Not to worry, it's an easy mistake, anyone could make it, right?
Steam powered rockets is a legit thing.

Evil Knevil failed to jump the Snake River Canyon in one. Coincidently that failure was also due to premature chute deployment.
I've put a rocket past 1800ft.  :cheer:

No-one in it though, and it wasn't steam powered, did manage not to shred the chute as per his test run though.  :smug:

Wouldn't be surprised if his professed flat-eartherism simply allows access to a convenient funding source.

I was going to make a hurr hurr joke about him being sponsored by nanolube, but started reading about the various nano-oil-lube-wars and reality is much strangerer than my confected joke.

"In all, 140 foundations funneled $558 million to almost 100 climate denial organizations from 2003 to 2010.
Meanwhile the traceable cash flow from more traditional sources, such as Koch Industries and ExxonMobil, has disappeared."

$558 million over seven years.  That isn't even pocket change compared with government funding of alarmist science.  In fact it isn't even the bits of fluff hiding amongst the pocket change.  But oh noes - the fiends are trying to hide it!

How much of that money went into actual science?

How much of that money went toward supporting a PR agenda?

Apples with apples and all that.
In any case, I AM thinking holistically and have been for years ... (Lol that you think I haven't been) ...

Here's my original one I posted a year or two ago ...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The thing is, Dave, that you have your own private definitions of these words.  What you are doing is not "holistic".  It is highly compartmentalised, and ignores the impact a pattern of settlement that you envisage would have on the sustainability of whole system if you were to scale it up.  The most important being travel and transport infrastructure.

You are giving David way too much credit.

In Davetopia noone will want to travel or work and little transport will be needed. They will all be blissfully living the good life and want for nothing more than a jug of warm milk and a clean bucket. In their haystacks. Noone will ever want to leave the hovel. That will be the whole system.

Discussing such esoterica is pointless, noone will need or want them.
Recent EEROI study of wheat and rice in Pakistan

So what you are claiming is that you are managing to sustain an EROI roughly equivalent to Pakistan yet woefully deficient when compared to ancient Rome.

Well, OK, I guess.  :dunno:
What I have been doing for the past year and a half is a test system. And it has a EROI similar to Walter Haugen's production system. So fuck you.  When I add all the other animals, it should be double the Roman system.  when I grow my sheep flock to a decent size, that will leave the Roman system far behind in the dust.  is it environment or heredity that makes you such an idiot?

So far all you have managed is to not kill 2 goats on 10 acres of highly fertile land. Call it a test if you like. Call it Wendy. Call it whatever floats your boat. Just don't expect to call it saving the world or regenerative agriculture or HMG or whatever and be treated seriously.
Having trouble working out what trafficking has to do with that.
Recent EEROI study of wheat and rice in Pakistan

So what you are claiming is that you are managing to sustain an EROI roughly equivalent to Pakistan yet woefully deficient when compared to ancient Rome.

Well, OK, I guess.  :dunno:
This thread is so annoying. Each day I open it up to find 6 pages (yay). Then I start reading them to see that the actual progress of discussion is ........nothing (boo). Dave needs to focus more on understanding, rather than getting confused by every little tangent he finds.

Steady on, David works really hard at finding little tangents to confuse himself on.

Plus his TROI (Tard Return On Investment) is astronomical, so credit where credits due I guess.  :dunno:
Sithrak? Is that another name for Crom?

looky here

Don't read any other pages tho. It's rood! And crass!
Embrace Sithrak, the god who hates you unconditionally.
Sithrak is the answer.
How many sheep have you personally "maintained"?
For how long?


Talk about arrogant "high and mighty" dismissiveness.  ::)
Exactly zero.  For exactly zero years.

And you have the gall to dismiss my aunt's years of experience ...

With good reason.  You told me all I need to know to understand that she is working too much.
Even though you have never had sheep.

Strikes me as pretty arrogant.
Would it be arrogant for a tribesman in a remote jungle tribe to come to America and watch Americans take Tylenol for head ache relief for 6 months, then return to his tribe and announce to his tribesmen that - although he has very limited experience with these pills - he is confident that they work better for headache relief than applying cow dung mixed with spittle to the head?
  Your suckage at science is exceeded only by your suckage at analogies.

(Though, to be fair, both suckages may just be manifestations of one deeper underlying suckage.)

Speaking of suckage, that milker is straight vacuum.

There's reasons most milkers pulse.

Ask anyone who's breastfed which they'd prefer.
So....this milking machine that requires no cleaning. It got a name? A brand? A model no.?
Dave, how are you recovering dryer heat?

Alfonso take note.  If you're going to post garbage, at least make it funny like zombies does.

I.e. a dryer would inferfere with David's majic flameproof straw, causing a disturbance in the farce.
Jorgen Jorgensorenssenson didn't need no stinkin c's and neither do they!
Science / Re: Tesla's heat engine (split from DDWFTTW)
So ammonia, with an atomic mass if 17ish, and containing 3 hydrogen atoms, is much smaller than a single hydrogen atom, with an atomic mass of 1ish?

That's very interesting, wonderful the things we know nowadays, "and that, my leige, is how we know the world to be banana shaped".

Science / Re: Tesla's heat engine (split from DDWFTTW)
Science / Re: Tesla's heat engine (split from DDWFTTW)




True.  We live in a fucked up society  where  people get paid large sums to do the weirdest things while at the same time many people who provide essential products and services  are barely able to feed house and close their families.

Translation: "Waah, no-one buys my bullshit"
Science / Re: Flowers for Algernon
"The size of your cage does not determine your stocking rate David."

The arrogance.

It would be bad enough if he knew what he was talking about. Since he doesn't, I feel kind of sorry for him.

Im a gunna git me one o these!

I'll be a HMG superstar. Yay me  :cheer: