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When you masturbate to images of arabs, do you scream out curses?
I try and I try not to hate. Sometimes, though, I hate you.
Trump picks a pointless fight with a key ally at the wrong time

Donald Trump had already taken unnecessary steps to alienate South Korea, a key U.S. ally. The American president said he'd already dispatched an "armada," led by an aircraft carrier, towards the peninsula, when in reality, he hadn't. Trump added insult to injury by declaring, falsely, that the Korean Peninsula "used to be a part of China."

For reasons that don't appear to make any sense, Trump is apparently trying to make matters worse. The Washington Post reported:
President Trump threatened to terminate the U.S. trade agreement with South Korea in an interview Thursday night, declaring that the five-year-old accord with a key ally was "a horrible deal" that has left America "destroyed."

During an Oval Office interview about trade policy in North America, Trump served notice that he is looking to disrupt an important partnership in the tumultuous Asia-Pacific region as well -- even with Seoul on edge because of North Korea's escalating military provocations.

Of course the orange moron hasn't a clue what is in that agreement.
South Korea was once part of China in the same sense that Portuguese is a mixture of Spanish and French.
Portuguese IS a mixture of Spanish and French ...  if by "Spanish" and "French" we mean "the language that became modern Spanish" and "the language that became modern French"

Way back then I did not fully appreciate how twisted people's minds become when they spend many years in university ... had I realized that, I would have been more precise in my wording
way back then you didn't understand that specific claims require specific evidence. You still don't for that matter.
Also, the idea of sexuality makes a lot of people go stupid. Believing in some absoluteness or objectivity of cultural norms makes them repress the ability to actually take their own sexuality into account in a wider framework of society which makes weird strategies to both assuage guilt and achieve the gratification that the repression makes weirder and weirder and weirder as time goes on.

People are horny. And when they're kids/20 somethings they're horny enough to override the ability to think logically about their horniness so life has an entire universe dedicated to sexuality separate from the normal universe of existence. If they go through the kid super-horny phase with either some success at creating power in that universe or no success at all at that, then they go into real adulthood with serious problems because adults know what sorts of chances to take to achieve power related goals that kids/20 somethings don't. 

why is it that right-wingers are basically all rapists?
I think the answer is pretty obvious. If your modus operandi is utterly personally directed thought, then everyone who fits that bill comes under the umbrella. One group jst doesn't want to pay taxes and doesn't see beyond that. Another is racist and doesn't see beyond that. Another is whackadoodle religious and doesn't see beyond that. And all of them dimly recognize that the same group of people is trying to thwart their single issue politics so they band together against the common enemy. Proximity of association does the rest.
Politics and Current Events / Re: #FyreFestival
Nm. I just read the link in the OP. Bizarre.
Politics and Current Events / Re: #FyreFestival
I don't get what happened. Were there no bands? Did no one show up? Were the pictures fakes? What specifically was the scam?
And by the way, thank you, testy, for displaying an ounce of intellectual honesty.
Um. You're welcome.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Kim

Mr. Trump also raised some eyebrows in South Korea by saying that Korea used to be "part of China."

If that were true, would it carry more weight than the (actual) fact that California and Texas used to be part of Mexico? :hmm:

It would be more like a territory that used to be part of the US.
The pig mishap was not serious stupidity. It was just complete lack of experience. Goats and rabbits do just fine with extreme cold - like below zero - so it didn't even enter my head to consider 30s and 40s being a problem for a pig.
Even though you were warned
No one here warned me about 30s and 40s. They warned me about overheating and "your pigs will eat your chickens."
Do you want to bet?
But soon. Right?
How am I supposed to know? All I know is (a) the media makes shit up about Trump at about the same rate that you guys make shit up about me and (b) Congress is investigating Obamagate (c) people went to jail over Watergate which seems mild by comparison
Let me repeat and summarize this so you get the full picture of Faid's arrogance.

 Firstly, I myself have had two bad experiences with goats in the past. Secondly, I hear stories all the time from people who have also had bad experiences with goats.  Thirdly, I just related an incident about a friend of mine who has a decent sized farm and has years and years of experience with farming  including goats and even she was  lamenting on Facebook about what a pain in the ass they are and how they are constantly escaping and causing trouble.

 In spite of all this, Faid the all knowing medical doctor "knows of a better way."

Having had a slew of bad goat experiences in my childhood, I can vouch for the need to find a better way to deal with goats than the ways Americans traditionally use. Without shepherds and big land areas to move a flock around in, I don't think there is a really good way to use pastures and paddocks. Tethering has it's own problems and wouldn't work for a full time solution so I'm not totally against your solution although I suspect it wouldn't work well with more goats. Still, you could add robopens.
Stepping back out of the Zombies Alternate Reality World for a moment and back into the Real World ... here's a video of the latest and greatest from my Robopen ...

