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Designers in my experience do not limit themselves to tweaking existing designs. A jet engine is not an iteration from an ICE. There is no line of common descent between the two.

Are you placing arbitrary limitations on your purported designer David?

Yeah right.


Yeah right.


Yes David, testable.

Nested hierarchies provide a test.

If you would allow yourself to gain the barest understanding of what they are you might see that.
consistent with common descent with modification

consistent with majic man done it in mysterious ways

These two things are not equivalent.

One is testable.

One is wanking.
What's "fractal bullshit" is pretty much everything you write.  He's my support for what I just wrote about Newton et al ...

So your "support" is a bullshit blog post you made up yourself?

Well that's certainly fractal. Interesting or useful not so much.

BTW, did you fix your Popper bullshit yet?
Let's break that into two bits:

"I am unaware of even a single example of biological complexity which defies explanation within the modern Darwinian framework. Perhaps you could offer up such an example...?"


I decided to respond and provide a few examples of evolutionary change where we have enough molecular evidence to know that they did not occur by the gradual accumulation of random mutations:

Notice how the second bit is a misrepresentation and strawman of the first bit?

No, of course not.
"Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten."
-- Terry Pratchett

Lesser werdz
Would YOU like it if I invaded YOUR science thread with all kinds of negativity? No you wouldn't. I've actually done it a time or two in the past and people scream bloody murder so I don't do it anymore.

No-one complained about negativity David.

People complained about bullshit.

Endlessly regurgitated 100% grass fed raw bullshit.
Electric cords and thongs, tell-tale marks of your professional arborist.
I don't have any octohatter data on lifespans of the indigenous people groups that price studied in the 1930s.  I suspect someone does somewhere but it would probably take quite a bit of digging.

Unsurprisingly that isn't what was asked for.

The much vauted Hawkins honesty strikes again.
 Stop being mean to GIA, his brilliant OP is way ahead of his time.

Mind you his time appears to be the 17th century. Minor details.
I wrote
Schwinn Cobra (made up name)
-Schwinn Mountain 10 speeds
--Schwinn 10 speeds
---Schwinn bikes
-----Human powered land vehicles / Motor powered land vehicles
------Powered land vehicles
-------Land Vehicles
---------Manufactured products
----------Manmade products
-----------Inanimate objects

And someone wants to add a hybrid bike ... ok ...

----Land vehicles
-----Two wheeled
------Human power / Motor power / Hybrid
-------Schwinn electric hybrid (forgot the name)


7 levels

So which branch are you putting the electric bike in? Human powered or motor powered or hybrid?

Also, where bicycles are concerned the term "hybrid" has nothing to do with the power source.
Here's how platypii are classified ...

As a side note ... look at the definition of "Animalia" ...
Kingdom: Animalia

        The Platypus responds to stimuli and are multicelluar organisms.

So plants don't respond to stimuli?


Err, plants would be in kingdom Plantae. They differ from kingdom Animalia by being autotrophes and having cell walls, amongst other things.

Is there any text you won't quotemine?
What's the point?  Why classify ANYTHING? 

Do you realize that I could NOT classify my goats - or I could misclassify them as "Fish" or something - and they wouldn't care in the least?

Do you realize that they would keep doing what they do - mainly eating, pooping, peeing, giving milk and having babies - year after year after year?

In spite of the fact that I "misclassified them"??

You do realize this don't you?

And they'd still be goats, and mammals, and vertebrates, and eucaryotes, and all those things would still nest.

And creations and fluddes would still never have happened.

Your being an incurious dullard doesn't change reality.
Louis XVI
Charles I
idk, they got what they deserved
Charles, yes, probably. Louis was trying to a good citizen in the new order, but there were those who feared his family and that of Marie's might retake the throne.
In any case, they were certainly treated much more harshly than The Donald.

There's still time.

Schwinn Cobra (made up name)
-Schwinn Mountain 10 speeds
--Schwinn 10 speeds
---Schwinn bikes
-----Human powered land vehicles
------Powered land vehicles
-------Land Vehicles
---------Manufactured products
----------Manmade products
-----------Inanimate objects

Ok, teacher!  Grade my paper!

Now add Ice Yacht to your schema.
A mouse is a mammal is a vertebrate.

A bycicle is not a planet is not a galaxy.

What you have produced is less a hierarchy than a postal address.
and here is the much anticipated twitter tantrum

only 4 1/2 hours late

They missed a bit.

"With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!

Hold my beer"
That demon is sure working overtime.

Wait till it hears the rumours of the one true nested hierarchy.

One can make a tree that nests with morphological characters and one can make a tree with genomic characters that nests and one can make a tree with embryological characters that nests and lo and behold get the same tree each time (within experimental error, nothings perfect, specially not biological datasets).

Keep running demon.

I gotta start listening to David, having made a substantial part of my living publishing floras and interactive identification tools for the last 15 years or so I could really benefit from his revelations.
Look at the rule he establishes for his hierarchic system.
And look how he violates his own rule in his transport "hierarchy" .

Well, Dave hasn't posted the next page yet so I don't know if he actually tried to claim that the transport list actually follows the rule. He could be setting it up to show why it violates the rule. That's why I laughed when I realized that Dave didn't even make up his own dumb mistake. I wondered if Dave just misunderstood Denton or whether Denton pulled a fast one and Dave got suckered. Regardless, the rule is right there to see, right in Denton. Dave can't really claim that it's arbitrary now.
He posted this:

"Diesel, steam, electric" , though, IRL are not limited to "land/surface", and "propeller" is not limited to "Air/Fixed Wing".


Well, sorta.

As a hierarchy it's fine.

As a nested hierarchy it's pants.
I'm going to take you through chapter 6 of Michael Denton's book, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" page by page...

<snip pointless image>

If you want us to explain what the big words mean (again) we don't need pictures, all you have to do is ask.
You guys are totally and completely lost in the woods on this topic...


We've got a great view of the woods.

I can see you flailing in the Sumac.
It is TrumpMail.
Where does one go for the RWNJ take on this? Free Republic seems to be down.


Spoiler (click to show/hide)
My poor heart!
I don't get what's heart damaging about that pic. Am I just desensitized?
I'm guessing that critical intelligence source is going to be a bit less candid with US intelligence agencies in the future.

I wonder if Trump's defacto declassifying this material results in some deaths of some of our current allies' people or US personnel, how that will line up with Clinton's emails? Will people be chanting "LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!"?