I have discovered a way to simulate natural goat browsing behavior more closely by programming 30 second moves of about 1 ft in distance in the pen movement system.  I have full control via a Basic Stamp 2 and it's working well.  Currently I have two programs - Daytime and Nighttime.  The goats seem to like grazing hard for 30 minutes or so during the day, followed by an hour or so of rest.  They are currently getting roughly 6 of these cycles per day.  At night, they like to rest more, so I give them a total of 3 such cycles separated by about 3 hour resting periods.  The 30 second / 1 ft moves create a sense of excitement and urgency in their grazing ... they are always at the leading edge of the pen apparently wanting to make sure they don't miss any of that fresh grass.  It also distracts  Betsy, my dominant goat from head butting Polly.  Betsy is so busy eating that she doesn't bother head butting very much whereas if the pen stays stationary for an hour, she gets bored within 10 minutes after the move and starts causing trouble.

Creating a MOBILE rabbit colony has proved challenging and the biggest challenge was finding a lightweight, black netting material that's strong enough to withstand rabbit chewing AND goats putting their front feet on it to nibble on leaves of branches that I hang over the side of the pen.  I just received an order of new material yesterday so I hope to do testing this next week.  Meanwhile, I have a new female - a Silver Fox breed which is larger than my other two does which escaped during my early mobile colony testing.  She will be ready for breeding in about 2 weeks and I may leave her in the fixed pen to go through one breeding cycle so as not to introduce too many variables all at once.  I will test my new mobile pen with a low value buck so as to minimize my losses if he escapes.  The mobile colony concept has bee a challenge to create and I don't know of anyone else doing it yet and of course it may ultimately fail.  Time will tell ...  "you don't know unless you try."

I will be adding chickens to the mobile pen next week as well and of course chickens are easy if you do things traditionally ... but I pretty much never do anything traditionally so I am expecting Murphy's Law to be in full operation with my chickens as well.

Hopefully some of the idiots around here will soon come to their senses and realize that anytime you try something new that no one else is doing, there will be mistakes and losses.  But the prize goes to the one who can walk through these losses, make adjustments and come out on the other side with success.
That's pretty cool in a lot of ways. The headbutting thing is something that is worth paying a lot of attention to especially since they are pregnant. Goats have mean in their souls even if they don't always show it. If you see signs that Polly appears really afraid of Betsy sometimes, you might need to take some separation measures until the kids are born.

I've been thinking about the chickens part of your idea and I'm wondering why you wouldn't make a separate robopen for chickens that dragged behind the first. Some design ideas have occurred to me that could be useful. For both robopens, I wonder if strap iron skids might be good to extend the life of the pens. My experience with wood frames exposed to elements makes me think the lifespan of each robopen might only be 2 or 3 years and it might be good to make them more modular so you can replace just the parts that wear out as they wear out rather than the whole thing when it starts looking like it might break during a move.
If you morons really want to start a campaign against animal cruelty, there are plenty of places for you to go do that.  Have you ever studied up on the dairy industry?   How about the feedlot industry? Do you realize that those cattle would die very young from liver failure if they weren't killed first for beef?   And don't even get me started on concentration camp chicken.  Some of you people really need to go seek professional help.
None of that excuses you own cruelty Dave
There is no animal cruelty happening on my property.  Quite the opposite.  You are a liar.
What happened to the 🐷

Eta: although in general I agree that you aren't really being cruel exactly to your goats even though given space to explore, they will tend to use it to play. That may be because I don't really like goats though.

However, putting a baby pig in a moving pen in winter at least counts as serious stupidity which led to the death of an animal.

You actually interact with your animals and they are in healthy space, even if that that is small and moves.  You aren't being cruel.

There's a damn good reason we hang traitors.
It's pretty much always been YOU initiating insults against ME.  Not the reverse.  But I do typically retaliate when attacked.
You are an idiot.
But soon. Right?
So, when are those heads going to roll again?
The word "unraveling" keeps associating itself with so many global events these days.
They not only made national news by conducting an illegal search based on information that turned out to be badly wrong, they also managed to search an entire high school, subject themselves to a likely lawsuit ... and not find any illegal substances.
It's all visible in the ALEC proposals.
I saw that flash by on twitter today.  Could probably find it again, but why bother?  Of course they made sure it doesn't hurt their coverage.

I'm losing hope, guys.
Don't. Events are beyond any individual's control but individual actions contribute to events. Never give up.
"Yesterday he was going to leave NAFTA. Today he isn't. What did he accomplish?"

He he ...

Read "Art of the Deal."
Why? Trump hasn't read it nor is it related to his habits.
yabut guys the difference between Sarkeesian and Coulter is that Coulter is just making the perfectly politically acceptable argument that we should give serious consideration to genocide, whereas Sarkeesian is a true radical who is criticizing our video games!!!!!!!.
I really can't get my head around the fact that anything about video games can translate into a larger social issue.
It's a shit show for sure.